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Title: His step brother
Pairing: Tadaiki, TakaIno,
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Daiki just started dating Yuya when he felt something suspicious about the relationship between Yuya and his step brother Kei.

“This is Kei, he is my step brother.” This is how my boyfriend Yuya introduced his step brother to me. “Hi.” Kei smiled and I returned his smile with a wide grin.

“Nice to meet you… I’m Arioka Daiki.” I said as Kei nodded.
“I’m going out so you can make yourself at home.” Kei said to me before looking towards Yuya.

“I’ll be late tonight so don’t wait for me.” He added but Yuya didn’t say anything back. “I won’t.” Yuya answered a little bit boldly.
Kei smiled at Yuya briefly before leaving the two of us alone.

This is how I met my boyfriend’s step brother for the first time. It was a short meeting in their home which ended quickly and because of that I couldn’t catch the deep feelings behind their simple words.

“Yuya! Can I come over?” I asked my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for one month now and there is no progress at all. We don’t even hold hands which make me think I’m still at the friend’s zone instead of the lover’s zone.

“Why? You came over yesterday.” Yuya asked, dang it! It feels like he doesn’t want me to come to his house any more.

But who said I will give up?
“Come on! Let me stay at your place for tonight as well.”
“Fine, do what you want.” Yuya surrender and I jumped up happily.

“You’ll wait for me after the classes?” I made sure he won’t go back home without me. “I’ll wait.” He said and that made me smile widely.

After the classes are over I saw Yuya waiting for me in front of my class and it reminded me that Yuya is actually older than me by one year. He is going to graduate this year while I’ll have one more year to go.

We reached Yuya’s home and like always Kei was there.
I see Kei at Yuya’s home more than seeing Yuya’s mother and it makes me feel a bit dizzy because Yuya and Kei are definitely not in good terms at all.

My first meeting with Kei left that impact on me. At the start I thought it was very normal thing among step brothers to hate on each other but as days passed by I started to notice the finest details between them that make me go crazy.

“Welcome back.” Kei said the moment he realized our presence in the house.
He ran over and hugged Yuya, and Yuya hugged him back too.
On the other hand I felt out of the place, I always feel like this whenever the three of us are standing on the same land.

Even though I don’t like it, I never told Yuya to stop hugging Kei because he might think I’m over thinking or he might think I’m jealous from his step brother which by all means is true.

It’s just a hug between step brothers who sometimes looks like they are in a silent war, I try to convince myself it’s none of my business but I can’t.
“It is my business!” I muttered under my breath while the two finally let go of each other.

I’m absolutely sure they were in bad terms so why they became this close all of sudden?

After staying couple of hours at Yuya’s house, I changed my mind about sleeping over and decided to head back to my own home. It’s too hard to take a new step in this relationship when Kei is always around.

I just started dating Yuya for one month and all these strange things keeps on happening. They touch each other way too much; they flirt every day and every night, they give each other a morning hug and a late nigh hug and who knows if they do more than that. Being the one who witness all of that, I start to think I’m getting on their way.

It’s unbelievable I almost thought about stop dating Yuya because he already has Kei. I will stop my negative ideas and will start getting ready for my plan for tomorrow which is inviting Yuya to my home. There’ll be only the two of us; I hope I can at least hold his hand tomorrow.

The next day came and I succeeded on inviting Yuya to my house.
Everything was going smoothly as both of us were laughing while playing games in my room.

Yuya childishly lied down on his back after losing twice against me. I lied down as well and took the chance to hold his hand but Yuya didn’t let me do so then he sat up while saying “Let’s play another game.”

I already reached my limits; he hugs his step brother with all his might but refuse to hold hands with his boyfriend? He even ki-
“Something is wrong.” I said softly as I remembered what I saw before Yuya entered my home. Yuya looked at me while waiting for what I have to say.

“There is something wrong with you!” I shouted.
“What?” Yuya asked bewildered.
“Don’t play dumb! I know there’s something between you and Kei!” I said out loud what I was thinking for the past month.

“There’s nothing!” Yuya retorted.
“Then why did you kiss him?” I asked desperately. I gave up the moment I saw from my window the two sharing a kiss outside my house.
“I…” Yuya didn’t find the right words to fight back.

“You love him and used me to forget him, right?” I said what I believed to be facts. Yuya closed his eyes and bowed his head “I’m sorry…”

I stood up then walked to my window and looked down at the lonely figure standing under the drizzle rain. I sighed, I really hoped for Yuya to say that I was mistaken but he didn’t. I told myself it’s not a bad thing; I told myself I’m destined for someone better.

“He is waiting…” I said.
Since I was giving Yuya my back I could only hear the sounds of him standing up from his place, his footsteps that went towards the door and the sounds of the door that opened then closed. After few moments I reached my hands to close the curtains as I saw Yuya standing in front of his step brother under the rain which started getting heavier than before.

The end!

Late fanfic for Daichan birthdayyy~ ;_; <3
He is 25 years old now, people!!! XDDD


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YES TAKAINO IS TOUCHY~!! Wait Tachan! I will follow you to TakaIno heaven TwT <3

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moreeee lumichan moreeeeee ;;A;;

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