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-Annoyed at lazy people asking me to do something for them... Like seriously you can do it by your own so why should I do it for you? If you were doing it and having a hard time I'll love to help you.

-Annoyed at myself... I know this little kid who have a heart disease. I didn't give him special care. Because I didn't want him to think he is different. But then I realized I was too harsh on him when I saw the scar on his chest because of the surgery he did when he was still a baby... :'(

-Annoyed at "you don't recognize her voice?"... If she couldn't recognize my voice how do you expect me to recognize her voice? It's not like I talk with her in the phone everyday and it's not like I see her everyday! =_=

- annoyed at "We will scare Lumi with this animal." I'm sorry to say this but I love animals... The insects are what scares me! And the two are different!

-Annoyed at people asking me private questions. Like seriously I hope I can be this interested to know your last updates! But that's impossible since I'm not interested to what kind of life you are going through :|

- annoyed at that person who said "Put on ads to search for a job." Thanks for your concern but I know what I want to do. I mean I already told u I want to study English and be better at this language. So why are you asking about the job again and again and again? Huhhhh in the end it's my mistake to start a conversation with u. I guess I will delete my what'sapp now since all the people I talk with are annoying :|

-annoyed because someone told me "U lied to me! I thought your eyes sight was perfect." When seeing me wearing the eyeglasses for the first time because normally I would be wearing lenses cuz I'm not good with glasses :| Do I have to apologize for wearing lenses? I'm wearing it cuz my eyesight are the worst in my family that's all.

-Annoyed at someone...

Her: this is the second time he proposed to me.
Me: aww! He really loves u!
Her: and you know what? he is so handsome! But I will reject him.
Me: huh? why are you rejecting someone like that? He proposed twice and is so handsome like u said... Why? I think he will be a good husband~
Her: if you want him that bad, just take him.
Me: ...? No thanks.
Her: u feel jealous right?
Me: why are u saying that?
Her: because everyone is getting married and u are not.
Me: :|

Yay, now I'm the "jealous" girl who break up the couples~ :D is that what she meant? Or am I being sensitive? :/ I know for sure I was really happy for her but now nah I don't care.


-Happy for knowing that one of my old childhood friend ask about me. I didn't see her for five years or more but she still remember me. She is such a cutie pie ;; <3 "Where is Lumi? Say hello for her." Means so much to me I can't ;; my mother said she is quiet like me and then her cute face appeared in my mind omg I really need to get in touch with her more!

-Happy because another friend also asked about me. With the same sentence "Where is Lumi?" ;; it was one year since the last time we met. I'm not sure but maybe we will meet again in the end of the year.

- feeling funny cuz my family acted like a Kpop group infinite. I saw a video about infinite getting pranked by eating banana with vinegar - I think- and group members acts like there's nothing wrong with the banana just to fool the other members lol. What happened to my family was the same.. My younger brother came home with a medium sized freezer and telling us "I went to the sea and caught many fishes!! Look here!" So most of us went to look at the fishes just to discover there is soft drinks inside the freezer instead of fishes XD I started laughing as my other sisters were like "Oh Masha allah! There are many fishes!" They said that to fool my mother and other sister who didn't come and see with us.

- Happy cuz my sis said: "What a big smile u have right now." XD I was smiling because I was rewatching Viva 9's soul when Yuto carried Daichan XD

- in love with a new fictional character XD my sis let me play a final fantasy game. The character you play with is a young boy and near the end he turns into a handsome guy!! I was looking at him like this *A* and couldn't continue playing I was so mesmerized XD and my sis started laughing at me while saying "the monster is coming! Attack him quick! Lumi! Attack!" And I woke up from my staring state and somehow I was able to defeat the monster. Sis said "Doki doki suru deshou~" literally XD and I'm like "heh." With a bitter laugh.

- Happy cuz it's Wednesday! In other words: Itadaki high jumpppp~ <3

- Happy after looking at the anime photos which I saved 3 years ago lol they are so cute I can't delete them XD but at the same time I don't know the propose of saving the photos orz

- Happy cuz I feel relaxed after taking all of this out from my heart in one go lol XDDD


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