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Title: Beach photo
Pairing: TakaIno
Genre: Attempted angst with happy ending xD
Rating: PG13
Summary: All this happened because of a picture of the beach.


Receiving a message from Takaki in his birthday already meant the world for Inoo. Seeing the picture of the beach made him so excited and he felt very special. He thought Takaki might actually love him back.

His tension rose above the clouds as he imagined Takaki looking at him gently, holding him strongly, kissing him sweetly and drowning him in the endless world of love and affection.

But all of this shattered when he finally had the time to read Takaki's JUMPaper. Looking at the photo in the text then looking back at the photo in the end of the JUMPaper made Inoo's whole body to shut down for he don't know how long.

They are the same picture. Takaki didn't send him a special photo. He didn't see him as a special person. Takaki looked at him as he looked at any other person.


Inoo started to write his own JUMPaper. He was supposed to talk about his drama filming in more details, he was supposed to talk about the concert's rehearsal in more details, he was supposed to talk about the new album's songs but instead he talked about Takaki the most.

Inoo reached his destination and stopped in front of JUMP's practice room's door. He re-read his JUMPaper then sighed. Maybe it's better to delete it and start writing something else.


Inoo got startled when he heard Takaki's voice. His fingers mistakenly pressed on the "Ok" and made his JUMPaper to go public to the whole world.

"Oh, you already posted your JUMPaper? Let me see it." Takaki said as he reached his hand so Inoo gave him his phone.

Takaki started reading it out loud but then his voice started to get lower in the end.

"... Why do you want a special photo from me?" Takaki asked softly as he gave the phone back to Inoo.

"It's because I love you." Inoo answered honestly, looking straightly into Takaki's eyes. He really wants Takaki to love him back at any cost.

Takaki was speechless for a moment but finally opened his mouth "I love you too... as a friend..."

"I don't mean it that way. I mean I love you in a romantic way." Inoo explained, he can't give up just yet. He still have a chance or so he thought.

He can see Takaki's expression changing but he couldn't tell what was the reason. Is Takaki happy or angry now?

"... I don't need this kind of love." Takaki said and it made Inoo so angry suddenly.

"Okay then! I don't need your friendship either!" Inoo half shouted as he opened the door of the practice room then stormed inside.

Inoo acted tough but it was hard on him to hear these words. It felt like he received a punch on his face. It didn't hurt him only, it also made him realize how stupid he is to keep on chasing after Takaki and trying to make Takaki fall in love with him all this time.

They started the practice and he was perfectly fine in the surface but in the inside it was completely the opposite. His heart was shattering into little pieces and it pained him to no end.

Even after the practice ended he still felt hurt. He can't let this painful feelings to stay forever inside his chest.

That's why from now on, he will distance himself from Takaki and he will try to shut off his feelings.

Takaki can go any path he wants and leave him behind with his cringing heart.

Inoo wants Takaki to leave him alone with his tears and his regrets. After all, he was too stupid to keep on dreaming about the two of them together. But thankfully he understand now that every one sided love must die.

Remembering Takaki's cruel words made Inoo realize it's better to hate Takaki. He decided by himself that the Takaki he loves is no longer here in order to move on and fall in love with another person.

Inoo decided while he is distancing himself from Takaki that he won't ask about Takaki anymore and he will try not to miss Takaki.

Because his heart got tired of Takaki's loveless heart.


After Inoo's confession, Takaki realized he is the worst liar in the whole world.

He wasn't lying to Inoo alone, he was lying to his own self too. He was too happy to know Inoo love him too but he was too angry at himself for not making things works between them earlier.

He actually sent that picture of beach on purpose, since he thought Inoo looked at him like how he looked at anyone else. He thought he wasn't special for Inoo.

But when Takaki knew the truth about them loving each other, everything went down the drain since Inoo stopped talking with him and is trying to put on distance within them.

And that was one of Inoo's flaws. Inoo gets angry easily and stop talking to Takaki. He gets sad quickly and start avoiding Takaki whenever the two of them have a quarrel.

While Takaki's flaw is the unlimited love he hold deep down in his heart for Inoo. He gets worried so much when Inoo stop talking to him. He miss Inoo badly when the younger avoid him and he can't calm down until they talk to each other again.

Takaki knows for a fact that no matter how many people he meet, Inoo is the only beautiful person he have ever seen. That's why it's impossible for this love to die.

He wants the two of them to laugh together and start their special love story. He want Inoo to stay the same as always during their love story.

After they ended their practice, Takaki grabbed Inoo's wrist and pulled him to the corner of the room.

"Leave me alone." Inoo exclaimed trying to free his hand but Takaki isn't that stupid to leave him alone again.

"I will not leave you again." Takaki mumbled as his face got closer to Inoo then he pressed his lips into Inoo's lips.


The end!

That JUMPaper is still making me cry ;A;

Date: 2016-07-12 03:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

psssshh gonna leave comment properly after calming down myself ;;__;;

Date: 2016-07-12 08:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ughhhhh, my heart feels tormented at inoo's real one-sided feelings, his hopeless obsession toward takaki made me go nggghhhhh-ing all the time
poor him, the random guy who's getting hurt inside
i just asdghjkl!!! WHY IS TAKAKI SO STUPID TTATT

psssttt if i have time can i write this on takaki's pov??? 8D

Date: 2016-07-12 08:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I feel so sad about Inoo too ;_;
He really loves Takaki so much and he even sent a beach photo for Takaki in Takaki's birthday but that's what he get in return TAT
Poor random guy ;;

Well for me I can't really blame Takaki XD he is so handsome, sexy, cool and hot he can't help it when others fall in love with him then get hurts in process XD /bricked/ lol but it's TakaIno we talk about of course in the end I will be like WHYYYYYY~?????? With a river flowing out from my eyes T_T

AND OMG YES PLEASE WRITE!!!!!!!!!!! <33333

Date: 2016-07-15 04:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for changing Yuya's mind and making him confess his real feelings for Kei...

TakaIno for the win! True love wins!

Date: 2016-07-15 08:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha even though it's angst I forced the happy ending on TakaIno XD

They can't be separated by anyone >D

Right! TakaIno is true love *w*


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