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Title: Spin the bottle
Pairings: Mostly YabuHika and TakaIno, other otps too~ XD
Rating: PG-13
Summary: JUMP playing spin the bottle :D


They are always coming up with a different game whenever they have a free time during their working hours.

This time they started playing spin the bottle. They sat in a circle starting with Yabu then Hikaru, Takaki, Daiki, Inoo, Keito, Chinen, Yamada and ending with Yuto.

Daiki grabbed his half empty bottle while saying "I will start!"

After spinning the bottle, Daiki grinned as it pointed towards Yamada.

"Truth or dare?" Daiki asked.
"Dare." Yamada answered, grinning back. He was overly confident he will do anything.

"Give me a kiss" Daiki dared while making a duck face. Yamada looked troubled.

"Stop it! That's disgusting!" Yamada refused. He already lost count of the times Daiki kissed him by force.

"Well, you are out!" Inoo said.

"No, I'm not." Yamada replied and reached his hand to spin the bottle again.

"Oh it's me! I will ask!" Yuto exclaimed happily.

"Truth or dare, Chii?" Yuto asked.
"Wait! I'm the one supposed to ask him!" Yamada complained.

"You are out, Ryosuke." Chinen reminded him.
"No! I still want to play!" Yamada pouted.

"Then kiss me!" Daiki smiled a big smile while pointing to his own cheek.

"No." Yamada declined while laughing.

"It's fine, let Yamachan play." Keito talked softly while looking at Hikaru for a back up. Hikaru sighed.

"Okay! Fine, we will let Yamada play too." Hikaru said.

"But I will be the one who ask Chinen!" Yuto said stubbornly.

"Okay, okay... Let's continue!" Hikaru said and finally they returned back to their game.

"Truth or dare?" Yuto asked Chinen again while Yamada was folding his arms with a pout, pretending to be not happy.

"Truth." Chinen answered with a calm tone.

"Chinen~ It will be no fun~" Yuto sing sang. "Dares are fun, you know?" Yuto tried to change Chinen's mind.

"I will be playing safe for now." Chinen smiled at Yuto, showing his cute rabbit teeth.

"Playing safe, huh? I guess I will do the same!" Yabu smiled, thinking ahead of time before his turn.

"Okay then, When was your first kiss?" Yuto gave up and asked straightly.

"During work." Chinen answered truthfully.

"Wait! The kissing scene in sprout was fake!" Takaki said suddenly, not believing Chinen's answer.

"It was during the film Nanako to Nanao." Chinen corrected.

"Okay, next!" Inoo said while spinning the bottle. It appeared Inoo have to ask Hikaru.

"Dare." Hikaru said without waiting for Inoo to ask.

"Good, kiss Yabu's cheek." Inoo dared like it was an easy task. Everyone else started cheering.

"Eh~?!" Hikaru and Yabu said together which made everyone cheer louder.


The two looked seriously in a big trouble. "Shut up." Hikaru said and everyone became silent. Then he took a deep breath and leaned to plant a quick kiss on Yabu's cheek who is sitting next to him.

"Woo~" everyone said in unison as Inoo laughed in amusement. Hikaru looked at Yabu who was smiling widely then hit him while saying

"Stop smiling like that! It's creepy" before giving Inoo a murderous look while mouthing "I will take my revenge soon!"

The bottle was spinning again by Takaki this time and it ended up pointing towards Keito.

"Dare." Keito said nervously.
"Jump three times while shouting I'm a rabbit." Takaki ordered innocently. Yamada palmed his face.

Keito did that quickly and sat down, feeling frustrated. Takaki started laughing and clapping his hands but the rest didn't understand what was so funny about that.

Next was Keito asking Yabu.
"Truth." Yabu said.

Keito started thinking about what he should ask but then Inoo and Chinen started whispering to him.
"Ask him about that kiss."

"How was Hikaru's kiss?" Keito asked. And everyone started laughing out loud specially Yuto.

"Good. His lips on my..." Yabu answered quickly but started to get into detail so Hikaru elbowed Yabu hard enough to stop him.

"What? What? YabuHika is real?" Inoo acted like he was too excited.

"Okay! Next!" Hikaru ignored Inoo and shouted to continue the game. The next was between Yabu and Yamada.

"Dare?" Yabu asked to make sure and Yamada nodded. "Hmm.. Hug Chinen."

"What? This is so easy~" Yamada showed his cool smile and wrapped his arms around Chinen's neck and pulled the younger closer.

Chinen laughed and hugged back.

"Oh~ easy to hug Chinen and hard to kiss me~" Daiki started sulking.

Yabu and Inoo laughed at Daiki's comment.

The bottle was spinning again and when it finally stopped, Daiki looked at Yuto while thinking.

"Truth, please." Yuto said and Daiki kept thinking for awhile.

"Am I cute?" Daiki asked then started mouthing "Say yes."
"Yeah." Yuto giggled. "Daichan I saw you! You told him to say yes." Yamada said.

"Me too!" Everyone said as well. Daiki laughed.

"Okay next~ oh, it's me!" Inoo looked surprised when he realized that he will be asked by Hikaru.

"I will take only "dare" as an answer." Hikaru smirked.

"Okay, dare." Inoo shrugged.

"Kiss Takaki." Hikaru said and everyone gasped.

"Stop it with the kisses already!!" Yamada shouted.
"Don't worry, he can't do it." Yabu calmed Yamada down but the truth he was feeling scared to see Inoo kissing Takaki.

"I can do more than a kiss~" Inoo stood up from his place and went to sit on Takaki's lap while facing him, making everybody in dead silent.

Inoo leaned closer and wrapped his arms around Takaki's neck then pressed his lips into Takaki's lips. But that wasn't all, he started french kissing Takaki too.

"Kyaaaa~" Yuto covered his eyes with his hands. "Yuto... you did something worse than that." Keito mumbled.

Chinen looked straightly without changing his expression while Yamada was thinking hard about choosing between covering his own eyes or covering Chinen's eyes.

Yabu was opening his mouth in shock, Daiki kept on rubbing his eyes to make sure what he see is real.

"Stop it!!!" Hikaru shouted and finally Inoo stopped and returned to his previous place.

Takaki looked like he was in his own world even after he got separated from Inoo.

"Hey! Hikaru didn't dare you do to that! He just said a kiss! Not a French kiss!" Yabu exclaimed. Inoo smiled as an answer.

"Why so much kissing." Daiki mumbled and started to sulk again.

"You are the one who started it!" Yamada exclaimed while pointing at Daiki.

The bottle was spinning again and then pointed towards Hikaru who will be asked by Yamada.

"DARE!" Hikaru shouted, making everyone startled.
"Oh, I mean truth! Truth!" Hikaru corrected but Yamada started saying his dare anyway.

"Act like a kitty and say nya" Yamada said, feeling tired of all the kissing that happened in front of him.

Hikaru did that and everyone giggled. "It will be cuter if he wore a kitty-ears." Chinen said.

"Let's spin the bottle again." Takaki said finally after returning to earth but the staff called them.

"Oh... We have to go." Takaki said. "Okay." Everyone said in unison as they stopped playing and went to work.


The end!
Just wanted to write random fic like usual~ Sorry about the mistakes & thanks for reading! XD
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