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Title: Spin the bottle
Pairings: Different otps, of course with highlighting of TakaIno pair XD /kicked/
Rating: PG-13
Summary: JUMP playing spin the bottle again XD
Dedicated to dear Keiyukichan [ profile] ficreader_02 <3


JUMP were heading back to their waiting room after finishing the work for the day. They will have to change their clothes and pack up their stuff and head back home.

Yamada looked silently at Daiki as the latter was gulping the last drops from his water bottle. After finishing his drink, Daiki looked at his empty bottle and asked out loud "What I'm thinking right now?"

"Like I know." Yamada answered and started walking faster. "Ah, I know!" Yuto who was walking in front of them, looked behind while putting up his hand high.

"You want to play spin the bottle again!" Yuto guessed.
"Correct!" Daiki exclaimed with a laugh.
"Oh, it's great! Let's play!!" Inoo excitedly said.

"I will not play! You'll only make me do stupid things." Hikaru said sternly as he opened the door of the waiting room and everyone went in.

"You can choose truths only! Hikaru~" Chinen gave an advice and Hikaru couldn't argue any further.
"Well, since you are cute. I will play!" Hikaru said.

"Good! No one is busy today so~" Yamada trailed off as he noticed Keito quietly trying to leave the room. He grabbed Keito's arm by force to stop him and said "You won't go anywhere."

"Let me go! Yamachan! I don't wanna be a rabbit again~" Keito cried out but nobody helped him. "It's okay, I will let you be a gorilla." Hikaru joked and it made Keito pout.

"No! Let me run away!" Keito cried again. "Keito, you can't run away. I can know your place by using the GPS." Yamada smiled and Keito finally surrendered.

"Okay then let's all sit down~" Yabu said and everyone sat obediently. The circle was like this: first Hikaru, Daiki, Yamada, Chinen, Takaki, Inoo, Keito, Yuto then Yabu.

"Game start!" Daiki said out loud but Yabu shouted while stretching his two arms "STOP!"
"Eh? What?" Everyone looked at Yabu wondering what he wants. "There is one important rule: YOU must never use the word "kiss" in this game!" Yabu warned and Yamada couldn't agree more.

"Why is that? I wanted to kiss Yamachan's cheek." Yuto folded his arms. "What? You too?" Daiki looked surprised.

"Well, I want to kiss everybody." Yuto said with a wide smile. "You can do it after the game!" Yabu told Yuto. "What?! You gave him the permission to kiss me?!" Yamada was shocked.

"And he was supposed to protect the kids from the naughty acts." Daiki shook his head, acting like he have nothing to do with it. "You actually look happy!" Takaki pointed out. "I know, he is actually looking forward after the game ends." Hikaru agreed.

"It's okay Yamachan, we always kiss right~ you must have no problem!" Chinen teased. "We never kissed! Or did we?" Yamada was defensive at first but suddenly started to play along too.

"Yamachan! What about me?" Keito mumbled and showed his sad face. "Stop it!" Yamada exclaimed.
"So that's your relationship." Inoo commented, he seemed to think so hard. Everyone started to make noises until Hikaru spoke up.

"Okay, okay, let's start!"

And finally Hikaru started spinning the bottle. It ended up pointing towards Keito. Keito looked horrified as Hikaru grinned evilly. "Pretend to be a gorilla."

Keito did it, he thought everyone will laugh but actually no one even smiled. "???" Keito was confused.
"Everyone think it's not funny." Chinen cleared the confusion for Keito.

"Okay, next." Inoo said as the bottle spin around. And it finally stopped while pointing to Hikaru "Hikaru! Wear this and pretend to be a cat." Inoo handed Hikaru cat ears while saying so.

"Wait! You didn't ask me to choose between dare and truth." Hikaru got angry. "Hikaru-kun you didn't ask me either when it was my turn!" Keito said in upset tone.

"You have no choice now" Inoo grinned evilly this time as Hikaru did what Inoo ordered him to do. Everyone shouted "So cute~" while laughing.

"I'm not cute!" Hikaru hissed then threw the cat ears into Inoo's lap. Inoo took the cat ears and wear it.
"I wanted you to say Nyaaa more cutely!" Inoo mumbled and acted like a cat too.

Yabu was the next one, and he have to ask Yuto.
"Rule two: we'll just accept dares only!" Yuto added the second rule and nobody was against that.

"Hug Keito and say something to make him feel better." Yabu dared Yuto. "This is a piece of cake!" Yuto said. He hugged Keito by shoulders and whispered "I'm here for you, so cheer up!"

"Ohhhh!" Everyone clapped.
"Ah~ I want to be hugged too!" Yabu complained.
"You are the one who dared Yuto to do that!" Takaki commented. Yuto laughed and told Yabu "Then, after the game!"

The next dare was between Keito and Yamada.

"Yamachan, I dare you to hug Daichan!" Keito smiled as Daiki gave him a failed secret thumb up. "You told Keito to say that!" Yamada said in unbelieving tone.

"Not just Keito. He told me as well." Inoo said as a matter of fact. "Me too." Yuto said. "Me too." Takaki said. "Oh, me too." Yabu said as well. Yamada sighed but anyway he hugged Daiki. It made Daiki to smile widely.

The next one Chinen dared Takaki... well more like he asked Takaki for a hug. Takaki stood from his place and hugged Chinen then returned back to his sitting place.

"What with all the hugging." Inoo mumbled with annoyed expression all over his face. He started spinning the bottle. The bottle ended up pointing to Hikaru.

"Go and fight with our manager." Inoo dared.
"Isn't that extreme?" Takaki asked and Inoo clicked his tongue. Hikaru sighed and he went to their manager. Hikaru really was able to do the dare and apologized quickly to the manager.

He returned back and everyone was in dead silent. Hikaru was silent too but then started laughing "Do you think the manager got angry at me?" Hikaru laughed and everyone sighed in relieve.

"Good, it means he was in a good mood." Yabu said.
And they continued playing.
The bottle stopped while pointing to Yuto.

"Do that super delicate thing with Yamachan." Daiki dared Yuto. And everyone started singing super delicate as the two stood in the middle of the circle while poking each other's cheeks.

The bottle was spinning again. "Oh, it's Hikaru and Takaki." Yabu said when the bottle stopped. "I dare you to dare me to pin Inoo down." That was Takaki's dare and everyone looked confused.

"Excuse me?!" Hikaru asked. He didn't say anything but Takaki quickly pinned Inoo down to the floor and hovered above the younger.

Inoo was surprised for a moment before he put on his poker face. Takaki didn't have anything special to say so he just leaned down and started kissing Inoo deeply. Inoo's legs wrapped Takaki's waist and his hands were interwind with Takaki's hands.

Everyone were speechless. They are not used to see these two doing these stuff openly. But now they are sure they'll get used to it in no time.

"Now, who is next?" Takaki said. Sitting back happily after he finished making out with Inoo. "That's it! The game ended!" Yuto answered, he was locking Yamada in his arms and trying to kiss his right cheek.

"Yuto! Get away!" Yamada struggled to free himself. "Stop it! Yuto! What are you doing to Yamada?!" Daiki who just finished taking a shower, joined in and hugged Yamada too and tried to kiss Yamada's left cheek. "Not you too!" Yamada groaned.

"Where are the others?" Inoo asked. Hikaru who was busy packing his stuff answered. "They are gone long time ago."


The end!

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry about the mistakes~ ^^"
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