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Title: Looking at you only.
Pairings: TakaIno, InoAri
Genre: failed angst, failed fluff, failed romance orz
Rating: PG13
Summary: Takaki stops Inoo from changing boyfriends every time. (?!)
A.N.: Sequel of “Looking at someone else.” dedicated to [ profile] heysayuyan and [ profile] ficreader_02

“See you tomorrow!” A bunch of young guys chanted as Daiki waved his hands to say goodbye. He walked into the bar, catching a glimpse of the couple who were embracing each other nearby. “I’m going to drink until morning~” Daiki said with a cheerful voice as he entered the bar and got surprised by the noise. Two guys were bickering inside the bar.

He thought the bar would be empty and quiet at this time of the day but he was wrong. That’s why he decided to back off and return back home. He is not in the mood to be surrounded by unnecessary noise. Just when he turned around to leave, he bumped into someone taller than him.

“I’m sorry… ah, Inoo-chan?” Daiki looked up and saw Inoo’s pretty face smiling down at him. “Sorry isn’t enough. Treat me to something.” Inoo grinned and hugged Daiki. Daiki pushed Inoo away playfully and walked away. “Wait, when will be your treat?” Inoo asked, persistent on having sometime with Daiki. “Now?” Inoo asked further, giving no attention to Takaki who was standing right by his side with pained expression.

Daiki turned around and gave a look towards Takaki. “Aren’t you busy right now?” Daiki questioned what was clear. “What are you saying? Of course I’m free~” Inoo exclaimed and stepped forward to catch up with Daiki’s steps. Takaki didn’t like that. He knew Inoo’s boyfriends don’t last long. But for him to last less than hour was way too ridiculous to ignore, thus he grabbed Inoo’s wrist.

Inoo gave him the confused look but Takaki couldn’t form any words. “You are busy after all.” Daiki pointed out disappointedly and walked away, disappearing from their sight. A moment of awkward silent went by the two. Not knowing what to say, Takaki turned Inoo around and pulled him closer to kiss him.

The kiss was fierce and a bit forced, making Inoo clutch into Takaki’s shoulders. Takaki’s arms were around Inoo’s body, not letting him go anywhere. After kissing for few minutes, they finally broke the kiss bht didn’t break the hug. They looked at each other’s eyes, panting heavily and trying to catch their breaths.

“You are the same as everyone else.” Inoo finally said after regaining his breaths. “If you mean by how much they love you… I think you are right.” Takaki assumed. “I’m always right. I know your love to me won’t last long… exactly like Yabu… exactly like Hikaru...” Inoo whispered as he leaned towards Takaki’s lips and gave it a soft kiss.

Takaki didn’t say anything; Inoo on the other hand hugged Takaki and rested his head on Takaki’s shoulder. Takaki hugged him back tightly. “You understand now? Idiot~” Inoo chuckled. “I don’t understand.” Takaki exclaimed.

“Your words don’t make sense to me. How can you know their love won’t last long when you don’t even give them a chance?” Takaki asked. Inoo couldn’t answer because it hit him. He is the worst, playing with people’s hearts and blaming them for not loving him without giving them one single chance.

Inoo tensed between Takaki’s arms but Takaki didn’t let go. “You will give me the chance to love you forever, right?” Takaki whispered with his gentle voice, imprisoning Inoo’s heart. The younger nodded "I'll trust and give you this chance, Takaki."

The end!

Now I feel bad about Yabu, Hika and Dai-chan~ ;A;
Thank you for reading and I’m sorry for the horrible writing~ ^^”
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