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Title: Fading bliss
Pairing: TakaIno
Author: [ profile] lu_mi_na
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Failed romance, Failed fluff, failed angst at the end?
Summary: Inoo was having a great life with Takaki. He just wish to take care of kids with Takaki to make his blissfulness complete.
Warning: Bad ending!!… ;_; ‘Everything’ is terrible here.

Inoo was walking in the middle of the school’s yard when he heard girly voices calling him.
“Kei-sensei!! Kei sensei!” the female students made a circle around the young teacher and laughed happily.
Inoo smiled calmly while saying “You should be enjoying the festival rather than bothering me~ What do you want now?”

The girls giggled because most of them already know Inoo-sensei for more than two years, he is the handsome teacher who jokes around his students and supports them whenever they are in need for help.

“My little brother wants to see you because I talked about you at home” one of the girls came up with an excuse to get closer towards Inoo while holding her five years old brother in her arms.

“Hello! I’m Inoo-sensei~” Inoo said as he pinched the cheek of the little boy. The little boy hugged his sister and cried.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Inoo panicked.

The little boy’s crying voice was really loud, attracting the eyes of other students and family members who walked by.
Suddenly another teacher walked closer and stopped exactly beside Inoo, making the girls giggles again in excitement.

“What happened here?” Takaki asked, looking at the crying boy then to the girl holding him.
“A-Anoo…” the girl found it hard to answer since Takaki is also another handsome teacher, but he was a little too cool therefore talking normally with him is a little bit difficult.

“I made him cry…” Inoo answered instead of the girl.
“I see.” Takaki said simply and slowly all the girls who surrounded them distributed and went to different directions.

“I’m going too!!” the girl who held her little brother, finally found her voice back and ran away while blushing.
A moment of silent went by before Takaki started talking again.

“So~ you scared that kid?” The slightly taller guy said, mocking Inoo.
Inoo clung on Takaki as his hands grabbed Takaki’s right arm.
“And you scared the students!” Inoo exclaimed.

“They were just too shy to stand near me~” Takaki said, matter of fact.
By this time, Inoo’s both arms were grabbing Takaki’s right arm tightly as his face was too close enough to kiss Takaki’s right cheek.

“You are too close!” Takaki hissed and pushed Inoo away gently.
Inoo laughed as he saw Takaki’s nervous face.

They are already dating for three years but Takaki is still nervous whenever Inoo is close to him.
It made Inoo glad, thinking how cute Takaki is when he is feeling nervous. After all, many people say it is normal to feel nervous around the person you like.

He is having a great time with Takaki, but sometimes he can’t help but to wish deep down in his heart to have his own kid. But it was impossible because he didn't fall in love with a woman who can bear his children. Instead he fell in love with another 'man' making his simple wish out of the reach.

Still, it wasn't like he feels the needs to have children at this age. He can have an adopted kid anytime he wants in the future. It’s not the right time to think about this, he still have this job, just not now, not yet.

Inoo was cleaning his hands after he finished cleaning the plates in the kitchen.
He felt his lover coming from behind and hugging him by wrapping his arms around the waist.
“Stop being clingy." Inoo hissed, imitating Takaki's tone this morning at the school when it's the other way around.

Actually it's always the other way around since Inoo is the clingy type. Takaki would hiss and say how they should not act too familiar and clingy in a public places especially the school where the two work together as teachers.

Inoo is a music teacher and Takaki is a sport teacher. Their subjects are similar somehow because it doesn't have specific lessons with deep meanings or complicated questions. Their subjects are considered an activity material just like arts.

And because of that, they’ll hang together in the school most of the time.
They are known in the school to be good friends but no one knows about their real relationship.

“Good morning~” Inoo left a peck on Takaki’s lips as soon as he woke up from his sleep. He was feeling energetic since it’s the weekend.
“Morning…” Takaki mumbled with slightly opened eyes and a smile.

“It’s the weekend!” Inoo said, smiling widely while sitting on the bed.
“I have some plans today, what about you?” Takaki asked, grinning and sitting as well.
“I have the same plans as you.” Inoo answered and closed his eyes as Takaki leaned closer to kiss him.

They ended up lying down on the bed again and kept on kissing each other with overflowing affections.
Takaki who pushed his tongue inside Inoo’s mouth started to caress the younger’s body with his hands.

He almost gave up to his desires when his hands touched the buttons of Inoo’s T-shirt but Inoo stopped him before he can unbutton them.
“I changed into this for our date. You should get up and change too.” Inoo said, because he knows what is going to happen once Takaki unbutton his T-shirt.

That’s right; today’s plan is going out in a date. Inoo didn’t hate to stay in the bed together with Takaki but he just missed going out in outdoor date, they didn’t go anywhere the past two months because Takaki had a lot of reunions and meetings with his friends.
Takaki nodded and got up to change his clothes with the help of his lover.

“What? You are not nervous anymore?” Inoo asked after done fixing Takaki’s tie.
“What?” Takaki didn’t understand what Inoo said.
“I mean…” before Inoo can explain, Takaki’s phone started ringing.

“Hey!” Takaki answered with a smile while giving his back for Inoo.
Inoo didn’t react at all, and went out of the room to the living room.
“I’ll wait until he is done with his call.” Inoo mumbled and opened the T.V. trying to throw his anxiety away.

He actually hated when this happen, he wants to get angry and tells Takaki to give all the attention for him and ignore everyone else, at least for this day only before he returns to hang around his friends and leave him alone again like the past two months.

He sighed and closed the T.V. because of not finding something good enough in the T.V. to distract him. Takaki appeared and said “Let’s go!”

They didn’t do something special in the date. They just walked around and ended up in a normal restaurant to have lunch.
“It’s boring. Let’s head back home.” Inoo said, after taking a sip from his cocktail juice.

“Why are you in this foul mode now?” Takaki asked finally, he had this question in his mind because he knows Inoo was definitely upset and angry about something he doesn’t know from the moment they went out from the house.

“Hmph!” Inoo folded his arms and looked to his side just to avoid looking at Takaki’s eyes.
Takaki sighed “Fine, let’s go.” He stood up and walked to the counter to pay.
Inoo was slowly tailing behind him with almost no single sound.

When they reached home, Takaki took a hold of Inoo’s wrist.
Instead of going inside the house, he dragged Inoo to the car.
“If you are bored, I’ll take you to somewhere else.”

They were already inside the car, Takaki leaned his face closer to Inoo and nuzzled briefly in the younger’s neck before starting the car engine and driving to somewhere.

Inoo felt his anxious fading away, and said “Sorry… I got upset because you gave me your back while talking with your friend this morning…” It was really stupid for him to be like this and ruin their date but he can’t help it, he is the clingy type after all and doesn’t like seeing his lover taking the eyes off him even for a second.

Takaki nodded while concentrating on the road ahead of him “I’m sorry too… for making you to feel that way.” He looked Inoo and they shared a smile.
“Thanks for not getting angry at my stupid reason… and sorry for ruining our date.” Inoo said, looking out of the window as Takaki’s eyes returned to focus on the road.

“Don’t worry, our date didn’t end yet.” Takaki said as he turned on the music.
Finally the lovers reconciled and are going to enjoy their date.
They went to different shops and stores until the day turned into night.
Before returning back home, Takaki stopped in a very strange place.

Inoo looked at the building infront of them.
“An orphanage…” Inoo whispered.
“You want to adopt a kid, right?” Takaki said. Of course, he knows how much Inoo wants to look after a kid and see him grow up day by day.

Inoo jumped on Takaki to give him a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around Takaki’s neck and buried his face in Takaki’s neck.
“It’s the time to let our family grow by one.” Takaki said as he wrapped one arm around Inoo’s waist while his other hand caressed Inoo’s silky hair.

“Thank you!! I really really really love you!”
“Love you more.”
And with that, their faces got closer and their lips connected in a sweet but short kiss before going inside to look at the children.

In their way back home, Inoo yawned tiredly since they went to many places. Beside it’s just too relaxing and alluring Inoo for sleep because of the cold temperature inside the car and the dusky view outside.

“You couldn’t choose a kid to be your kid in the end… so maybe another time.”
Takaki started a conversation.
“That’s true… it’s just… I felt bad… about the others… if I only choose one kid…” Inoo mumbled slowly.

“Just sleep.” Takaki chuckled, noticing how his lover is fighting against falling asleep.
“I’m fine. We’ll reach home soon anyway…” Inoo said.
Suddenly a bright light made the two closes their eyes.

“What-?!” Takaki exclaimed. He squint his eyes to look at the truck which is going to crash into them in no time. They ended up in a very grave accident.

After ten years…

Inoo was sitting in his place inside the teacher’s office when two male students came running to him.
“Inoo-sensei!! Join our class’s trip!” the two students pleaded him.

“But I told you… the date of your class’s trip is a little…” Inoo tilted his head, overthinking of a way to decline the invitation.
“I have an idea! I will play with you today in the festival today instead of going to the trip!!” Inoo said, making the two boys groan in defeat.

“It can’t be helped then!” one of the boys said as playfully hit Inoo’s table.
“Be careful!” the second boy warned as he noticed a photo frame falling, he held the photo frame and replaced back in place.

“Thank you.” Inoo looked at the person in the picture before standing up.
“Who is he? Your son?” the first boy asked.
“Stupid! Don’t you see the orphanage behind? Inoo-sensei isn’t married yet and the guy looks in his twenties. He must be his adopted son!” the second boy concluded.

Inoo laughed as the art teacher joined them and whacked the two students.
“He is a close friend to Inoo-sensei! He used to teach in this school before.” The art teacher cleared the things up.

“Thanks for clearing things! Hikaru.” Inoo said while smiling.
“Welcome!” Hikaru grinned as his phone started ringing.
“It must be Dai-chan~ I will take him around our school! See Ya!” Hikaru waved before leaving the teacher’s room.

The three waved goodbye for him as well.
“Right~ Right! When are you going to get married? Inoo-sensei?” Again, more questions.
“After five years you’ll be forty years old! You should hurry up!”
“I think you’ll still be cool though.”

“Shut up!! You are so noisy!” Inoo said as he dragged the two to play around in the school’s festival.
“Ah! I forgot my cellphone! Just wait~” Inoo said, laughing at how he is still acting like a young teacher. No, right now he just sounded more like a high school student rather than a young teacher.

He returned to his table and picked up his cellphone. He gave a quick look at Takaki’s picture before heading back to the two students.

Ten years ago, after the accident. He didn’t hear anything about his lover. He doesn’t even know if he is dead or alive. Takaki just disappeared and no one helped him to know where Takaki went to. Although there is a very big possibility that he died and nobody wanted to inform him such cruel news.

Right now Inoo doesn't have a child since there is no point of having one and raising him alone. He doesn't even have a lover, he doesn’t have Takaki who made all the happiness in his life. Takaki alone is his bliss, he knows that well.

Certainly he’ll meet Takaki again because he is holding strongly on his faith that Takaki is still alive somewhere and we’ll return to him one day.

The end.

If you read it to the end...
I'm really sorry and thank you ^^"
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