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Title: Magical Tree
Pairing: YabuAri
Genre: humor, fluff, gender bender idk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Daichan woke up in a girl’s body.
He goes out with Yabu in order to return to his old body.
A.N: This is me getting crazy with Dai-chan’s cosplays and Yabu saying he is cute lol…^^:

Feeling uncomfortable in his sleep, Daiki woke up and sat straight. He looked at his own body and opened his eyes wide. This couldn’t be real. He pinched his right cheek and it hurt him so bad. This is not a dream. He is wearing girly transparent night gown.
But what shocked him more is the fact he turned into a girl.

The horror was painted all over his face. He doesn’t know what is going on. “Don’t tell me… all of this time… I was actually a girl?” Many theories started to pop up in his mind. One after another but not a single one was convincing enough to make Daiki surrender to the reality he is facing right now.

Daiki looked at his cell phone and checked the time; it’s ten in the morning. Everyone must be awake right now. And that’s really dangerous. He needs to change before someone sees him. The door cracked open with force. Daiki yelped and covered his whole body with the cover, still sitting in his place on the bed.

“Dai-chan! You are awake~ we are gonna have late breakfast~ Wanna join?” Yuto asked innocently, not caring much about the way Daiki is covered. “I don’t feel hungry.” Daiki answered. And that’s the truth. He was thinking of a way to get rid of this new body and returning to his old one.

“Okay.” Yuto said and went out without closing the door. “Yuto!! Close the door!” Daiki shouted. “What are you? Girl?” Yuto asked playfully but he still obeyed and closed the door. Daiki ran over and locked the door with the key. He really freaked out when Yuto asked him about being a girl. Well, he can’t blame Yuto though. Daiki is starting to feel scared that his whole gestures and reactions will turn into girly soon.

Suddenly, a tiny cute elf appeared out of thin air.
“Open your hand! I want to rest!” The elf ordered.
Daiki opened his hand and watched the cute elf sit properly on his palm.
“Chinen?!” Daiki shrieked. Chinen closed his both ears but his expression was flat.

“As expected, you know me. And that’s mean you know what you should do. Later!” Chinen said and started to disappear but Daiki grabbed him hard with his one hand.
“Wait!! Oh… Sorry.” Daiki looked worried as the little elf start coughing.
“Hey! Do you plan to kill me?” Chinen screamed.
His voice was too high pitched that made Daiki panic.

“Ssshhh… everyone will find me in this funny state so please don’t shout.”
“Hmph!” Chinen pouted. “Now please tell me… what must I do to go back to my old body?” Daiki asked but Chinen didn’t answer.
“Chinen!!!” Another voice and another tiny elf appeared.
“Ryuu-chan~” Chinen went to Ryutaro and hugged him.

“You are late.” Ryutaro said with a smile.
“I’m going to finish my job soon! Wait for me!” Chinen said. Ryutaro nodded and started disappearing into the air. “…” Daiki kept quiet. Chinen realized that and folded his tiny arms while looking at Daiki. “Okay. You must go into Oka forest. You’ll find the magical tree there. If you touch it, you’ll return back to your normal self.” Chinen explained.

Daiki didn’t respond. “Understood?” Chinen asked. “Yes.” Daiki nodded and with that, Chinen disappeared as well. Suddenly, bulb of light appeared above Daiki’s head. He doesn’t know where he can find the Oka forest.

He started thinking again. “Oka” might stand for his name “Arioka” while the “forest” could means “Yard” or “Garden” or “Park”. The elves are so tiny and they might mistake these little green places as big forests.

Well, Daiki needs to change his clothes first before leaving his room.
So he proceeded to his closet. Opening the closet made Daiki a little bit shocked.
He took out the blue mini skirt and the plain white shirt with weary smile.

“I must have expected this.” He changed into his new piece of clothes then looked at his reflection on the mirror. It’s strange but he thinks his face got softer. His hair is the only thing that didn’t change which brought a big smile on his rounded face. He still has the chance to go back to normal, that’s what Daiki thought positively.

He unlocked the door and made sure nobody is around. He can’t bear hearing Yamada’s and Hikaru’s “Ugly~” words. He calculated the distance between his room’s door and the house’s door to be around fifteen feet away. “It’s close, if I just run…” Daiki nodded and started running out of his room.


Daiki bumped into someone taller than him and fall down to the floor. He looked up to see Yabu looking down at him in disbelieve. “Yabu-chan!!” Daiki squealed then covered his mouth instantly. He just sounded like a girl! His voice is becoming softer and softer and that’s really bad. He really needs a hole to hide. This is the worst.

The person who calls him 'cute' is watching him, watching his girly face and feminine figure, watching his mini skirt and… “What are you looking at?!” Daiki hid his panty quickly while blushing. Yabu started laughing. “This really look good on you~”

“Stop making fun of me.” Daiki blushed and looked away.
Yabu reached his hand to help Daiki stand up. “I’m not. You are really cute.”
Daiki looked back at Yabu and took the hand.
He stayed still, standing in front Yabu while playing with his mini skirt.

“I didn’t know you like cross dressing~” Yabu laughed again, showing his cute smiley eyes.
“No! It’s not like that… I…” Daiki was about to explain but he heard Inoo’s voice.
“Kou-chan? What are you laughing about?” Inoo’s voice seemed really close.
"Come here and look at Takaki! He..." Inoo's voice got cut off for some reason.
So right there, Daiki held into Yabu’s hand and they ran out of the house.

“Why are you running away? Let Inoo-chan see you too~” Yabu joked.
“Yeah and I’ll let him flip my skirt.” Daiki added sarcastically.
They run to a near corridor and stood there. Daiki was trying to catch his breath while Yabu was perfectly fine. “First, let’s go to your home.” Yabu stated; he already has an idea of what is happening to Daiki.

“Why?” Daiki asked, looking down at his skirt and making sure he looks good.
“You need to wear your normal clothes.” Yabu explained patiently.
“Ah. That’s right.” Daiki tucked his hair behind his ear as he said so.

The two made it safely from JUMP house into Daiki’s house.
Daiki told Yabu what happened and Yabu wasn’t that shocked.
“I felt something off when I saw your hairless legs.” Yabu stated, folding his arms and sitting on Daiki’s bed. “Haha…” Daiki laughed dryly while taking out his jeans and t-shirt.
Yabu blushed and looked away the moment Daiki undressed.

“What with the blushing face of yours?” Daiki asked and looked at his bare body.
“Woah! My breast~” Daiki looked at his breast and whistled.
“Just wear your clothes already!” Yabu exclaimed. He can’t believe Daiki is getting excited over his own body. But that’s a good sign… Daiki is still thinking like boys.

“Let’s go.” Daiki said after wearing his usual clothes.
The two went to the back yard of Arioka’s house. There was nothing but grass.
“So where is that magical tree?” Yabu asked. “We don’t have it.” Daiki answered, he felt like crying out. He even sent his parents messages and asked them about this tree but they answered with “What do you mean?”

“I give up. I will be girl forever.” Daiki mumbled. Standing beside Yabu and looking at the empty back yard. Yabu was thinking before realizing something. “Let’s go to Keito’s house.” Daiki’s face lightens up. “Okamoto’s Oka!” Yabu nodded. Daiki jumped up and wrapped his arms around Yabu’s neck.

“Thank you!!”
“Dai-chan, let’s make sure first!”
“Oh, that’s right.” Daiki let go of Yabu.

The two got welcomed by Takaki and Inoo in front of Keito’s house. “What are you two doing here?” Yabu asked, Daiki behind him. Takaki panicked and looked at Inoo. “We had early lunch with Keito.” Inoo answered as simply as he could. Yabu nodded and so he went inside Keito’s house with Daiki.

“Keito!” Daiki called but there was no answer.
“He is in the yard.” Yabu said so they walked to the yard.
Keito was standing beside very normal looking plant.
“Dai-chan!?” Keito looked surprised. But then he tried so hard to not laugh.

“Keito… listen, I’m…” Daiki started to explain and then he asked about the magical tree.
Out of nowhere, Keito’s cell phone started ringing “Oh, it’s Chinen! I have to go back to JUMP’s house! Oh, right… Dai-chan… this is the magical tree! I have to go now! Bye!” Keito walked past them quickly, he almost tripped.

Yabu and Daiki looked at Keito going out then they stared at each other. “Do you want any last thing from me? I mean before I became a boy again.” Daiki asked; his hands behind his back. “Nothing really” Yabu answered. “At least let me thank you.” Daiki said while blushing.

“You can thank me later.”
“But I’ll regret it if I didn’t thank you now… in this way.” Daiki put his arms around Yabu’s neck to pull him down and kissed him fully on the lips.
They parted and Daiki ran quickly to the magical tree and touched the leaves.
And just like that, he is finally returned to his normal self.

Meanwhile Takaki and Inoo were on their way going back to JUMP’s house.
“Aah~ I didn’t have the chance to flip your skirt~” Inoo whined.
“Shut up.” Takaki hit the younger's head playfully and laughed.

The end!
Omg XD ;;


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