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Title: 3 Lies & 1 Truth
Pairing: TakaIno
Rating: PG-13
Summary: ??? xD /shots/



Takaki was on his way to the school when a unique voice called out to him.
He turned around knowing the person behind him will be Inoo.

"What?" Takaki asked in annoyed tone, but when he saw how Inoo's expression changed he really thought seriously about slapping his own face for being this cold towards the one he loves.

"Let's walk to school together."
Inoo said and both started walking side by side.

Slowly, Inoo's hand reached out and held Takaki's hand.

Takaki knew his face was turning into bright red at the moment.
Inoo's hand felt so soft, warm and a bit smaller than his.

Just when Takaki held Inoo's hand tightly, a sudden realization hit his head.

"By the way, why are we holding hands?" Takaki asked.
If Inoo randomly wanted to hold hands he'll surely feel sad.

Inoo looked ahead and thought briefly before answering
"Hikaru dared me to do this." while rising up their intertwined hands.

"My hand will break if you hold any tighter than this." Inoo added.
Takaki laughed nervously, showing a little bit of his embarrassed face.

Even if it was a dare, he will take this chance to hold Inoo's hand as tight as he could.


Takaki was sitting silently in the class, waiting for the teacher to come and start the lesson while trying to overcome the sadness he got just few minutes ago.

He was too happy for being able to hold hands with Inoo in the morning while walking to the school but now when he think carefully about it being just a dare, he couldn't help but to sulk in the class while putting his chin on his desk.

Suddenly Takaki saw someone walking towards his seat.
"What?" Takaki murmured softly without looking up.
He didn't even steal a glance because he already knows it was Inoo.

"Let's hug!" Inoo exclaimed with a straight face.
Takaki blinked his eyes twice, wondering if his ears weren't working anymore.

"Hug?" Takaki asked to make sure and Inoo answered with a quick "Yes."
Inoo wants a hug? Takaki thought it was another dare therefore he decided to play along.

"Are you serious? I won't just hug you." Takaki whispered with his husky voice and rised his head to look at Inoo with his killer gaze making Inoo show a bitter smile then looked to his feet.

"Umm... Takaki... You know, Daichan dared me to say that for you."
Inoo said then returned to his seat quickly without looking back at Takaki.

Takaki lowered his head and put his chin on his desk again then sighed.
He started thinking how reckless he was to try and seduce Inoo in the class.


Takaki was lying comfortably on the roof of the school with closed eyes, his arms and legs were stretched out as far as he can and a contented smile formed on his face as the only noise he could hear were the distant voices of many students enjoying their lunch break.

This place help him to forget about whatever bother him, his smile turned upside down when he heard clear running foot steps, he clicked his tongue in annoyance and opened his eyes while waiting for who already ruined his peaceful time.

"I told you he'll be here!"
Takaki heard Yabu's voice and concluded that Yabu told Hikaru, Daiki and Inoo about his secret place. Well, it's fine if Inoo know but for the other two to know is a bit...

Takaki didn't think any further and just closed his eyes again.
He didn't want to remember how Hikaru and Daiki dared Inoo to hold his hand and saying he wants a hug.

Suddenly he felt someone standing near him so he opened his eyes once more.
His expression changed into shock when he saw his pretty friend standing and looking down at him with unreadable expression.

"Stand up." Inoo ordered with a smile. Takaki stood up then looked over Inoo's shoulder to see his other friends who looked like anticipating something.

Out of nowhere, Inoo stepped closer than he already is and cupped Takaki's cheeks, making the older look straightly into his eyes.
Inoo leaned his face forward and landed his lips on Takaki's lips.

Takaki immediately lost his will to move the moment their lips came into contact. The feelings he is experiencing right now is so different from all the imaginations he built on his head since the time he fall in love with this guy.

But wait, why Inoo is kissing him? Is this another dare?

The next moment, Takaki feels Inoo's hands leaving his cheeks.
He broke the kiss and put a good distance between him and Takaki when Hikaru started screaming.

"Wait! Wait! Okay! Stop making out in front of us!!" Hikaru shouted while covering his eyes with his hands.

Daiki quickly covered his own eyes as well right away after Hikaru.
"Inoo-chan..." Yabu palmed his own face and shook his head.

Inoo smiled at their friends while walking towards the trio, leaving a very shocked Takaki standing alone with wide eyes.

"Okay, we can go back to classroom!" Inoo said quickly almost like he wanted to run away. "Inoo, wait!" Takaki exclaimed making Inoo alarmed.

"Tell him." Yabu put his hand on Inoo's shoulder before going ahead to the classroom with Hikaru and Daiki.

Inoo sighed then looked at Takaki who looked really bothered.
"...I'm sorry. Yabu dared me to do it."
Inoo bowed slightly and gave Takaki a small smile before running off.


At the end of the day, Inoo grabbed his school bag and walked out of the class in hurried just to get caught up by Takaki who blocked his way.

"Let's play truth or dare too." Takaki smirked as Inoo laughed nervously.
"I'm getting tired of the dares." Inoo said, looking at Takaki's eyes before looking to somewhere else.

"You are tired of dares means you choose truth." Takaki grinned.
Inoo sighed then nodded. "Okay, ask me anything you want."
"You'll answer truthfully, right?" Takaki asked and Inoo nodded again.
"Hurry up, I want to go home and rest."

"Do you love me?" Takaki asked.
Inoo was speechless after hearing Takaki's question.

Takaki took the chance to hold Inoo's hand and intertwine their fingers while his other hand held Inoo's waist and pulled him closer. The next thing he did was leaning closer to kiss Inoo's shortly on the lips.

Takaki opened his mouth and Inoo did the same while closing his eyes but Takaki stopped going any further. "Wait! Let me change the question." Inoo opened his eyes with shock when he heard what Takaki said.

"Why did you lie about the dares?" Takaki asked again. Inoo took a deep breath before confessing "I just wanted to make you love me back." while his cheeks turned into a dark shade of pink since his face is still close to Takaki's.

"Are you angry at me?" Inoo asked softly.
"I'm angry, you'll have to go through hardships to earn my forgiveness."
Takaki said, their foreheads touching each other.
"I'll do anything." Inoo said honestly.

"You'll have to hold my hand, hug me, kiss me and love me from now on until forever." Takaki said. "That's easy." Inoo smiled before he puckered his lips, inviting Takaki for a sweet kiss.


The end!

I'm sorry about the mistakes & thank you so much for reading~ ^^
&&& I'm late but happy birthday [ profile] tasuku_kyota

Date: 2016-04-15 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]


these drabbles send me warm feeling of dizziness
wait, i'll drop proper comment after regaining my breath ;;_____;;

Date: 2016-04-15 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!! I'm happy~ XDDD

Date: 2016-04-16 04:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
im sooooooooooo spoiled with its fluffiness
takaki is being baka and teasy inoo who shy to admit that he really loves the 'dares' n im so takaino-deprived you really help me to revive lumichan thanks so much T.T

Date: 2016-04-17 06:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Takanoo so fluffy right~ *A*

XDDD No need to thank me!
I'm glad this revived you XD


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