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My Bad and nice events )
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So for takanoo JUMP’s sake…
after some years of deleting my first twitter and face book...
Today I created a face book account and a twitter account again!

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Happy birthday by NEWS is a-should-listen in days like this XD
I’m still waiting for Hey! Say! JUMP birthday song~ XDDD
Kimi no Happy bath day~~ XD *dance*

me being me ?! )^^
You really made my day~ ^3^

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Hello world! XD
I don't post frequently in my journal
and it makes me so nervous to write here after long time >_<"

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April-15-2014 edit:

So the plan above was.... MAJOR FAILLLLL!!!!! D:
Ughh! I was able to post only two chapter of my only and one going fic ;_;
But now when I think about it, it is better than no-posting at all XD *run-away*
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Suddenly a part of me feels guilty, stupid and bad. I feel so horrible for saying goodbye like that for Rien-chan and just let her leave this fandom. Maybe if I forced her to stay in hey say jump fandom, I will not feel these feelings. But I know I’m not the type of person who will force someone to do something they can’t do anymore. I guess everyone knows how to be happy and comfortable in their life that’s why there’s no point in forcing someone to stay in this fandom.
A lot of people get into this fandom then leave, some of them come back like before, some come back too but I think they just watch because they got tired of dealing with some people and some other just remember the days and continue their life normally with a smile.
There were many times I wanted to quite this fandom. The life I’m facing now is just too busy.
Being around family and friends and going to college are things I’m grateful I have.
But I really need time for myself… I want to fangirl, laugh, cry, get angry and just do whatever I want.

There are many things in my head now... And I'm getting off topic...
Anyway I hope the best for my dear friend Rien-chan <3


Jan. 4th, 2013 01:06 am
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Looking back at my past posts made me remember the fun I had here ^^
My English is bad but I think it's better than before XD
I wrote silly things the most and stole memes~ and wrote fanfics~
I don't know how many times I said I will update here regularly *sigh*
after all I did not update and slowly started to not care about this place.

I will try to do my best from now on!!
I will work hard, study hard and will fangirl hard too!
(I saw when Chii kissed Yama-chan's cheeks) *A*

So anyway...
Please be kind to me this year too. m(_ _)m
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Hey! Say! JUMP Thank you very much for everything you did.
Your laughing sounds and smiling faces always brighten my days and nights.
Your songs, musics and voices makes me feel many different feelings every time.
You always works hard and do your best to let your fans smile and have fun.
You do many things that I can't write it all down here...
I just want to say thank you and I love you no matter what my forever lovely idols <3

I always asked myself why don't I know the exact date when I liked you DX
I want to have anniversary where I say to my self congratulation you had known jump for xx years >_<"
Why is my memory so blurry~ all I can remember that I was 16 y/o when I liked them.
It was not love from the first sight sadly.. maybe that's why I don't know... >_<"

If I'm not mistaken the first pv I watched was Hey! Say!
because I got interested in Yuto from nobuta wo produce
I was not a really big fan of music so I just listened and forgot it ^^"
Then after some time I re-watched it because I watched yuya in gokusen.
And I found all the versions of Hey! Say! so I watched them all ^_^
ooh... so nostalgic T_T... I was sitting on a bed inside the attic while watching these pvs~
such a strange place, right? XD
I think UMP was already released and I watched a little bit of it ...
And got confused, (they were five why are there so may of them or are they the same group?) XD

Anyway I did not care about them until I came across mayonaka no shadow boy <3
I kept like some months to know more about them and their songs because of this song!
then the one who used to not like music, love it so much right now XD
after some time I decided to make this lj and met lots of people and read many fics <3

I can't believe how a group of young boys made my life this interesting~ XD
It's sad and a regretful thing that I did not know about you earlier but it's fine I guess

Now that I know you I will not stop loving you and will always support you my dear idols <3
Thank you so much for everything. Please keep doing your best! ^^ Love you too much!!


Aug. 17th, 2012 12:48 am
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So like 10 days ago I became 20 years old!! Happy birthday to me~~ *super ultra late XD*
I feel bad because I forgot about my own birthday... XD It's not like I really forget it...
I just happened to not care that much because it makes me sad remembering how old I became~ :)

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My little worries )

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Just watched Yan Yan JUMP....It was so cool to watch the whole JUMP there together <3
And I got amazed at the fangirls who are screaming with all of their might..
It's not like my first time hearing screaming fangirls...It's just been a long time since I heard it xD
I kept saying [wow] and [sugoi] all the time because of their screaming  and [my poor ears...] ^^"
I wonder If I got the chance to see JUMP in real will I be screaming like this?

ANNND Aiing Aishiteru <3333333 I love this song so much >\\\\<
I kept all the day humming this song xD

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umm it's just nonsense ~~ you don't need to read it!!!
but if you have time why not ? ^^

Thoughts of 18 years-old girl XD )


May. 8th, 2010 06:05 pm
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first you really do not have to read this
but if you want to read i think it is okay  >\\\\<

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