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Title: Wo Ai Ni Sequel
Pairing: TakaYama, TakaIno
Genre: failed romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I don’t know… really DX

"So, how it feels to watch your own funeral?" An old man called Johnny asked in a mocking voice. The young guy who was sitting across him didn’t utter a word as his gaze was focused on the crowd outside. The two were sitting in a small black car which parked in a place where they can see the funeral so closely.

"You should be thankful that I still helped you start this new life even though you were not able to do your job perfectly, Inoo.” Johhny said as he received hateful gaze from Inoo.

“You couldn’t kill her. Then you went through all the troubles to save your friend from the jail." Johnny recalled what happened with a sigh.
“He isn’t my friend.” Inoo exclaimed. ‘He is Takaki’s crush.’ That what Inoo thought.

Remembering Takaki, Inoo felt helpless and wondered how he ended up like this.
The deal he had with Johhny was simple. Inoo will kill a woman and Johnny will fake Inoo’s death by using his money.

Inoo didn’t know Johnny’s reason for wanting that woman dead. But he was fine with that, because his aim was more important. Inoo wanted to kill her and put the blame on Yamada then start a new life away from everyone else but everything changed when he met the woman.

He wanted to kill her but ended up watching with his own eyes as she committing suicide. Seeing someone die right in front of him made Inoo value the lives of people more.

"You can go. Let's hope we won't meet again." Johnny said while opening the car's door for Inoo. Inoo woke up from his deep thoughts and put a cape then he hid his face with a mask before going out the car.

The black car left the place as Inoo stood not far away from his fake funeral and saw his family crying. He looked amongst the people who came for his funeral quickly hoping to find Takaki there but sadly he didn't find Takaki.
Inoo started walking away as fast as he could while trying to kick away the picture of Takaki out of his mind, trying to not cry and trying to not let his heart break into two pieces.


In Takaki's house:

"Takaki... Let's go to the doctor." Yamada said as he saw Takaki sitting on his bed and coughing again. Yamada blamed his self, Takaki’s coughs got even worse after he told him it was Inoo’s funeral yesterday.

But in reality Takaki have been like this for the whole past week and his condition didn't seem to get better at all. Instead it just gets worse by each passing day.

"... It's okay. I'm fine... I'm fine." Takaki said between his coughs. Yamada who was sitting on the edge of Takaki's bed stood up.
"Then I will go now." Yamada looked down as he went out. Takaki nodded and reached for the glass of water on the small table beside his bed. He didn’t wait more than two hours until Yamada came back again with another person.

Takaki changed his position and sat straightly to face the guest. "Who is this?" He asked. "He is the doctor." Yamada answered. Takaki looked away. "I told you I don't want any doctors!" Yamada smiled weakly as he let the doctor do what he can do.

“Excuse me.” The doctor said and Takaki tsk-ed but he let the doctor check on him anyway. "You didn't take any antibiotics, right?" The doctor asked and Takaki nodded his head.

The checkup ended faster than expected. The doctor smiled a little as he gave few bills for Takaki. "You have to rest your body." The doctor said while Takaki returned to lie down on his bed.

"Then after taking good rest, he'll be okay...?" Yamada asked the doctor who motioned for Yamada to come along. Takaki was looking up to his white ceiling absent mindedly.

Yamada walked the doctor to the main door and they had a small talking then returned to Takaki's room quickly with a small smile. "You just need to rest well!" Yamad exclaimed, making Takaki realize he wasn’t alone in his room. "I know! That's why I told you I don't want a doctor." Takaki exclaimed before coughing.

"You are still coughing though. The doctor told me if your coughs didn't stop you have to undergo another checkup at the hospital." Yamada explained what the doctor said before leaving.

"I see..." Takaki said slowly, feeling his eyes getting heavy so he closed them and drifted to dreamland.


A dream:

Takaki opened his eyes and saw Yamada sitting beside him.
"Oh, you woke up." Yamada said casually.
"Yamada? You didn't go home yet?" Takaki asked.
"It's me... Yuuya."

Takaki opened his eyes widely and sat quickly.
"Kei?! Wh-..." Takaki put his hand on his mouth and started coughing.
Inoo patted Takaki's back gently until Takaki stopped coughing.

Inoo smiled and blushed when he saw Takaki's hand reaching towards him.
Takaki's hand held Inoo's neck weakly and pulled Inoo closer to kiss him.
The two closed their eyes when their lips met each other as Takaki pulled Inoo towards him.

“Inoo… I love you.”
“I love you too.”

End of dream~

Takaki woke up just to see nothing but darkness; he stood up quickly and opened the lightbulb then looked around. For some reasons, he thought that dream was real but now he started to doubt it.

"She committed suicide... It means Inoo didn’t kill her…" Takaki mumbled as he read the small article in the newspaper. Takaki felt his head spinning when he read that article. He made him feel worse than he already is and in few seconds everything around him turned black.

Takaki opened his eyes to find himself in a hospital’s room with Yamada and the doctor. "Takaki... I found you unconscious so I brought you here." Yamada said.
“The doctor checked on you again… he’ll tell you about the results of the checkup now.” Yamada explained.

"Takaki-kun you have an infection in your lungs. But don’t worry after having a good long rest and taking your bills in time will help you to get better.” The doctor said.

“Ah, it means you should stop smoking too.” Yamada smiled.
“Thank you.” Takaki sat up then bowed his head slightly.
“You are welcome… just make sure to rest well since you look stressful. After all, stress is the core reason of many diseases… that what my grandmother always told me.” The doctor laughed before leaving.


Takaki returned back home with Yamada and they saw Daiki in their way.
“Yamachan are you busy? Won’t you come to see that movie?” Daiki asked.
Yamada hesitated at first but Takaki pushed him towards Daiki.

Being pushed suddenly, Yamada lost his balance so he looked back at Takaki
“Is this what you do after I looked after you?” Yamada pretend to be angry but ended up laughing.

“I’m old enough to look after myself.” Takaki said with a smile.
Yamada smiled widely “But you are still childish so I will still look after you until you find someone else.” He said before going towards Daiki and both left Takaki.

Takaki reached his home and a sigh escaped his lips when he remembered Yamada’s sentence. “Can I find someone else…?” Takaki thought it was pointless to find someone else. He went to his room to find Inoo’s illusion sitting there.

“Inoo?” Takaki mumbled.
“Did you break up with Yamada?” Inoo asked casually and stood up, ignoring Takaki’s uncertainty. Takaki felt all of the heavy feelings fall from his shoulders when he realized Inoo is not dead.

With fast steps he got closer to Inoo and hugged him tightly, his arms holding Inoo’s waist firmly. Inoo hugged back as well while wrapping his arms around Takaki’s neck gently. Takaki started snuggling to him even more when Inoo’s hand caressed his messy hair.

As they continued to feel each other’s warmth, Inoo started talking “I’ll leave Japan today… I’m here to say goodbye.” Inoo put his hands on Takaki’s chest and pushed him away slightly. They looked at each other without words before Takaki smacked his lips onto Inoo’s plump one.

“I’ll go along with you.” Takaki said with determination. He can never leave Inoo again. “When and where are you going?” Takaki asked to know when to get ready. “I’m going to China this evening.” Inoo answered, he looked down realizing they are still holding each other, more like Takaki isn’t going to let go of him.

Takaki noticed Inoo getting uncomfortable so he let go.
“Bye.” Inoo mumbled before leaving the house.


Yamada ran over to Arioka who was busy eating lunch while waving his cellphone in the air.

“Dai-chan! Look, Takaki’s message!”
“What? Really? So he reached China safely?”

Yamada nodded then started typing…
‘It’s good to know you are happy and healthy.’ And he sent it.

Takaki read the message then closed his cellphone.
He walked to where Inoo is standing and hugged him from behind.

“Wo Ai Ni.” Takaki said and Inoo laughed while noting he have to teach Takaki new Chinese words.

The end!

Omg I got carried awaaaaaayyyy~ I want to see more TakaIno~ /whine/
Oh Right! This is for Eru-chan <333 I hope you like it~ ^^

Anyway thanks for reading & sorry about the many mistakes like usual XD

Date: 2016-04-20 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] erisu eru (from
Uwaaahh~~ 💕😍
Otsukaresama Lumi chan~ m(_ _)m

This is so sweet Sequel of this fic Lumi chan 😊😊💕
Thank you for make it 😊🍀 Eru really love it~

Finally, Takaki & Inoo together at the end 😊☺️🌸🍀

Date: 2016-04-21 11:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much Eruchan~

That's so nice of you! I'm glad you love it XD <333

Yesss because I love TakaIno so much I have to make them together at the end XD


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