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Title: Electric Shock!
Pairing: TakaNoo
Author: [ profile] lu_mi_na
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Inoo got electric shock and Takaki helps him.

Normally, he would be paired up with Hikaru or Daiki in the hotel room during their concert tours.

But, unusually it is him with Takaki this time.
Only Inoo and Takaki are sharing the same bedroom.

Inoo sees Takaki coming out from the bathroom with only towel around his waist, showing almost all of his body without care to his racing heart. Takaki’s hair was still wet as the droplets run down to his defined chest.

Inoo acted as normal as he could be.
Even though both are males yet Inoo held this indescribable feeling towards Takaki.

He loves him, and he is too contented with sharing a hotel room with the latter but to see such a scene before going to sleep is way too much for him to handle.

"You can use the bath now" Takaki said as he made his way to his bed.

Inoo couldn't help his imagination to run wildly. The way Takaki talked made the blush Inoo was hiding earlier to be clearer on the cheeks. Inoo nodded as Takaki smiled, he walked to the bathroom and finally hide inside there.

He locked the door of the bathroom and leaned against it, feeling his whole face burning.

That smile is too much. Even though his heart is beating so hard and jumping in happiness, he feels too nervous to even smile back.

Inoo sighed then smiled, he can wish for nothing more for today.
After having the same hotel room with Takaki, after seeing Takaki with a wet hair and after Takaki smiled at him.

It is more than enough, getting all of these in one day from the one he loves.
He can take his bath calmly and go to sleep with no problems.

Inoo took a quick shower, thinking this day is too good and thinking only about Takaki.
After stepping out from the shower, he decided to use the hair dryer.

"Eh? It doesn't work..." Inoo looked at the hair dryer in his hand then realized it was not plugged.
He plugged it in, while the switch is on.

The next moment, Inoo couldn't feel anything. All he knows that he fell down on the floor due the shock.


Takaki who was drying his hair with another towel jumped up from his place the moment he heard something falling in the bathroom. It scared him and sent him worried senses to his mind.
He ran quickly to the bathroom door, and knocked loudly.

"Are you okay?!" He asked, but there was no answer.

"Answer me! Open the door!" Takaki's worries grew wider because there was still no answer coming from Inoo.

He didn't have any choice but to break the door. And when he did so, he found Inoo lying down on the floor.
Takaki ran to the younger's side and tried to wake him up by shaking his shoulder but Inoo was still unconscious.

Takaki looked around and saw the plug and the switch. He turned the switch off then returned to see Inoo.
Inoo must have gotten an electric shock and he is not breathing now, Takaki realized it. He must do a CPR right now.
He placed both hands on Inoo's chest and pressed down.

After that he tilted Inoo's head back and lift his chin, he leaned down to cover Inoo's mouth with his and started to blow while closing Inoo's nose. After doing it twice, Takaki could see Inoo starting to breath normally.

"Takaki..." Inoo mumbled while looking at Takaki with slightly opened eyes, probably still feeling dizzy.
Takaki sighed in relief and helped Inoo to sit by holding the younger's shoulders, half hugging him as Inoo’s head leaned on Takaki’s chest.

"Are you alright? Do you feel any pain, numbness or burn?" Takaki asked. Inoo shook his head.
"I'm fine." Inoo said. Takaki wrapped his arms around Inoo and hugged him gently.

"I'm glad..." Takaki whispered then pulled away a little. He ended up looking at Inoo's lips, remembering how soft they were against his own during the CPR. He got closer a little bit to capture Inoo's lips.

The moment their lips touched, Takaki thought it is really soft and it feels perfect against his lips, Takaki closes his eyes while he slides his tongue inside the younger's mouth to taste him.

Inoo closed his eyes and kissed back then opened his mouth to let Takaki's tongue inside, even though he is still in daze. Part of him says he is dreaming but another part assures him it's the reality. Takaki is really kissing him right now.

"I thought I was going to lose you... I was really worried..." Takaki pulled away and said with a low voice.
"I'm here, don't worry." Inoo said. Then leaned closer to Takaki's lips with eyes still closed, wanting to feel their lips on each other again.

"Love you..." Takaki mumbled while kissing Inoo again.
Inoo smiled as his gaze locked at Takaki's eyes after ending their kiss.
Takaki smiled back and stood up while pulling Inoo up as well with care.

"..." Inoo suddenly froze on his place, looking down. Just now, he realized he is fully naked.
Takaki felt awkward as well. He is still wrapping a towel around his waist after all.

"I... I ha-have to we-wear my clo-clothes ... The-then we ca-can go to the do-doctor to see if you are rea-really fi-fine." Takaki stuttered then stepped out from the bathroom as fast as he could. Leaving the broken door of the bathroom slightly opened.

Inoo walked to the slightly opened door and leaned his forehead there, feeling his face burns from the embarrassment.

Takaki saw his naked body! He even hugged him, kissed him and even told him that he love him!
His heart was beating so fast again, he got nervous again but ended up grinning like an idiot since he is way too happy he got to see Takaki stammering in his words.

He is not going to wait for Takaki's affections and feel contented anymore, because he is going to start showing his own affections as well.


The end!

Thank you for reading ^3^
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