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Title: Rebirth
Pairing: TakaIno
Genre: Romance, magic, (?!)
Rating: PG so safe~
Summary: Takaki will be reborn for many times until Inoo fall in love with him.


I was enjoying the sun's rays and the gentle breeze as my grandmother watered me using the small blue watering can.

It made me feel so fresh. My leaves are greener than ever and my branches are thicker than I have ever felt before.

The usual knocks on the door are the sign of his arrival. My grandmother put the watering can down beside the pot and answered "You can come in." Then went to sit on her usual spot on the rocking chair.

"Good morning, grandmother." The young guy greeted with a smile as my grandmother greeted him back.

"Do you need anything?" He always ask her this question and she always answer by shaking off her head.

"I'll be happy if you'll keep on visiting me." She said as he got ready to leave.

"I see, then I will visit you tomorrow as well." A small laugh escaped his lips while he waved his hand as a goodbye.

It is always like that, he stays for just few moments then go. And I'm always in my little pot near the window. I always wanted him to see me but I know it is impossible this way.

As days went by, he didn't even look at me so I started feeling weak.
I felt so scared as my leaves turned into yellow and became so dry. My branches became so weak and thinner as I started to wither away and died.

The last thing I heard him talk about with my grandmother is something related to the animals.


"Wan wan!" I barked and shook my tail happily as I saw him stepping inside the house.

He looked down at me with a surprised face. And that's all. His attention averted to my grandmother who was feeling tired and couldn't move from her sitting place. I sat obediently by the door's step and looked at him as he passed the medicine he bought to my grandmother who thanked him.

I started to bark again and shake my tail but he went out again without giving me a single glance. I stopped barking and lowered my tail because I felt so sad...I thought he talked once about how he loved dogs but now he seems not that interested to look or play with me.

I waited the next day for his arrival, but it was the same as yesterday. Maybe he didn't like dogs anymore?

I started getting sick, literally sick and tired. I couldn't move around freely like usual and couldn't help my grandmother with anything. It felt so scary to know I'm going through the death once again.

But at the end no matter how scared I was, I still died. The last thing I heard him talk about with my grandmother was something related to the winds.


I became the wind and for the first time, I felt so free. I messed up the hair of the people and made the girls angry by flipping their short skirts. It was really fun and entertaining.

From time to time, I can't help but to check on my grandmother since I left her alone. I thought she will be sad and lonely but of course she is not feeling that way. The young guy is still visiting her everyday and helping her whenever she needed something.

When I saw him giving her ingredients for cooking and I saw her looking very happy. I decided to thank him in my own way so I waited until he went out from the house and made his cap fly away then played with his hair for few moments until it got messy.

I thought he will be angry and pissed off but instead he just laughed and ran to catch his flying cap.

I thought it was fine the way it is now but I was wrong. The windy season was going to end and all the winds are going to cease soon.

I wasn't prepared for that and felt too scared. I wanted to stay like this but it's impossible.

In the day I started to disappear, I heard him talk with my grandmother about how lonely he feels. I heard him talk about how he wanted someone to stay by his side and how he wanted someone to love.


Looking at myself right now gives me so much pressure. I was very coward so I kept on dying many times. I became a plant but still died. I became an animal but still died. I became the wind but still died. I was reborn for many times and ended up dying.

Now I became a human, my fear of death vanished. But in the end... I'm going to die again.

That's why I think it is my last chance, looking at myself now I can say I will be able to finally confess my feelings directly without getting ignored or overlooked.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. This time I can see clearly with my eyes how he smile, I can talk and tell him how I feel with my lips. I can hug him tightly with my arms. I can intertwined my hands with his hands. And if he ever run away from me, I will run after him with my legs.

The room where I stood is so simple with wooden furnitures. I wonder where is my grandmother? She is the one who looked after me through my previous lives and I can say she is my only relative.

Just when I started thinking about her, I heard her usual warm voice calling me "Yuya? Are you ready?"

I walked quickly out of my room and found my grandmother sitting on her wooden chair and rocking back and forth slowly while knitting something.

"I baked some buns for you." She smiled the moment she saw me.

"Thank you." I smiled while I sat and took one piece from the baked buns she made which are placed on the wooden table.

"Did you eat your breakfast?" I asked while munching one bun after another.

"Just eat and don't worry about me, my son." My grandmother encouraged me and I realized I ate way too much.

Suddenly there was a knocking on our door making me cough in surprise.

"Oh, it must be Inoo." She said and I stood up quickly and ran to the restroom to wash my hands and look at myself at the mirror to make sure I look good enough.

When I returned back, Kei was talking with my grandmother as a smile plastered on his pale face.

He averted his eyes to look at me then smiled a bigger smile. "Takaki? Nice to meet you."

It seems my grandmother already told him about me. To think I get his attention with the help of my grandmother is vexing me a little bit.

But that's only mean I have to get his affection by my own hard work.

"Nice to meet you too." I said with a bow. I looked up again and saw him looking absentmindedly towards me.

I think he started to fall in love with me!
Or am I getting ahead of myself?

My grandmother told him to stay longer to eat the baked buns together but he declined nicely and left the house quickly.

I thought I will run after him, but my legs couldn't move and instead I just sat down again. I sighed as I rested my cheek on the wooden table. My grandmother sighed afterwards.

"What should I do?" I asked.
"Don't give up." She answered.

"You are saying that just to make him happy! You made me reborn many times just for his sake!" I stood up from my place and started to complain.

My grandmother is like a fairy who grant wishes. Inoo is always helping her without talking much about himself. So whenever he says "I want... or I need..." She will immediately use me to make his wish come true.

My grandmother stayed silent and I continued complaining. I didn't mean to blame her and she knows that. I just needed to take my frustration on her.

Realizing that I'm getting angry at the wrong person I finally could shut my mouth.

But opened my mouth again to say "Sorry..." And like any doting grandmother she forgave me easily.


The next day, I felt so nervous. Because I know if he ignored me I will be better off dead.

I asked grandmother before hand to stay in her room. Since it will be awkward to confess while she is sitting there.

The usual knocks are on the door. I opened the door for him and he bowed with a smile.

He looked over my shoulders then asked me "Where is grandmother?"

"Inside her room." I answered and he hummed. "Okay then, I'm off." He said and was about to leave right there but I held his wrist.

"I know it's sudden but I really love you and want to stay with you forever." I confessed and he was very shocked. "Do you want to stay together with me too?" I asked and he looked hesitant to answer me.

"Can you wait for my answer?" He asked back. "I'm afraid I can't." I said that even though I know it's not cool.

"Yes." He said fidgeting a little bit. "It's strange since we only met yesterday but I love you too!" He talked quickly with tainted cheeks but still I was able to hear every single word.

I smiled contentedly. I have lived many times just to be able to hear these simple words.


The end!

Finally I wrote something~
Thanks for reading and sorry about the mistakes! XD
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