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Title: Baby sitting~
Pairings: TakaIno
Genre: Fluff?
Rating: PG
Summary: Inoo and Takaki baby sitting Takaki's niece.


It was somehow hard for Inoo to keep the two years old girl entertained. But it was as easy as squeezing a lemon for Takaki. Well, no wonder since he is the uncle of the little girl.

"I'm jealous. She likes you." Inoo stated while folding his arms. He kept looking at Takaki walking back and forth with his niece on his back. Takaki couldn't say anything but to laugh whole heartedly at Inoo's comment.

"Oh, I think she is hungry by now. I will go and prepare something." Takaki said, Inoo nodded and took the girl off Takaki's back.

Being left alone with the little girl in his arms, Inoo didn't have any idea of what he should be doing while waiting for Takaki to come back with food.

In the end, Inoo did the same as Takaki. He kept on walking back and forth with the little girl between his arms.

Few minutes passed by and Inoo realized the little girl is already fast sleeping. Inoo put Takaki's niece on the big couch then sat next to her with his head titling to the side. He decided to close his eyes and relax for a moment.

Takaki finished overheating the curry rice which was in the refrigerator and came back to see his niece and Inoo sleeping soundly on the couch. He put the tray of the food on the table then went closer to the couch.

Takaki couldn't help but to kiss his niece's forehead since she looked so cute. Then he looked at the sleeping Inoo. He sighed, before leaning closer to plant a quick kiss on Inoo's forehead as well, without knowing about the secretly formed smile on the younger's lips.


The end!

I love TakaIno TTATT
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