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Title: Going back home
Pairing: TakaIno
Rating: PG
Summary: The only time Takaki and Inoo spend together is when they go back home from the school. This is revolving around their last days going back home as friends.


First day:

Takaki barged into the classroom and with light steps he reached to where Yabu was standing while exclaiming “Yabu! Is the rumor real?” The class was too noisy but turned silent when Takaki suddenly asked Yabu about that.

“Yes, I’ll be hospitalized today.” Yabu smiled his usual bright smile.
“His parents will come to pick him up too.” Inoo joined the conversation momentarily since he was standing not far away from Yabu and Takaki.

Takaki who understood that the rumor about Yabu getting hospitalized is real opened his arms wide and hugged Yabu, without knowing about the sudden strike of jealousy and pain that ran through Inoo’s heart.

“Stop it! My injury is getting worse.” Yabu said jokingly about the injury in his arm. Inoo looked away and picked up his school bag, pretending to not care about what is happening.

Takaki pulled away from Yabu while laughing then looked at Inoo who was already in his way out of the class.

“Going back home?” Takaki asked.
“Wait, I will go with you.”

Inoo smiled widely as his jealousy faded away, today will be one of his precious days since he will walk back home together with Takaki.

The two were on the way back home when Inoo asked
“Why do you always go home with me?”
Takaki titled his head while thinking.

“I always watched you go home by yourself so I thought about hanging out with you.” Takaki answered honestly. “I guess I don’t want to see you alone.” Takaki added with a childish smile.

Inoo felt surprised yet happy. “What does that mean? You were always watching me?” Inoo asked playfully while elbowing Takaki’s arm.

“Not really… don’t take every word I say seriously.” Takaki answered. He put his hands inside his pockets and looking to the opposite way, ending their conversation for the day.

The second day:

“Takaki, Let’s buy ice cream.” This was the first thing Inoo said when he and Takaki stepped out of the school’s gate. Takaki thought it was a great idea so they went and bought two vanilla ice cream.

Inoo was busy eating his ice cream when he noticed Takaki looking at him.
“Are you that hungry?” Takaki started laughing.

Looking at Takaki as he laughed brought all kinds of happiness inside Inoo’s heart thus he ended up laughing too. “Let’s go to a restaurant next time!” Takaki said and Inoo felt excited for it.


The third day:

“Let’s go to the amusement park!” It was Takaki’s decision. Inoo’s eyes were sparkling when he heard what Takaki said. Inoo picked up his school bag then gave Takaki a thumb up.

And so they went to the amusement park.
“Wha…?” Inoo’s voice started to disappear when he looked at the scary rollercoaster. “Let’s go!” Takaki’s voice was hyper as he pulled Inoo’s hand to ride the rollercoaster.

They went to three more rides but Inoo didn’t react at any of them.
After they finished playing, Takaki thought it was better to sit on the couch to calm Inoo down.

“It was fun, right?” Takaki tried to make Inoo talk, which was a success because Inoo’s lost sense returned. “Right…” Inoo answered. Of course it was fun; spending longer time with Takaki is unquestionably beyond fun. It was great, enjoyable and pleasant.

“But you seemed to hate most of the rides here.” Takaki said, not believing that Inoo had fun. “…” Inoo didn’t know how to explain. Even though it was very scary, he still felt so much fun.

“I’m having fun because you are with me…”
Takaki was surprised as much as Inoo who covered his own mouth with both hands shyly. Takaki kept staring at Inoo without words until Inoo let his hands down and spoke up while looking straight.

“I mean, you are making the scary rides really fun.” Inoo rephrased his last sentence, even though it still held the same meaning. “That’s great.” Takaki grinned at Inoo who was looking down before noticing a couple passing by. “By the way, did you ever fall in love?” Takaki asked.

Inoo didn’t answer; he couldn’t even let out his loud gasp. He was too shocked to hear this kind of question from Takaki. Before Inoo could find an answer, Takaki apologized. “I’m sorry it’s not of my business anyway.” After saying that, the two went back home silently.


The fourth day:

“You’ll visit Yabu in the hospital?” Inoo asked and Takaki nodded as he grabbed his school bag. “Okay, I’ll go home then.” Inoo stated normally while closing his bag and started to walk towards the classroom’s door, even though deep inside his heart felt like burning with jealousy.

Inoo thought he was the only friend Takaki have at the moment and forgot about Yabu. But the truth is Takaki didn’t forget Yabu and his other friends too.
“Come with us! Arioka-kun and Hikaru-kun will go as well.” Takaki invited while walking beside Inoo.

Inoo stopped in his place and pursed his lips, there is no way he can agree to go with them. He just want to go back home together with Takaki. It is his most precious time because it’s the only time Takaki looks at him. If he agrees to go out with them, it means Takaki’s attention will not be on him only and he can’t bear with it.

“Takaki we are leaving.” Hikaru called out, he was standing in the door way of the classroom with Daiki. Takaki and Inoo looked at the two then looked back at each other.

Inoo averted his eyes and looked down to his feet, thinking for a way to decline nicely. “Don’t worry, let’s go.” Takaki said, not waiting for what Inoo wanted to say.

Takaki held Inoo’s hand and pulled him to walk with them. Inoo looked at their connected hands and hesitantly held Takaki’s hand back. When they reached the hospital, Takaki let go of Inoo’s hand making Inoo’s thoughts about being ignore by Takaki to come true.

All what Inoo could see was Takaki getting only concerned about Yabu’s health, Takaki was only laughing at Hikaru’s jokes, Takaki was only teasing Daiki and he didn’t give Inoo a single glance.

Inoo felt his presence is unnecessary so he walked to the door and went out.
He was sure nobody will realize it, but this time he was wrong. The door reopened revealing Takaki. “Where are you going?” Takaki asked.

"Just leave me alone." Inoo said flatly then left the hospital quickly without looking back at Takaki.

The fifth day:

The next day at the school was taking longer than usual because Inoo was waiting for the time to go back home, hoping Takaki will come and speak with him normally.

The time to go home finally arrived and Inoo was ready to leave but got hesitated. He wondered if Takaki will stop going back home together because of the way he talked with him yesterday.

But Takaki walked up to him and said normally “Let’s go back home.” Inoo’s cheeks turned into a bright red color as he nodded. The way back home was quiet; suddenly Inoo spoke up to break the silence.

“I’m sorry for talking rudely to you yesterday.” Inoo apologized.
“That wasn’t rude at all, you just told me to leave you alone so I did.” Takaki said simply. Inoo started smiling, feeling relief that Takaki isn’t bothered about what he said at all.

Takaki grinned when he saw Inoo’s smile.
“You were so tensed up yesterday, but you look better today.” Takaki commented.
“I think because I’m introvert I feel so dense around more than one person.” Inoo concluded. “So, you’ll be fine if I left you with someone else?” Takaki asked showing a displeased face.

“No, I won’t be fine. I will surely hate it.” Inoo answered truthfully, hoping Takaki will get the hint. Inoo looked carefully at Takaki’s reaction and for a spilt second saw Takaki blushing.

“Stop staring at me.” Takaki exclaimed. Inoo blinked before he turned his face away. “We are already here, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Inoo said quickly and gave Takaki his back but stopped when he felt Takaki’s hand on his.

“Go out with me!” Takaki said suddenly with a serious face. Inoo’s face turned blank. “Umm… I fall in love with you.” Takaki confessed. His shyness started to show up because Inoo didn’t say a single word.

“Say something!” Takaki became impatient, he is thinking of running away now.
“I love you too.” Inoo muttered just for Takaki to hear. Takaki let out the breath he was holding in then pulled Inoo into his warm embrace.

The end!
Thank you for reading! ^^
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