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Title: Sandy Castel
Pairing: TakaNoo
Author: [ profile] lu_mi_na
Genre: Fluff?
Summary: Takaki and Inoo build a castle of sands.

It happened when Kei became 8 years old.
He was able to see a place which doesn't look like any other normal places.

It happened when he went to play at the park in his neighborhood where all the kids usually went to play during the afternoon.

And there he found a kid just like him playing with the sands. Kei went near him and joined him to help him build a castle of sands.

Without words, the two continued building it. And when they finished it, they looked at each other and laughed.

"It's done! Thank you!" The kid said to Kei.
"You are welcome!" Kei said happily.

“I’m Kei by the way! What’s your name?” Kei asked.
“Yuya!” The kid named Yuya said and smiled.

“Why were you playing alone?” Kei asked another question.
“It’s just that… I’m worried and thinking about many things…”

And then all of a sudden, they felt the world around turning dusty as the sands started whirling around them.

Kei closed his eyes to prevent the sands to get into his eyes as Yuya did the same while exclaiming "Mama!!! Help me!" And he cried.

The next moment, Kei opened his eyes in a darkish place with the sand as a ground. Oddly enough his clothes weren't dirty as he thought it will be due the stormy sands earlier.

Kei felt too scared that he was not able to hear anything rather than not being able to see anything.

But then he heard someone’s cry, he looked towards the voice. Knowing there is someone like him here. And when he looked closely enough he was able to see Yuya again.

He was sitting in the corner, hugging his knees and crying.
It was a heart breaking scene to see Yuya crying alone in such a dark place like this, it felt so hard and so sad for Kei.

Kei walked to Yuya and stood right in front of him. Even though Kei is so scared and want to cry he couldn't. He felt the need to be strong for Yuya.

Kei patted Yuya’s shoulder to urge him to look up at him. And when Yuya did, Kei automatically smiled.
"Let's search for an exit and go back home." Kei said and Yuya nodded while wiping his tears with his own tiny hands.

Yuya stood up and by reflex Kei held his hand to walk together side by side.
It was a strange place, they couldn't see anything clearly but somehow there was a light shining upon the two wherever their legs took them so they walked forwards hand in hand.

But as frustrating as it might sounds, they weren't able to find a single thing. It felt like they were walking around in repetitive circles.

"We won't find any exit!" Yuya who was holding Kei’s hand, said as he almost felt like giving up. Kei tighten the hold in Yuya’s hand and looked at him.

"Don't give up! I'm sure we will find it!" Kei smiled, hoping to encourage Yuya. Kei don't know how many times he said that. Kei don't know how many times he tightens his hold on Yuya’s hand.

He just kept on giving hope for Yuya to not give up because Yuya kept on saying they won’t find a way out from this place.
Finally, Kei found another light.

It's the exit!! The two boys started running towards that light.
"We are here!!!" Kei exclaimed as they were still connecting their hands together and went out.

The light was too blinding for their eyes after staying too much in the darkness, making Kei and Yuya to close their eyes.
And the next moment, Kei woke up to Yuya’s sleeping face with their little hands connected still.

Yuya opened his eyes as well and looked back at Kei.
The two blushed shades of red as they let go of each other’s hands and sat down while looking around the place.

They were still in the sand box in the park and the castle they built is still there. But it seems some hours passed by because the sun is going to set soon.


The two boys heard their mothers calling for them.
“Mama! I’m here!” Yuya stood up and waved, making the two mothers to notice them.

Kei saw his mother running to him with worried eyes which turned afterwards to angry eyes. On the other hand, Yuya’s mother was very worried and hugged her son.

"Why are you still playing here?" Kei’s mother scolded him and pulled his ear as a punishment while dragging her little son back home.

She bowed as apology for Yuya’s mother before leaving. Yuya’s mother let go of her son and then nodded at Kei’s mother.

"Ah! Kei-kun! Thank you!!" Kei saw Yuya waving his two hands.
"Yuya! Let's play again!!" Kei exclaimed and waved back as his mom stopped pulling his ear and smiled.


After 17 years, Kei became 25 years old but still that childish words ‘Let’s play again’ wasn't fulfilled. He occasionally comes to the same park even though it was nearly impossible to meet Yuya again.
And even if he meets him again, will he be able to know him?

He sighed and remembered something happened today at his work. He received a confession from his boss. Kei never thought the boss looked at him that way.

Even though the boss always hanged around him, Kei was not able to sense any special feelings. He’s shocked at how insensitive he became.

"Huhhhh~" Kei sighed loudly this time. Taking a seat on the only bench in the park as the kids were busy playing and running around.
And before he knows it, there was another person taking a place beside him on the bench.

Kei looked at him and got shocked and really surprised.
"Yuya…?" Kei said. He doesn’t know how his lips moved to form that name in front of a stranger. But somehow he thinks this person is Yuya.

That stranger looks very handsome and cool. Kei wondered why does he thought of him to be the same as the little crying kid of his past.
But the stranger looked at him and smiled.

"Right it’s me! Kei!"


They tried to sit in the sand box, it became small for them now but they are managing somehow to play with the sands just in order to remember the past again.

"Let's build a sand castle!" Yuya said.
"You still love building sand castles, huh?" Kei said, talking with him like he knows him for a very long time and have always been together, even though they just met once.

Their fingers touched many times during building the castle, making the two faces to blush without looking at each other but still acting neutral about it and when they finished, Kei realized why he rejected that confession. It was because of a silly reason.

The boss, who confessed to Kei, knows about Kei’s extraordinary experience with Yuya, and he made fun of it. Saying to Kei he just had a dream that time.

Still, Kei do believe what happened was a real thing. Or at least if he really dreamt that dream, he’s sure Yuya had the same dream as well.
Kei looked at Yuya and he was smiling that same smile, they once again shared the same childish smiles and it made both feel contented.

"It's just like when we were kids!" Yuya said.
"That's right! But the castle looks like it was made by adults not by kids as before!" Kei laughed and Yuya chuckled.

After a moment of quietness Kei said softly "Hey..."
"Hmm?" Yuya looked at Kei with full attention.
Kei want to make sure that Yuya remembered that dark place and what did he think about it.

But now he’s very afraid that Yuya only remembers the sand castle and forgot about that dark place or even worse not knowing anything about it. Kei will feel down while the thought of the big possibility that Yuya doesn’t even know about that dark place, Kei don’t want to discover it’s just a dream.

Because what happened in the past was Kei’s first and last time to act tough for someone’s sake. While in reality, he is the one who needs support more than anyone else.

And more than anything else, he really became attached to Yuya, and just kept waiting to see him. He thinks his heart will break and his attachment will be gone if Yuya said he forgot.

He looked at Yuya, he really did change too much.
He had a black hair back then but now he has a brown hair that suited him so well.

He was very skinny but now his body looks so well-defined.
He was a just like scared cat back then while calling his mother by ‘Mama’ but now he became so good looking and attractive.

“Are you troubled? You were sighing too much at the bench.” Yuya said.
“Actually… I’m worried…” Kei started talking but suddenly, stormy sands surrounded the two and they got engulfed there between the sands.

The two closed their eyes tightly; it was the same feelings as before.
When Kei opened his eyes, he found himself again at that same darkish place with the sand as a ground.

He’s not ready for this yet, he must be strong but he can’t.
He feels too weak without a reason and feels like he can’t move his legs.
Without Kei’s permission, his body curled into a ball in the corner, fighting tears.

"What should I do?" Kei mumbled.
He felt a soft tap on his shoulders; it made him to look up at that gentle smile.

Without saying anything cool like Kei in the past, Yuya simply kneeled with one leg and held both of Kei’s shoulders to help him stand up.
"There's an exit, right?" And with just that phrase, Kei felt his worries fly off to somewhere far.

Of course, there's an exit for every worry and every trouble. Even in this scary place, they can find an exit.
Kei nodded and just like it was in the past, their hands connected firmly while walking around searching for that blinding light.

For some reason, it went longer than Kei expected so he got impatient.
"We can’t get out! We can't find the exit!" Kei exclaimed and his eyes started to tear up. He doesn’t want to stay here any longer! He really wants to return to the real world soon!

"I'm sure we are almost there." Yuya said to Kei but Kei can’t believe in him. "Let go of me! You are too stupid that's why we can't!" Kei let go of Yuya’s hand and started running in the opposite direction.

"H-hey!! Kei!! Wait!!" Kei heard Yuya but didn't wait for him and just kept running until reaching a dead end.
Yuya was already behind Kei and reached his arms to wrap around Kei’s neck and hugged him from behind. Kei felt Yuya’s forehead resting on the back of his head.

Blushing, Kei couldn’t move because of Yuya’s heat. Even though they are lost and Kei lost his composure, Yuya is still too kind and too nice towards him.

Kei felt Yuya loosen his arms so he turned to look at Yuya face to face.
Yuya leaned in to kiss Kei's lips in a short but sweet kiss.

“It’s strange to say this… but I think I love you.” Yuya whispered, his face burning from shyness. Kei was a bit surprised and halted.

Yuya pecked on Kei’s lips to make the latter react a bit.
“It’s better to say it in the light.” Kei's reacted by blushing as well while joking around to hide his shyness.

“In the darkness or in the light, I will always love you.” Yuya said, capturing Kei’s lips into a hot kiss with his hands holding Kei’s cheeks.

Kei felt his legs grow weaker so he leaned on Yuya’s body as his hands held on Yuya’s shoulders.
The two closed their eyes, feeling the kiss getting hotter.

Finally they parted as their lungs were shouting in needs of breaths.
They looked around; it seems they returned back to the same place.
It was the same park, in front of the castle of the sands.

They looked at each other and smiled.
"It's the second time for us to go through that place~" Yuya said.
"I think whenever one of us is feeling worried, we'll find ourselves in that place?" Kei tried to think how and why they ended in the same dark place after that.

"That's being said, I remember being worried before transferring to another town." Yuya looked up as he remembered when his mother left him to play in the park to go and search for an express train that day.

"Did you feel worried about something today?" Yuya looked back to Kei.
"Yeah..." Kei blushed.

"About what?" Yuya became interested to know.
"Just a silly worry." Kei answered as he smiled and decided to head back home. Feeling happy his childish words became real today and he finally played with Yuya again even though they are adults now.

"Wait~" Yuya formed a smile while following Kei.

The end!

What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed reading it~ ^^
Sorry about the mistakes! & Thank you!! XD

Date: 2015-07-25 03:42 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i was nosebleeding at the part you mentioned yuya turned into very handsome n cool person with brown hair asdfghjkl I KNOW RIGHT HIS TRANSFORMATION IS JUST!!!! uhuhuhu biaasss TwT (kei you are such a lucky brat, but kei is also pretty so its okay)

and omg, in the past inoo was the strong one and now yuya protected him, i cant totally imagine yuya with his gentle smile to kei and ofc THE KISSES!!!!!! omg the kisses and the part yuya rested his foreheadon kei's back head *insert breathless tachan here*

i surrender lumichan this is too much for my heart TwT

Date: 2015-07-25 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I totally adore the way he smiles ;w; <3
He was protected by Inoo in the past but now he is the one to protect Inoo ^^

And the hugggg~~ I'm seriously yearning for another takaIno hug ;_;

Date: 2015-07-25 09:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
TakaIno chibis are so cuteeeeee! They switched role when they grew up with Yuya as the strong one.

I love this!

Date: 2015-07-25 10:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Righttttt~ *w* they are so adorable <333

Yup! And Inoo became so delicate and fragile~ it can't be helped that's why Takaki will always protect him *^* <333

Thank you~ Keiyuki-chan!! I'm so glad you love it ^^ <3
Edited Date: 2015-07-25 10:30 am (UTC)

Date: 2015-07-28 08:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
UWAAAAAA so lovely! ;;______;;
I really love it

Date: 2015-07-28 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Waaaahhh~ I'm so glad~ thank youuuuu ^^ <3


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