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Happy birthday by NEWS is a-should-listen in days like this XD
I’m still waiting for Hey! Say! JUMP birthday song~ XDDD
Kimi no Happy bath day~~ XD *dance*

me being me ?! )^^
You really made my day~ ^3^

Hikaru <3

Dec. 2nd, 2013 11:32 am
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Happy birthday Hikaru :DDDDD
23 years old yeaay! )


Nov. 30th, 2013 03:20 pm
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Congratulation dear Chinen Yuri <3
^-^ )
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Yuto ^^ )                                                                      
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Stay pretty, random, funny and the way you are forever
Anyway even if you changed, I will still love you <3
I wish you all the best in your 23rd birthday :D


May. 9th, 2013 02:23 pm
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FINALLY 20 \:D/ )
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Happy Birthday Dai-chan ^^
<3 )
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Happy Birthday Morimoto Ryutaro!!! <3

18 years since he was born <3 )
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Happy Birthday Keito <3

<3 )
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Happy birthday Takaki Yuya <3

^^... )

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<3 )

Ryuu :)

Apr. 6th, 2012 10:49 pm
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Hi…! So… this is my very first post in 2012~

I wanted to abandon my lj by not posting anything until this year finish…
I thought I can just comment at what I like using this user name…
but simply I gave up I think it’s better to write my own feeling rather keeping it to myself…

My college life is just perfect!
Every week there is two tests or one exam with three projects to do…
yeah busy… I love how busy I became.

My oh-so-called-best-friend isn’t my friend anymore but she still doesn’t know.
I’m still trying to find a true friend but there is no light yet.

My family is not the best family in the world yet not the worse but I love them…
actually I hate them when they throw lectures at me whenever they like but you know…
after all they are my family~ they just want to advise me in a way that I really don’t like.

I’m such an emo girl~ DX

Well I will write my feeling for the youngest of my beloved group

“Hey! Say! JUMP’s Ryutaro Morimoto”

Actually at Yabu Kota’s birthday I re-read my little wishes for him at the birthday master post @hey_say

I remember leaving a little comment, thinking I will stalk others comments
to see what did everyone do for his birthday…
but college works laughed at me and didn’t let me do so.

I did the same at Takaki Yuya’s birthday and the same events went on repeat for Keito’s birthday too.

Then I re-read my little comment at the master post of Ryutaro’s birthday…

I wrote I love you… O_O ??! like wow… it all returned to that day..
I don’t know what was with me but I was just VERY happy like it’s my own birthday…
I was going like ‘omg! He is 16 years old now!! Yeeaaah~~
I can’t believe it~ he was just a little kid when I first saw him!’

My first time seeing him… it was when I watched for the first time ‘seishun amigo’

Okay… I know about Yamapi and Kame and that little boy Yuto
but also there were two little boys dancing and omg that guy looks cool ‘kitayama hiromitsu XD’  
anyway … The two little boys are important now!
Both of them looked so innocent <3
but my eyes kept on one of them!
I tried to look at the other cute little boy but I find myself staring at that one once again.

And someday as I looked at Yuto’s videos~
there was a cute video when he is talking ‘English’ at your seed making!
lol just when I remember it I start smiling widely XD

One guy (Chii) asks Yuto to speak in English,
then Yuto started his talking while in the back there is another guy (keito) bullying another one (Ryuu)~
Ryuu wanted to pass them but Keito was putting his hand at Yuto’s shoulder
making no way for little Ryuu to walk pass them~ XD

I don’t why I remember those things at this time. Anyway..!


It’s my fourth time wishing you happy birthday but it’s the first birthday when you are no longer here...


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