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Title: Bookstore’s boy
Pairing: TakaIno
Author: Me~ >D
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, romance
Summary: Takaki Yuuya always made fun of love and teased every couple he sees until his eyes landed on the bookstore’s boy and finally karma attacked him as he got teased too.

Takaki was sitting comfortably in the living room of his house, holding the remote control and flipping through the channels in the television while searching for a good drama or an interesting program to watch.

Suddenly, he stopped at a specific channel and looked at the scene very seriously.
It seems like an intimate scene will occur soon, looking at how tight the guy hugged the girl in his arms inside the big screen.
And as Takaki expected, they shared a kiss. And after the kiss, they exchanged some cheesy words of love. Takaki laughed out with all of his might.

It is something he does whenever he sees a couple, be it in the television or in real life. He would simply make fun of love and the couples who are in love.
No one blamed him though since everyone thought he didn’t experience the feelings of love yet.

One of his friends felt too embarrassed when Takaki found out that he is dating someone. And Takaki’s reaction didn’t help the friend to feel at ease at all since Takaki laughed at him without saying a word. The friend felt that Takaki was actually snickering at him.

“Why are you laughing…?! You are going to fall in love sooner or later! I’m not the only one who is dating someone!!” Takaki’s friend was really irritated with the way Takaki laughed at him.“But~ look at yourself! You changed too much after falling in love~!” Takaki defended his self.

“They say that love change people, but to see it with my own eyes is just amazing~” Takaki continued talking while his friend became speechless and nervous.
“Y-you are going to change when you fall in love too! You’ll see!” his friend exclaimed and walked away while pulling his lover too. “I will not change~ even if I fall in love~” Takaki chanted playfully as he waved for his friend’s back.

Takaki chuckled as he remembered what happened and his friend’s priceless expression. He closed the television and stretched his arms a bit.
Takaki’s sister took a peek on the living room to see her brother stretching.
“Why were you laughing?” she asked, it seems he laughed louder than expected.

“I saw something funny.” Takaki grinned.
“I see… ummm, will you do me a favor? Can you buy me a book about plants? Please?” she said, her voice started to sound so pleading.

“Okay!” Takaki grinned again at his sister and gave her a thump up.
Well, he always refuses her requests but today he feels like doing something for his sister. Takaki’s sister showed a shocked expression but then smiled and thanked him.

His sister just starting caring about plants in the back yard of their house, and at the same time the midterm exams is coming soon, that’s why she can’t go out yet or more like their parents wouldn’t allow her.

“Good afternoon.” Takaki said as he stepped inside a small bookstore near their house.
“Good afternoon! How can I help you?” a pretty faired-skin guy welcomed him with a wide smile. Even Takaki can’t deny the fact how this guy looks way prettier than anyone else.

Maybe that’s why he felt strange bubbly feelings inside his heart when he saw the pretty guy’s smile welcoming him.
“Umm… I wonder if you have this book here.” Takaki tried to act naturally as he gave the pretty guy a small paper with the name of the book written on it.

“Ah, I see! I’m quite sure we have this plants book here.” The pretty guy said and smiled at Takaki again. Takaki smiled back a bit nervously then glanced at the nameplate and read it out loud. “Inoo Kei?”

“Sorry for being rude but did I see you somewhere before?” Takaki asked carefully. If he is not mistaken, he is sure that he knows someone by that name.

“Takaki Yuuya. Surely, you are so forgetful person.” Inoo said with a laugh.
“How did you know my name?” Takaki was more concerned about how Inoo knows about his name rather than the fact he was being told he is a forgetful person. He was really shocked, how come this person knows his name. But this alone makes it more reasonable why he thinks he met Inoo before.

“We were in the same club during high school.” Inoo said and continued “It’s only 5 years ago but you already forgotten about it.” Takaki nodded as Inoo added.
“Both of us would mostly run away from the club activity together though! We would hang outside the school during the breaks and we would skip some classes to go to the cinemas and watch movies. We were such a handful high school boys!” Inoo said happily.

Takaki folded his arms and looked down for a moment, trying to return these fuzzy memories back into his mind. “Now you have mentioned about it… I guess I remember it vaguely.”
He can see these unclear memories at the very back of his mind. The two of them surely did all of these together and they were having so much fun.

Inoo smiled “Anyway I’m happy that I saw you again after all these years.”
Inoo walked to the plants and flowers books section and looked around for a bit before finding that specific plants book. Takaki followed after him and kept staring at Inoo silently. “Here.” Inoo took the specific book from between the other books then handed it to Takaki. “Thank you.” Takaki took the book then said goodbye for Inoo.

The next day:

“Yuuya, where are you now?” It was Takaki’s father, talking with his son through the cell phone. “I’m just taking a walk around the area, do you need something?” Takaki answered.

“If you have time, go to the bookstore and buy me the new edition of the sport book.”
“The new edition…? Ah… I understand, okay then!” Takaki said and closed his cell phone then walked to the same bookstore. In his way, he wondered if he’ll see Inoo there again.
“Hello.” He said as he realized the same person he wants to see is still there.

“Takaki! Hello!! I didn’t expect to see you again this soon.” Inoo ran quickly to where Takaki was standing, he seemed very happy to see Takaki once again. Suddenly he looked away and sneezed then looked back at Takaki “Sorry” he said with a smile.

“Ah… Yeah…” Takaki felt a little embarrassed for some reason then looked away after seeing Inoo’s bright smile. Takaki couldn’t help but to remember that specific memory, it wasn’t fuzzy and vague like the other uncertain memories he had the previous day.

It was when they were hiding from their teacher inside one of the empty classrooms. The two were sitting near each other while hugging their knees behind the tables. Suddenly, Inoo was about to sneeze, he opened his mouth but Takaki squeezed Inoo’s nose quickly, making Inoo close his mouth and the urge to sneeze disappeared.

The teacher was already inside the exact same room. He looked around for a bit and thought there was no one in the classroom so he went out.
Takaki and Inoo who locked their breaths were finally able to inhale and exhale normally. They looked at each other and smiled. “It hurts!” Inoo said with a smile that resembles his smile today.

“Takaki! Do you want any help— Ahh! I’m sorry someone is calling me.” Inoo who was about to lend a helping hand for Takaki, suddenly had his phone ringing.
He answered the call and said just simple words.
“Yes, everything is fine! Don’t worry I’m doing my best!” Inoo said then closed his cell phone.

Takaki tried to be busy searching for what his father wants. Somehow, he suddenly feels a little timid to talk with Inoo after remembering that memory. He can’t believe he squeezed Inoo’s nose strongly. He felt sorry for Inoo even though it happened five years ago.
Takaki glanced at Inoo who looked back at him and was about to say something.
“Takaki! Do you want any help?” Inoo asked but Takaki pretended to not notice Inoo’s calling.

“Excuse me…!” A new customer came in the bookstore and asked for help from Inoo.
Takaki sighed as he concluded he will not have to talk with Inoo anymore.
“Yes! Wait for a second please!” Inoo said to the customer then looked at Takaki.
“Takaki! Do you want any help?” Inoo asked again.

Takaki was surprised at how much Inoo is eager to help him in these simple things. But in fact he somehow really liked how Inoo is being like this.
“Don’t worry. I already found what I want.” Takaki said quickly.
“Good!” Inoo grinned then ran to the customer who called him a few seconds ago.

And that grin didn’t help Takaki to calm down at all. He felt the need to apologize for squeezing the pretty guy’s nose five years ago. Even if they were close, he must have hurt him! Takaki sighed, he can’t believe he is having a hard time just because of this little memory.

The next day, Takaki finds his own self back in the same bookstore.
This time, his mother asked him to bring some books about cooking.
He wonders why he didn’t refuse her request. His mother’s cooking is really delicious to the point she doesn’t need to learn from a cooking book.

Takaki actually said that to his mother, but his mother insisted on him to go and buy some cooking books since she wants to try new recipes.
Inoo welcomed him with the same smile as the day before.
“How can I help you this time?” Inoo walked closer to Takaki, making them face to face.
They were too close, Takaki looked to the side while feeling his face turning red.

“I want to buy some cooking books for my mother. What do you recommend?” Takaki asked, acting naturally. “Cooking books? Okay, come from this way.” Inoo showed him the way to the cooking and food section in the bookstore. After coming to the bookstore for the third time in three days straight, Takaki learned that there are not many customers visiting the bookstore, that’s why there’s few staff and Inoo is always giving him a hand when looking for a book even if it was an easy thing to do alone.

Both of them were standing side by side now, picking up the cooking books, looking and reading through it to decide if it was a good one or not.
“This looks good.” Inoo said while showing Takaki the book in his hands. Getting closer to the older one and making their arms touch each other in process.
Even though his heart jumped a bit, Takaki somehow felt comfortable as it reminded him of some old feelings he had before.

It was the same feelings when they seated beside each other in the cinema. They were leaning to each other. Inoo leaned towards Takaki to put his head on Takaki’s shoulders while Takaki take a hold of Inoo’s hand. They were supposed to watch the movie but instead they just enjoyed this little skin ship together and ignored the movie.

The way Inoo acted around him, made Takaki sure they were really close to each other than what he thought. Well, his memory as well says they were really too close that even words can’t describe that closeness.

“I find these two books to be useful, so I will take them with this one.” Takaki said and took the book which was in Inoo’s hands while acting naturally as possible as he can.
“Great!” Inoo nodded.
After getting done with buying the cooking books, Takaki said goodbye while walking out of the bookstore with a smile. Inoo smiled too and waved at him.

The moment he returned home, Takaki got welcomed by his younger brother’s cries.
“Buy me a book about cars!!” his little brother whined.
“What? I just came from the bookstore, why you didn’t tell me earlier?” Takaki exclaimed.
“Yuuya? You brought the cooking books?” his mother came in view with an exciting face.

“Yes, here they are.” Takaki said and handed his mother the books she requested.
“Thank you.” She said and looked at her other son.
“The bookstore will close soon, wait until tomorrow then ask Yuuya to buy what you want.” The mother said. “Okay!” Takaki’s brother said cheerfully.

“Wait! He can go to the bookstore by himself tomorrow! Why do I have to go and buy the books for everyone here?” Takaki started to whine.
“What are you saying? You already went there three times, right? I bet you are in good terms with the bookstore’s staff already.” Takaki’s mother said as it was the only truth.
She wasn’t saying anything wrong, after all what she said was absolute right.

Takaki’s heart skipped a beat, remembering the bookstore’s boy because of his mother’s words. “I… guess so.” Takaki whispered, thinking his mother is right about being in good terms. “I will buy the book you want tomorrow!” Takaki added as he ruffled his brother’s hair. He got excited that he’ll meet Inoo again.

The next day:

“Good morning!” Takaki said happily as he entered the bookstore, putting in his mind to not forget about his brother’s book. He saw Inoo getting scolded by an old man. Takaki was ready to fight against that old man even though he doesn’t know what is going on. Who thinks he is to scold Inoo like that?

Before he can meddle with the two he saw Inoo bow his head.
“I’m sorry.” Inoo bowed to the old man making the look of anger in that old man to go away and he left the place. Inoo looked up and saw the old man leaving, passing by Takaki who didn’t say anything.

“Wow, you are really so calm. If I was in your place, I might just punch him since I dislike getting scolded by strangers.” Takaki said while walking closer to Inoo without thinking. The next moment, he regrets walking carelessly towards Inoo. He can see the boy’s features closely than before and it made his cheeks heats.

“There is no way you’ll punch an older person.” Inoo said while patting Takaki’s shoulder.
With this sentence, another vague memory became clear in Takaki’s mind.

The two of them were going back home together. In their way, Takaki pumped into someone older than him. The older person looked angry at Takaki and shouted at him saying “Where are you looking?!” Inoo noticed Takaki’s fisting his hand. It was not like he was the only one in mistake, even the old person wasn’t looking in front of him.
Takaki relaxed his hand and said “Sorry.” There was no need for unnecessary fight at all especially with the old people. Inoo patted Takaki’s shoulder and said “Let’s go.”

Takaki returned back as he felt Inoo start talking to him.
“So, what are you going to buy today?” Inoo asked, moving to another topic.

“Ahhh…yeah, books about cars.” Takaki answered.
“This way...” Inoo said as he led the way for Takaki.
Takaki followed Inoo like usual as his eyes looked ahead at the strange standing position of the bookshelf. “Kei!” Takaki took a hold of Inoo’s hand. Inoo stopped walking and looked back at Takaki with confusion.

And when the sound of a falling bookshelf reached his ears, he looked back to see all the books scattered on the floor.
“Tha-Thanks…” Inoo stammered, Takaki shook his head “It’s alright…”

Takaki stood in front of the bookstore absent mindedly. He doesn’t need to buy anything from the bookstore today. But coming here for four days consecutively, he can’t help but coming today as well, even though he has nothing to buy or to do in the bookstore.
Actually, seeing and talking with Inoo is something he really wants to do. But it’s a little strange for him to come here just for a chit-chat.

His eyes looked at the busy Inoo inside the bookstore, making for an idea to cross his mind.
“Hey.” Takaki said while approaching Inoo inside the bookstore.
Inoo looked at Takaki for a moment then clapped both of his hands together.
“Takaki! You came in the right time! Please help me out!”
Takaki looked taken aback making Inoo take back his words.
“It’s okay, if you don’t want to.”

“No, I want to help you! I’m free today so I was already thinking of lending a hand in your job.” Takaki said. “What do you want me to do now?” Takaki asked, getting ready to work.
“Just a little help, I’m searching for an English book but I can’t find it! I think someone left it in the wrong section.” Inoo explained and Takaki nodded.

Both of them start searching for that book. The time passed but still they didn’t find it.
“Nothing is here… what about you?” Inoo asked from the other end of the bookstore. Takaki didn’t answer him. “Just wait…! I think I found it.” Takaki found an English book finally and went to Inoo to let him see it.

Once Inoo saw the book, he sighed in relief. “That’s it! Thank you, Takaki!” he beamed.
“I’m saved~” Inoo added as he returned the book to the book’s original place.
“…” Takaki opened his mouth to say something but stopped.
Inoo looked at him, pouting in confusion.

When Takaki saw Inoo’s pouting lips, he remembered something.
He actually kissed Inoo during their high school days and the fact they were actually dating. It was when Inoo asked him to skip the class together for the first time, Takaki refused making Inoo to pout his lips and before he know it, he just leaned in to capture Inoo’s lips.

“Inoo… I…” Before saying anything more, Takaki’s phone started ringing.
“I will close the bookstore now, you can go.” Inoo said somehow the sound of his voice is getting plain.

The next day, Takaki went early to the bookstore. Today he is going to tell Inoo about his feelings. But instead of finding Inoo, he found another person there.
“Excuse me, is Inoo coming today?” Takaki asked.
“I don’t think he’ll come, since I returned here. I just asked him to look after my bookstore until I come back from my short holiday.”

“What?” Takaki felt suddenly like he’ll turn into a mad person.
He ran out of the bookstore just to pump into another person who came in a hurry.
The two fall down on the ground. Takaki closed his eyes as he hissed in pain and the same went for the other person.

When Takaki looked at the person in front of him, all of his worries disappeared and a laugh escaped his lips. Inoo stopped hissing in pain and looked at Takaki as questions mark appeared on top of his head.

“Kei…” Takaki called Inoo by his first time, like what he had always called him five years ago. “I know it’s too late… but let’s start over again?” he stood up then walked towards Inoo to offer a hand for Inoo.

“You finally remembered and felt the regret of leaving me, huh?” Inoo asked playfully, yet his eyes were showing how he was waiting for these words from Takaki. He held Takaki’s hand that pulled him to stand up on his feet.

“You were the one who left me first!” Takaki defended.
“What? You were the one who asked for a break up!” Inoo’s pitch became higher.
“That’s because you were hanging out with another guy!” Takaki said, his hold on Inoo’s hand getting tighter.

“You must be mistaken!” Inoo said while trying to free his hand.
Takaki still kept on holding Inoo’s hand. He pulled Inoo’s body closer to his and hugged him while pressing his lips on Inoo’s lips.

Takaki knows Inoo can never refuse his kisses. It was Inoo’s weak point after all. And just like what Takaki thought, Inoo parted his lips for Takaki to kiss him longer.
After they pulled apart from the kiss, Takaki kept on hugging Inoo tightly.
For his surprise, his friend was walking their way.

“Ohhhh! What do I see here?” Takaki’s friend said, getting closer to the hugging boys.
“Takaki! You are finally in love, huh?” his friend teased him, getting revenge of being teased by Takaki before. Takaki clicked out his tongue childishly, his friend laughed and
walked away.

Takaki looked at Inoo who was still in his embrace and blushing, then kissed Inoo’s nose.
Inoo closed his eyes, making Takaki kiss him on lips again.

The end!

Thank you so much for reading! :D
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