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Finally!! I watched it!!
And to think today will be the last day before it got deleted?
Anyway I made it in time XDDD

I just wanted to fangirl over Ryu
but ended up fangirling over the other members XD
Specially Ryo! He is ASDFGHJKLASDF SO CUTE!! ;;
He have this gentle, tender, kind aura around him~

Or that's only me falling in love in the first sight~
But it's not my first time seeing him ;;
But it's my first time hearing his voice with concentration!

Since I brought the voice's topic.. I need to say this:
T_Y's voice is so deep but he looks too young so I got shocked XD

Anyway.. returning back to Ryu XD
Can't believe I saw him dancing again <3
(with girls as back dancers XDDD)
Can't believe I saw him singing ;;

I liked some of their songs~ First "Direct"
Then "Week End" , "Turn it up" & "For you" <3

Their performance was pretty good~
but I didn't like how the lights go off and on..
for personal reason: it hurts my eyes so bad ;;
but it's so much fun and like a disco XD

What I liked the most is what happened after the fans surprise!
Ta2ya got so emotional and teared up~ so cute~
And because of him, Ryo and T_Y teared up too~
Kento being the leader he is, didn't cry~ and was smiling happily~
but maybe he wanted to cry too? xD

Then Ryu he said something about he'll not crying in front girls I think
but ended up crying the most among zero members XD
The fans were saying"cute~ cute~" and they all comfort him~ so nice~
And I was like "Come to your Mama!! I'm like your mother so I'll hug you" XD ;;

He said next time he won't cry but I bet he'll cry lol XD

Oh right! There was that guest as well! He is called 'Golf'
And he sang two songs with Ryu!
When Ryu asked the fans 'Did you have fun?'/'did you like it?'
The fans reaction was too late~ they made little Ryu panic XDDD
He got nervous omg so cute~ XD

And before golf get off the stage, he high five-d everyone
but he forgot about the cute Chanryo xD
I liked when Ryo made golf notice him~ he even hugged him <333

Aah~ I never thought I'll enjoy ZERO's performance but here I am writing about it.
But.. to tell the truth I couldn't help but to miss Ryu with JUMP.
I saw him hug ZERO members and I wished he returned to JUMP..
well.. I know being in ZERO have it's own good points
but I really liked him with literally everyone in JUMP ;;

Okay, I'm off to re-watch JUMP's concert "the one where they all cried" XD ^^
bye bye~
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