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Title: Twins
Pairing: TakaIno
Rating: PG
Summary: TakaIno had a fight and at the end the two apologized to each other :X


Even though the season was spring, today's weather was too hot to call it a spring day. And that's why everyone were still sitting in the classroom even though the break started.

"It's too hot~" Ryosuke whined as he shut his eyes and leaned his head to the desk behind him. Yuto who was sitting behind Ryosuke took his small notebook and waved it to create a light breeze for Ryosuke.

Ryosuke closed his eyes and smiled, feeling refreshed for a little bit.

On the other hand, Kei who was sitting beside Ryosuke put his head on his own desk tiredly without commenting about how Daiki and Yuri seemed too energetic in this kind of weather.

Daiki and Yuri were running around in the classroom, making a series of loud noises mixed with laughing and screaming sounds.

Kota and Hikaru on the other hand were seriously talking and discussing about the exams which is starting in the next week.

From time to time, the two ask Keito about some question and Keito will give a bitter smile, trying to answer in a good Japanese.

Because Keito knows they will start teasing him the moment he mispronounce a word and he is not in the mood to be teased thanks to the hot weather.

"Even the wind is too hot, I give up! I want to go back home~" Yuya whined, he was sitting on the last row alongside Kota and Keito.

Kei's invisible cat's tail dropped down when he heard his twin's voice.

"Oh, Yuya?! I thought you were Kei." Yuto looked back at Yuya. Ryosuke sat straight and looked at Yuya then back to Kei beside him.

Ryosuke nodded then added "Today, the fraternal twins really look alike~"

Daiki and Yuri stopped playing around and joined in. "It must be the hair." Yuri thought out loud, looking and comparing between Yuya's and Kei's hairstyles. "That's right, their hairstyles is somehow identical today." Daiki agreed.

Kei grunted, why must the subject of the conversation turns to be about the twins 'Yuya and Kei'?

"You might be right." Kei commented then returned to his silent mode.

Kei hoped that Yuya will say something but he didn't even utter a single word. Well, it can't be helped, he had a fight with Yuya four days ago and they didn't talk to each other since then.

To be more accurate, Yuya actually tried to talk with him right away after their fight but Kei was too angry to care about his twin.

Now, Kei feels better and think their fight over who is better than the other is really stupid. Everyone have his own good treats and bad treats so why did he complicated the things in the first place?

The break time is going to end soon, Kei realized he didn't bring his lunchbox for today nor he bought something from the school's cafeteria.

He sighed and sat straight, thinking he better go and buy something from the vending machine instead. Kei noticed that everyone were already gone to buy food while he was in deep thoughts about his fight with Yuya.

Then he saw his twin Yuya stepping inside the classroom. Yuya who was holding some snacks passed by Kei's table and put a croissant and an orange juice there silently.

"Thanks." Kei mumbled, his hands reaching to the snacks and he started eating right away. Yuya continued walking and went to his seat on the back of the classroom.

It was silent and peaceful, Kei thought it is the right time to make up with Yuya but then Kota and Hikaru appeared and went to sit and talk with Yuya.

He looked at the three, then felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned around and found Daiki and Yuri grinning at him.

Kei knew his friends didn't know about the fight he had with Yuya. But he don't blame them, he and Yuya were not like the ordinary twins and they never felt like twins. They doesn't look alike, they doesn't stick together all the time and they doesn't even have that thing called twins telepathy.

Kei laughed sarcastically at his own thoughts, earning strange looks from Yuto and Ryosuke.

The day went by like it always did and Kei still didn't have the courage to ask for Yuya's forgiveness. It's already four days, he knows if he waited longer it will be more difficult to apologize but he still can't move nor say anything.

When the classes ended, Kei slammed his face to his table, surprising Daiki who is sitting beside him.

"Are you okay?" Daiki asked.
"Yeah..." Kei answered, staying still.
"We'll go home now, get up." Ryosuke was the one talking to him now, but Kei didn't feel like moving at the moment.

"It's okay, you can go..." Kei mumbled, the friends looked at each other, sharing confused stares before leaving Kei in the classroom alone.

The classroom turned into a noiseless place. Kei understood without looking around that nobody is left but him.

He thought he might close his eyes for few seconds and gain some strength before going home and having a good talk with Yuya. Suddenly, he heard something explode. He shot his head up and looked around, his eyes widen in surprise.

There was nothing wrong in the classroom, he took his school bag and went outside and looked shocked to find fire and smoke inside the building.

His mind screamed to get out quickly, since it looks something in the building caught on a fire.

He went out quickly and saw few teachers getting the help and assisting the situation.

Kei felt panicked, he hugged his school bag to his chest when he fully realized it was indeed fire. He was lucky to be able to get out before getting suffocated by the smoke.

Suddenly he noticed Yuya running towards the teachers while shouting.
"Did you see Kei here?"

Automatically, Kei walked slowly with shaky legs towards Yuya.
"Yuu-" before Kei can call Yuya name, he saw his older twin turn around and their eyes met.

"Are you alright?" Yuya asked, concern filled his eyes.

Kei nodded, he can see clearly how Yuya is extremely worried at him.

"I'm sorry." Kei leaned his forehead forward on Yuya's shoulder and closed his eyes which felt like burning. Kei felt he is going to cry soon but then Yuya's arms found their way around his petite figure to calm him down.

"I'm sorry too." Yuya said. Kei formed a small smile on his lips, the four days seemed to drag on forever and now at last they are going to talk normally to each other again.


The end! :D

Woah XD I thought TakaIno really look alike in maji sunshine pv XD that's why I wrote this XDDD

I hope you like it! Thank you always for reading and sorry for the mistakes >.<"
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