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Title: Fading bliss (Sequel)
Pairing: TakaIno
Author: [ profile] lu_mi_na
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Failed romance, failed angst, failed fluff at the end! XD *shots*
Summary: Inoo was having a great life with Takaki. He just wish to take care of kids with Takaki to make his blissfulness complete.

Ten years ago… Yabu was drunk and driving the company’s truck, after having a serious fight with one of his co-workers.
“Who the heck does he think he is? It was my opportunity for working overseas!” Yabu said angrily, not minding the dark road in front of him.

Suddenly, he just found the truck he is driving getting into a crash with a small car. The truck wasn’t badly affected comparing to the small car which looked crumpled. Yabu panicked as the alcohol affect lessen because of the scene.

He knows he have to do something quickly and save the people inside the little car. He went to the small car, trying to help whoever was there and found a brunette guy protecting another one.

Most of the injuries were on the brunette's body because he probably made a shield for the pretty guy. The pretty guy wasn't that injured but he was unconscious as well.

Yabu didn’t waste any time and pulled them out of the car, the next step he did was calling the emergency and the police.

In the hospital, it seems that Takaki got diagnosed by a tumor in his head which wasn’t noticed before.

“What do you mean?” Yabu bit his lips. He is the one responsible of this accident but didn’t get suspected for what happened at all. The police said the reason of the crash was because of other factors.

That's why he wants to help the two guys at least as an expression of his regrets even though he has nothing to do with Takaki’s illness.
“I mean it is in the last stages…” The doctor explained about Takaki’s condition as Yabu listened carefully.

The doctor explained further that Takaki needs to be transferred to another hospital to get the better treatment for tumors while Inoo can stay here since his overall condition is very good comparing to Takaki.

Yabu was the one sending Takaki to a brain tumor center.
Meanwhile back to the hospital, Inoo woke up at last, feeling panicked and worried.

“W-where? Where?" He asked the nurses who were there about Takaki. He wants to ask ‘where is he?’ ‘Where is my boyfriend?’ He asked his doctor too. But no one understands what he was exactly asking about since the only word came out from him was “Where?”

He got out of the hospital not long after that, not knowing anything while his mind was upside down. Even so he returned back home while thinking Takaki is there. He went for teaching in the school after just two days break while thinking he might find Takaki in the school but still he was not there.

Feeling the loneliness killing him as the days kept on going forward, not knowing that his lover was fighting the tumor alone as well.


In the present:

In the school’s festival, Yabu was hanging out with his little cousin Chinen when they met up with Inoo sensei and two of Chinen’s classmates, Keito and Yuto who were eating together and laughing and simply enjoying the festival with their teacher.

Even though ten years passed of the accident, Yabu identified Inoo right away but didn't say anything until...

“Hey! We were searching for you!” Another two classmates appeared.
“Yamada! Ryutaro! Why were you searching for us?” Yuto asked.
Yamada and Ryutaro invited their friends to go to the haunted house, leaving the two adults behind.

“It must be Hikaru.” Inoo said as he received a message.
“Is he doing okay?” Yabu asked as he glanced at the brunette’s picture in Inoo’s cellphone.

“Who?” Inoo asked, Yabu pointed towards the picture in Inoo's phone.
Inoo gazed at the picture then looked back at Yabu.
“You know him?” Inoo asked, feeling excited. Maybe Yabu knows where Takaki is.

Yabu explained to Inoo what happened ten years ago. He just left Takaki at the brain tumor center and went back home just to get promotion for work overseas and he returned just some days ago.

Inoo who just realized what has really happened, found it so hard and difficult to breath and didn’t utter a word. It’s have been ten years already but Takaki didn’t return.

"Are you free after school?" Yabu asked, he concluded that Inoo didn’t have any connection with Takaki from years ago.

Yabu took Inoo after school to the tumor’s center in hope to see or at least learn something about what is Takaki doing.

“Is there a patient with the name of Takaki Yuya here?” Yabu was the one asking while Inoo nervously stood behind.

“Yes, do you want to see him by any chance?” an old lady which was sitting in the reception said while looking at Takaki’s profile in the computer.
“If it’s possible!” Yabu said as he felt Inoo grabbing his shirt from behind.

The tone which was used by the reception’s old lady wasn’t calming them at all. “It’s possible~ this is just the first time someone came to visit Takaki.” She laughed and called a young lady to show them the way to Takaki’s room.

It seems she is new at the center, she is talkative but it helped Inoo to know more about how Takaki’s being.

He sighed in relive when the young lady said that Takaki is doing well these days comparing when he was first admitted to the center.

But then, she said that he got angry easily making Inoo’s nervousness to come back. Sure Takaki was the type of person who gets angry easily but he never got angry at Inoo at all.

“This is the room.” The young lady said, leaving Yabu and Inoo standing in front of Takaki’s room. “Go.” With a push from Yabu, Inoo stepped forward inside the room.

Inoo went inside the single room of his boyfriend, Takaki turned his face to look and their eyes met.
Takaki looked astonished for a moment before he showed an angry expression.

“Why did you come?”
Of course he identified Inoo right away but still he acted and asked coldly.

“Yuya… I…” Inoo felt overwhelmed to see Takaki at last and walked closer, wanting to touch Takaki and confirm he is right here. But he couldn’t continue because Takaki cut his words.

"You what? You left me!!" Takaki said angry "Why did you come now after all these years? Go away!" He pushed Inoo away who just tried to reach his hands.

"Yuya... I... Didn't leave you...” Inoo said and stopped. ‘I thought you are the one who left me.’ That’s what Inoo thought.

That’s right, Inoo thought because of his constant behavior of clinging on Takaki. He thought he was troublesome and Takaki got tired and left him.
Inoo walked closer again and said “I didn’t know…” trying to explain.

Yabu entered the room when he heard the shouts.
When Takaki saw Yabu, he fell silent.

"Yuya... Listen to me..." Inoo said, finally making it to Takaki’s side.
He tried to hug him this time even though Takaki pushed him just some moments ago.

And this time, Inoo got a harder push, making him to fall down to the floor and his cellphone to roll outside the pocket.

Takaki was the one to pick the phone up, chuckling suddenly.
"What? You came to tell me you are already with another one? Did you move on at last?" He didn't say it clearly but Yabu knows Takaki was meaning him.

"You are mistaken!" Yabu defended quickly.
Takaki did not care and was going to break the phone by throwing it but stopped when the telephone started ringing as message popped up, the ring stopped and Takaki was able to see the background picture which appeared when the phone rang.

It was an old picture of them together.
"Stupid, I did not move on... I still love you... I was hurt the same as you…" Inoo walked closer and Takaki embraced him right away and cried.

"Sorry... Sorry..."
Inoo cried too and hugged back while Yabu smiled happily.

The exchanged warmth that the two were yearning for many years can be felt now, and it calmed them to find and return to each other’s side.

They parted a bit and looked at Yabu.
“Thank you for helping.” Inoo said while Takaki apologized for suspecting him earlier.

“It’s okay… I’ll take my leave now.” Yabu grinned and left the lovers together still in the relaxing embrace of each other.

Hearing the sound of the door’s room getting closed, their lips got in touch making them to share a deep kiss since they missed each other so much that no words can describe the joyous feeling of reuniting again after many years. So rather than words of missing each other, a kiss will do all the talking.

The two parted away a little to gaze at each other tenderly, and then they landing their lips into each other again sweetly.
Takaki nipped on Inoo’s lower lip and didn’t forget to do the same with the upper lips.

Inoo opened his mouth, welcoming Takaki’s tongue to play with his tongue.
The younger’s hands were tightly around Takaki’s neck as the latter’s arms surrounded his slender figure. Hugging each other strongly and not letting go.

Takaki started to pull on Inoo’s tongue with his own, making Inoo moan.
And the kiss which started slow just got fierce bit by bit as they didn’t plan to end it any time soon. Not until they make up for all the time lost when they weren’t together.

The two hearts started to race again in happiness. Even though ten long years passed on and each one didn't know what happened to the other they just continued to love each other.

They realized when someone finds someone else who share the same feeling; it can be more than bliss.

The end!

This is my apology fic for [ profile] meriel_roncal, [ profile] tasuku_kyota and [ profile] ficreader_02
This time it's a happy ending for TakaInoo~ ;w;
I hope you like it!
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