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It's just freaking me out... She used to talk behind my back and because of that I thought she hated me.

But now, she talks with me like I was one of her closest friends.

The problem is I will be in contact with her as long as I keep in touch with my old friends who becomes as hurtful as her sometimes...

The solution is easy but I can't do it: block them all.
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Why there are many people who thinks "only beautiful girls will get married?"

WTH with that statement?!

And then come the "unmarried girls" and says "only the ugly girls gets married"

What is the connection between "marriage and the looks" ?!!!

Looks is not everything!!!

And not because you think she is ugly that means everyone will think the same!!!! Uggghhhhhhh!!!

Okay...sorry... Goodbye.


Aug. 1st, 2014 05:12 am
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Morimoto Ryutaro
I miss him so much...
But I can't bring myself to watch old videos

That is what I have been thinking lately:
first: my classmates I will miss them.
next year is my last year at college I doubt if I can still be close to them.

second: my old friend...
this friend of mine know how much I cherish the word of friendship
I have ignored my family gathering many times just to go out with my group of friends
I think the two of us had a good friendship until we start going to different schools

somehow I still remained me without changing
but she changed and everything she says or does just makes me pissed off...
after ignoring her for few days she sent me an email and asked me
why I'm not talking with her
so I told her straight to the point that I feel she changed
and she said (you are right, I know I changed)
I started to think too much about changing because of that...
but I can not picture myself changing..
I even talked it out with some family members and even some lj friends
and I felt fine and got relaxed after reaching one conclusion that I should be myself..

then I got pissed off at this friend of mine again
she asked me (If you ever got married would you stop talking about HSJ
and stop talking to me?)
stupid question!!!
firstly how come she put HSJ and herself in one sentence?
I told her how I feel about JUMP I said many things
then she stopped me from saying more
she said I just thought you will change so stop your drama
I replied I can not picture myself changing honestly
then she said I will not allow you to change.
Now please tell me is it legit to kill her?

I mean she changed few years ago
And tells me now she will not allow me to change?

"Do not worry about me, You better worry only about yourself
and if I ever change no one will be able to stop me from that"
is what I wanted to say but instead all I could say was...
"look who is talking"
and finally I think I'm free from her.
I wanna make good friends it is really hurts when I see my classmates being more considerate than my own friends...
I see my classmates as my real sisters...
my last year at college is getting near..
I don't want to be separated from them.


Oct. 8th, 2011 01:45 pm
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The track list of the new single is already out
I'm happy they included 'SCHOOL DAYS'
but I'm sad at the same time
because we will be able to hear "GET!!" without Ryutaro's voice

I have to stop thinking about Ryutaro or I will definitely fail this semester
I want to go back in time when I wasn't a fan girl


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