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Title: Looking at someone else.
Pairings: TakaIno, YabuIno, InoHika
Genre: failed angst lol Idk
Rating: PG13
Summary: Inoo change his boyfriend every time.

Inoo stepped inside the small bar followed by Hikaru. He scanned the place and his eyes met with Takaki’s one who was sitting on the stool of the counter alone.
Walking forward, he left two stools empty between him and Takaki before sitting down comfortably. Hikaru sat down quickly next to Inoo and asked right away.

“So, what is the important thing you wanted to say?”
“Let’s order our drinks first.” Inoo said normally.

Takaki was looking at Inoo by the corner of his eye, wondering what the pretty boy is going to do. When their drinks arrived, Hikaru gulped all of his drink in one go while Inoo took just a little sip from his drink.

Hikaru was turning red already; a sign of his weakness towards alcohol.
“Wow, do you want another glass?” Inoo joked but Hikaru did not even smile.
“I’m getting impatient. Just tell me what you wanted to say.” Hikaru said. Takaki can hear the uneasiness in Hikaru’s voice even though Hikaru is trying too hard to not show.

Inoo let out a sigh and mumbled. “I have no choice then.”
Hikaru’s breathing almost stopped when Inoo started talking again.
“Things won’t work out between you and me.”
Takaki saw the hurt inside Hikaru’s eyes and suddenly a new guest appeared into the bar. It was Yabu, the ex-boyfriend of Inoo.

“Don’t tell me… you are going back to him?” Hikaru mumbled.
“Hmm?” Inoo looked confused before he noticed Yabu taking a seat beside him.
“It is a surprise to see you here.” Yabu get his face closer to Inoo while giving his best smile, completely ignoring Hikaru’s existence.

“Yes. It is a surprise. Now can you leave us alone? We have things to discuss about.” Hikaru talked in a very polite way. But Takaki got the feeling that Hikaru is resisting to not throw some insults at Yabu who came in the worst time ever.
“Kei-chan, do you come here often?” Yabu didn’t care to what Hikaru’s said and continued looking deeply into Inoo’s eyes.

Inoo smiled awkwardly, seated in the middle of his two ex-boyfriends was not that great for him. Takaki kept looking at the three, but most of the time he will look at Inoo who keeps on sighing and shaking his head to the sides.

The voices of Yabu and Hikaru are getting louder by each passing second. While Inoo kept on taking little sips of his drink, pretending the fight has nothing to do with him.
Takaki didn’t believe how cold Inoo could be. Yabu must be still in love with him, he doesn’t want to give up on Inoo even after their clear break up. Hikaru must be feeling the same as well; he doesn’t want to give up Inoo to anybody else.

It was expected for the two to be madly in love with the pretty boy. Takaki thought that while trying to keep his own feelings. The words didn’t escape his lips, but his eyes told everything and Inoo finally got it.

Takaki could see Inoo standing from his seat after finishing his drink that lasted for five minutes. The pretty boy walked until he was standing behind Takaki’s back. Yabu and Hikaru by this time were too busy throwing insults at each other and didn’t bother to look at Inoo. It was just mere seconds; Inoo put his hands on Takaki’s shoulders and leaned closer to Takaki’s ear, whispering “Let’s go.”

The glass of beer left Takaki’s hand, he whispered back “As you wish.” wanting deeply in his heart to be Inoo’s last love but knowing too well he can never be.
The two were outside the bar now, body against body, hands holding hands, lips kissing almost without stop. After what seemed like hours, Takaki held Inoo to his chest and caressed the younger’s hair.

In Takaki’s mind, Inoo is closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. But the truth is… Inoo is looking at someone else now.

The end!

Omg my writing is as ugly as ever~ hurray!! XD /kicked/
Anyway lol ^^” thank you for reading and I’m sorry about the mistakes ;;
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