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Title: Wait for me.
Pairing: YabuIno
Genre: failed angst
Rating: PG
Summary: Which one is harder? Waiting or making others wait? /I don't remember where I read this sentence but it's sad ;;/
Dedicated to the lovely Tachan [ profile] tasuku_kyota ^^


Yabu was sitting in the plane near the window. While looking at the white clouds, his thoughts started flying to the person who stole his heart just to be distracted every now and then by the snoring of the old man next to him.

But the more he thought of Inoo, the more he feels captivated by the younger's endless charms and all of the distractions around him fade away.

He is returning to Japan now, it was sooner than he expected and he couldn't help but to feel excited and a little bit nervous.

Before leaving Japan, he requested a simple plea from Inoo. And it was to wait for him until he comes back to tell him the most important words.

The words he never got to tell, but he was sure it will be answered no matter how many years will pass by. He was sure it was clear as the blue sky that the both of them held feelings for each other.

The airplane finally reached the awaited place. Yabu walked out of the airplane and towards the airport where he will meet Inoo there.

Finally all the lonely nights will come to an end and all of the bitter days will end for he will be reunited with the love of his life.

It's been so long since he saw Inoo. He wondered what will Inoo do? Is he going to jump at him and hug him and tell him how he missed him so much? If that's so then Yabu think it'll be the best time to confess his feelings at last and they will live happily together forever.

Though he is lost in his own thoughts about Inoo, Yabu was able to catch the figure of the one he loves without difficulty. But the problem is, there was someone else beside Inoo.

Yabu saw the two hugging and he felt painful stabbing in his heart. And his bag fallen from his grip easily at the sight.

That's right, it never crossed Yabu's mind that his feelings will get rejected by Inoo.

Even after mistaking Inoo's shining eyes as two moons. Even though his heart always wonders about Inoo.

Even though he always find himself thinking about Inoo over and over again. Even though his yearning always paints the lonely night with this love over and over again when he was far away.

Yabu's couldn't stop his heart from skipping beats because of this love.

Just by feeling his fast paced heart beats he know he will do anything for Inoo to the point he will take any kind of humiliation just for the one he loves dearly. To the point he will risk his life just for the one he love deeply.

Yabu will do all of that in exchange of having Inoo looking at him, in hope to see these shining eyes speaking the same lovely words.

Yabu's felt awkward to step near them. And he wondered how the two of them got together? These two were always fighting. They were always awkward when alone. They are supposed to hate each other!

In the contrary, him and Inoo were always in good terms, the two of them were always having fun together, the two of them are supposed to be in love with each other!

But how in the world did it became like this? Yabu thought he told Inoo to wait for him. No, he is sure he told Inoo to wait for him... But why? Why Inoo is with another person now?

That person talked to Inoo briefly then left Inoo alone. And that alone made a little ray of hope to shine on Yabu. Maybe he still have a chance after all.

Yabu pursed his lips and picked up his bag which fall before with one hand, and went towards Inoo. Inoo was giving him his back while waving to the person who went off.

"Kei-chan... I'm back." Yabu said slowly.

"... Oh." Inoo looked surprised as he turned around to see Yabu.

"Welcome back." Inoo said. He looked out of words to see Yabu after all these years. After all, he was once in love with this guy in front of him.

"Missed me?" Yabu asked, trying to be playful like usual. But ended up feeling a sharp pain in his heart when Inoo didn't say anything back.

"Kei-chan?" Yabu called out.

"Y-yes?" Inoo looked troubled. Yabu closed his eyes and let out a big sigh.

He already can tell the changes that occurred during his absence. He doesn't see that shining eyes any more, he doesn't see that lovely smile any more.

"You found someone else?" Yabu was sure they never dated each other even though they loved each other. And it was silly of him to ask this question like that.

Inoo nodded.

"Why didn't you wait for me?" Yabu asked again. But he knows deep inside that he can't blame Inoo. He can only blame himself for taking too long.

"I asked you to wait for me. And now when I'm finally back... After all the hard times I went through... I find you already with someone else. How could you do that?" He said he can't blame Inoo but all that comes out of his mouths are only blames.

And what Yabu heard next made him freeze to his spot.

"I wasn't going to wait around for you forever."

The tone Inoo used was calm enough to make Yabu speechless. And since he knew Inoo for so long, he can tell Inoo waited for him for too long, too long to the point where his patience wear thin, to the point his love started to get smaller and smaller until there was nothing left.

He already hurt Inoo by leaving him, he already hurt Inoo by making him wait. What else he'll do now? Forcing Inoo to love him again? That's will only hurt them both and it won't solve anything.

Inoo's phone started ringing, Inoo picked it up quickly to answer it. After some mumbles Inoo closed the phone then looked at Yabu.

"I gotta go now."

Looking at Inoo giving him his back again and disappearing between the crowds made his heart break apart.

What's the point of returning back home? It must have been better to stay overseas, knowing nothing and thinking that Inoo is still waiting for him.


The End.

I'm sorry. Thank you. I better stop writing
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