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Title: Lie
Pairing: TakaNoo
Author: [ profile] lu_mi_na
Genre: Angst (?)
Summary: Takaki being told he is a liar when he says ‘I love you’ for Inoo.
A.N.1: For dear [ profile] tasuku_kyota
A.N.2: Inspired by No3b's Lie. I ended up with this after hearing my list of sad songs.

Takaki was just wondering around aimlessly in the city at near midnight.

It was really nice walking at this late hour, the sky was so dark yet the city was illuminated by the headlights of the streets and some of the shops and the restaurants were still opened making faint noises.

He noticed someone standing at the pedestrian bridge and looking down at the few numbers of cars which passed under the bridge.

Looking more carefully, he reached to the conclusion that he knows that person really well. It's the one he loves with all of his heart, Inoo.

He walked up the stairs to reach the bridge where Inoo is standing and walked to get closer to the younger. Inoo turned his face to look at him.

"Sup!" Takaki greeted with a childish smile while rising one of his hands a little while stepping forward.

Inoo smiled back and nodded at him then returned to look down the bridge while putting his hands and chin on the handrail.
Takaki stood beside him and looked down as well. Just then, he realized what Inoo was really seeing.

Inoo was carefully watching the fleeting of the headlights passing below.
This scenery reminded Takaki about something.

The way these headlights appear and disappear because of the passing cars is the same as Inoo's feelings that wavers because of one person named Yabu. Inoo is having a hard time between staying with Yabu and leaving him.

He was originally Yabu’s boyfriend, he found out that Yabu was betraying him with another one and lying to him. Still he loved Yabu so much that he didn’t want to let go.

Afterwards, Takaki learned that Yabu cheated on Inoo. He got really angry and told Inoo he loves him more than anything and won’t betray him like Yabu did. It was supposed to be a secret love but it got out of his mouth without permission since he was really angry at that time.

Takaki looked at Inoo's pretty face and eyes which were near to tears, then looked at his beautiful hands, he wanted Inoo to forget and move on from his past love and accept him entirely so he reached his hand to touch the younger's hands. He wanted to ease Inoo's pain at any cost because seeing a sad Inoo is something he can never stand.

"I’ll go home!" Inoo said suddenly as his chin and hands left the handrail and walked forward, leaving Takaki by himself who just hide his hands in his own pockets while looking at Inoo who got farther away.

When he couldn’t see Inoo any longer, he sighed out of frustration.
He took out his cellphone and played a game, in hope that some time will pass before he go back home. In hope he won’t see Inoo in that sad face, he really can’t take it at all.

Half an hour passed by, Takaki thought it was the time to go back. He walked down the stairs of the bridge and in the last case of the stairs, he found Inoo sitting there.
Takaki kept silent as he watched Inoo sat down and hugs his knees and bury his face on his arms. He almost turned into a little ball.

Takaki made a fist, even though Inoo waited for him in purpose made him happy yet seeing the one he loves so dearly in the edge of breaking made him feel the pain and sorrow more than the happiness. He couldn't help but to call out the younger name. "Inoo..."

Takaki was already standing in front of Inoo. He wanted to pat the younger's head gently then caress his hair after that lovingly but his hands won’t move. He can only use the words now. Inoo’s head looked up at Takaki suddenly.

"I love you..." Takaki said. It was not the first time for him to express his love for Inoo yet he find it very important to say it now to let Inoo take out what's he is hiding inside.
He wants Inoo to realize his existence, to give him at least some of the burden in his heart.

Inoo bit his own fingernails without answering while looking at Takaki questionably with doubtful eyes like a lost little cat. For Takaki, Inoo's gaze was looking like it was testing his feelings and words. Still Takaki couldn't help but to keep on waiting for an answer.

He always waited for an answer from the pretty guy who would never believe him no matter how many times he expressed his love by words or actions. Waiting is the only thing he can do for Inoo right now, to just wait.

It is really hard on Takaki, he wished Inoo knew how hard it is for him to even take a breath since he loves him too much. "I really love you... So please..." Takaki found his lips saying these words again. In hope to let the doubts in the younger's eyes to fade away.

"Liar" Inoo said finally before he buries his face once again on his arms.
It's not a lie. It’s definitely not a lie. How many times should he say how much he really loves Inoo. Takaki wanted to scream with all of his might his true feelings which are getting stronger day by day somewhere deep down inside his heart.

Even if Inoo can't see that, Takaki knows his love is stronger than anything else. He is sure that even if the world turned into such a dark place without a single light, his affections alone will be able to illuminate the whole world.

He grabbed Inoo's wrist forcefully and pulled him to stand up and hugged him tightly to his chest. Inoo shivered a bit then he hugged Takaki back while closing his eyes to feel the warmth for a little bit before pulling away or that’s what Takaki imagined.

"I'll take you home." Takaki said.
"You don't have to." Inoo said.
This time, Takaki made sure to hold on Inoo's hand.
"I want to take you." Takaki said firmly as Inoo sighed in response.

"Then... Take me to your house." Inoo said as he leaned his forehead forward to Takaki's shoulder, making Takaki have unreadable expression.
"Please..." Inoo pleaded. Not knowing that Takaki never ever wanted to say 'No' in the first place. He can’t believe Inoo is asking him to take him to his house.

He was waiting for something like this from long time ago. He knew Inoo will notice his love and will believe on him after waiting for so long for Inoo to return his feelings back.
They reached home with their hands intertwined, they hugged, they shared a kiss and before
Takaki can know it, they were already sleeping on his bed together.

He smiled as he leaned over to plant a chaste kiss on the younger's lips and closed his eyes as the view of the pretty guy's sleeping face was right in front of his eyes. Inoo is in his embrace right now and he forever will be here.

Takaki opened his eyes and found his arms empty.
The room was too dark, he woke up and opened the little lamp on the night stand.
Looking carefully, he couldn’t see Inoo there anymore.

He thought Inoo wanted to have a drink or eat something so he decided to go downstairs, just to see two persons there. From the person’s back, Takaki could easily know it was Yabu’s back. And in Yabu’s embrace was Inoo who hugged and kissed Yabu back as well.
“I love you” Yabu said.
“I love you too.” Inoo answered then they continued their kissing.

Takaki turned around quietly and returned back to his room. He thought the shock and pain will be gone, but it just got worse when still knowing the two were still downstairs.

It was very unfair. When he says he loves Inoo, he got called as a liar.
And when that cheater says he loves Inoo, Inoo will says he loves him too.
Takaki hide underneath the covers, feeling his heart getting sunk at once.

After some moments, Inoo returned and joined Takaki in the bed again.
“Hey… do you want to be my lover?” Takaki asked as Inoo rested his head near Takaki’s neck.
“Ahh~ Yup! Sure since I have no one but you!” Inoo said, using a spoiled tone.

Inoo fall asleep quickly, not noticing his cellphone’s new message.
Takaki opened the inbox and read the recent messages, biting his lips.
“I already had a proper break up! Where are you?-Kochan”
“Takaki’s house… You’ll come?-Inoo”

“Yeah, open the door for me~-Kochan”
“Okay! -Inoo”

“Our next date will be tomorrow!-Kochan”
“Yeah! I’m looking forward to it *hearts*-Inoo”

Inoo was lying just now. Even so he knew his beloved person is lying and even he knows the whole world is overflowing with many lies. It still very sad thing to doubt someone.
So rather than being lonely and sad, he’ll rather continue falling in love with Inoo.


The end!

I tried making Takaki suffer but I don't know~ Dx
I’m bad at writing angst! Well I’m bad at everything else XD /hides/
But~ I hope it’s okay at least and not THAT bad… ^^”
As usual~ Sorry for the mistakes and thank you for reading! :D

Date: 2015-08-06 12:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
this is angst, yuya's feeling
ughhh but he chose to continues fall in love with inoo is... my heart is sliced apart into tinypieces

yuya loves inoo sm TwT
but inoo didnt love him



Date: 2015-08-06 02:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah even though Inoo will not love him back he still loves Inoo *^*

Yatta~!! Thank you Tachan ^^


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