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Title: Locked album
Pairing: TakaIno, YabuIno, other pairings.
Author: Lumi :D
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance.
Summary: Kei wonders what is in the locked album he found between his books.


A family of four were sitting idly in the living room and watching the news together when a young, handsome, tanned guy with a brunette hair made appearance in the little screen.
"Yuya Takaki, the young man who - by himself and without anyone's help - was able to make a great profit in the business of---"

"Takaki-kun looks cool!" Aki, the only daughter said in a dreamy way with a hint of respect.
"Takaki always shows up lately in all news~" The father said, joining his only daughter in this topic about Yuya Takaki.

The mother nodded then said "Did you hear that rumor about him? It's said that Takaki wanted to get married with someone he loves. But his father was against it!"
"I heard it! I heard it! That's the reason he isn't married until now!" The daughter started gossiping with her mother.

"Ahhh~ if it's true~ I will give him Kei to be his-"
Kei who was silent from the start and looking at his cellphone hopefully, felt alerted when he heard his name coming from his mother's lips.

"Yeah? What were you talking about?" Kei asked, leaving his phone in his side.
"I just said, it will be nice if you got married to Takaki Yuya."
Kei stayed quiet a little bit then watched the TV screen.

It showed Takaki talking, and he was saying something about Hawaii.
Kei returned his gaze back to his family.
"Stop joking around~ aren't you supposed to say Aki instead of me?"

The family laughed, and Kei laughed too. Even though he felt a little hurt of this joke.
He already love someone else at this point of his life. So, telling him to go live a life and love a person he doesn't know was absolutely off his mind.

*Phone ringing*
Kei grabbed his cell phone quickly, he was anticipating this call.
"I'm going to meet Hikaru~ Bye!" Kei said as he stood up, leaving his family and went out.


"Hey! Hikaru, give me the spare key!!" Kei was whining while trailing behind Hikaru.
Hikaru who was walking back and forth with arms crossed, didn't answer him at all.
The two were in Hikaru's room, Hikaru didn't say anything and didn't hear anything because he was too worried about someone.

"Hikaru~ you are the son of the owner of this building~ come on, I'm not asking for a miracle, just the spare key of Yabu's apartment!" Kei whined again.
"Hika!! I'm here!" Daiki, rushed inside Hikaru's room with a bag filled with snacks and games.
"Dai-chan! I was too worried~ you were late!" Hikaru hugged Daiki and Daiki hugged back too.

Kei crossed his arms, waiting for the two to realize his existence.
"Oh! Inoo-chan! What brought you here?" Daiki was the first to read the atmosphere so he let go of Hikaru. "Wait! You didn't tell me the reason of being late!" Hikaru demanded, putting his hands on Daiki's shoulders.

Daiki sighed while Inoo puffed his cheeks and pouted.
"I'm late for 10 minutes just because I met a friend and had a talk with him."
"A girl? A guy? Someone you like? Someone you hate? Someone-" before Hikaru can blubber more, Daiki landed a quick kiss on his cheek.

Hikaru feeling pleased and satisfied, finally looked at Kei. "What?"
"Kota's spare key." Kei said, hiding his impatience while showing his free hand with a poker face.
"Oh, okay."


Kei skipped happily towards Kota's apartment while looking at the spare key.
Kota doesn't know that Kei took the spare key from Hikaru, nor he knows that Kei is coming now, nor he knows that Kei is going to confess his feelings.

Kei didn't knock the door when he reached the wanted place, he opened it up using the spare key.
He knows that Kota isn't in his apartment at this hour. So, he'll make a little surprise for him then will say the words he yearned to say since long time ago.

Nothing can go wrong, or that's what he thought. Kei was surprised when he found Kota sleeping soundly in his bed, almost naked. Kei giggled, he jumped over Kota, making the older wake up in utter shock and panic.

Their position was really awkward, Kei started to get shy, knowing that he trapped Kota under him.
Kei's hands were resting at Kota's waist, and he was sitting exactly on top of Yabu's legs.
"Kei-chan?" Kota's voice pulled Kei back into reality, since he was in a bit of doziness because of their close gap.

"Ummm... Kota, I want to tell you something important..."
"..." Kei gulped, then opened his mouth.
"I LOVE YOU!!" Kei shouted as he closed his eyes tightly.

"Kota-" A girly voice came to Kei's ears. He looked behind to find a girl coming out of Kota's restroom wrapped in towels. Kei's mind stopped working completely, but his body started moving as quickly as possible.

He left the bed, the room, the apartment and kept on running away until he reached back home.
He opened the door, and found his family still sitting the way they were sitting before when he left them to go to Hikaru. He walked straight to his room, lucky for him, his family didn't say anything to him.


Kei sat on his bed, and looked at his cell phone.
"New E-mail." He whispered. It was from Kota.

[I'm sorry]

Kei bites his lips hard, feeling heartbroken and the sorrow is starting to eat him.
He was about to throw the cell phone away but he heard his mother calling him.
He left his cell phone beside the old album on top of his desk. He looked for a moment at the album and then went out to see what does his mother needs.

"Ah! He is here! He is here!" Aki said while motioning for her brother to come closer. She was standing behind the slightly opened door of the guest room.

"Who is here?" Kei asked and stood beside her, wondering what is happening. Somehow, he started to feel cheerful, who knew a sudden visiter at this hour could help him forget the bad feelings he is experiencing now.

"Kei? Are you alright?" His mother asked, holding a tray of coffee to the guest room.
She must have noticed his un-happy face. Kei smiled in gratitude then shook his head.
"WHAT?!" The father suddenly shouted, taking the attention of the three outside the guest room.
The mother went inside, followed by Aki and Kei.

The same person they saw in the T.V. Yuya Takaki was sitting there with their father, looked a bit troubled because all the family are there.
"Ummm... Actually I want to marry Kei."

"Who ever thought our joking will turn into reality." Aki whispered.
"But what about the one you love?" The mother asked, after putting the tray on the small table.
"MOM!!" Aki pulled her mother's arm.

"Well, well, I can't refuse my friend's son." Kei's father said.
Kei was still processing everything in his mind, so he didn't say a single word.
"Any way, it's so late now. I need some sleep." Kei said, it's the truth but somehow it's so random.

And with that, Kei excused hisself and went to his own room.
Kei was ready to sleep when he heard a knock in his door. He opened the door just to see Yuya there.
"Can I stay over?" Yuya asked while Aki was along with him.

"He don't have any relatives here and we don't have many room here, so he'll stay in your room!" She said. "...Sure." Kei did not show any expression and let Yuya enter his room.
"I have king sized bed, if it's okay with you we can share it." Kei added, like it was nothing wrong with that.

Yuya looked a bit surprised but smiled, and then both of them slept on the same bed.
"Did you sleep yet?" Kei asked, he rolled over to face Yuya's back.

Yuya did not give an answer, so Kei concluded that he was already sleeping.
Kei saw Yuya roll over to face him with closed eyes. Seeing how peaceful Yuya looked while sleeping, Kei slowly drift to sleep.


Kei opened his eyes, the sun already are above in the sky. And he was still in his king sized bed with Yuya who was circling his arms around Kei's waist in a hugging way.
Kei was still sleepy, he saw Yuya waking up with half opened eyes.

"Kei..." Yuya whispered, pulling Kei closer until their lips are one inch away from each other.
Kei moved forward involuntary while wrapping his arms around Yuya's neck and their lips connected.

Yuya bite Kei's upper lip, making Kei fully awake. He pushed Yuya away and jumped off his bed.
He walked backwards until he hit the desk in his room, it was hard enough to make his cellphone and the album fall from the desk and down to the floor.

Yuya was shocked, he stood up and walked towards Kei.
"I'm sorry..." He said, Kei shook his head. "It's okay, I'm sorry too." Kei said making Yuya form a small smile. Kei looked at Yuya as the latter bend down to pick what was on the floor.

"You still have this, I'm glad." Yuya said, after handing the cellphone to Kei. He kept his hold on the album and looked at it fondly. "Umm... Actually I just found it between my books the other day. It's locked and I have no idea where is the key." Kei said, it seems he have this album for a long time but he couldn't open it up.

"If you want the key, come along with me." Yuya said, Kei thought there is no need to object so he agreed with a nod.


Yuya and Kei are already sitting side by side in the airplane. Their destination is Hawaii, as Kei remembered Hawaii is where Yuya's business takes place.
Kei's place was beside the window, he could see nothing but the clouds. It was very awkward to sit beside Yuya, so he kept looking at the blue sky but it started getting boring now.

"This is bad." Yuya said, and for the first time Kei thought Yuya's voice is a little bit, just a little bit erotic. He shook his thought away and pretend to not react.

"This is bad, this is really bad." Yuya said again, Kei gave up and looked at Yuya while asking "What's wrong?" Yuya smiled and answered "It's delicious~" in a childish way while eating his rice-balls. Kei couldn't stop his eyes from turning into a heart shape.

Yuya who have this cool aura and handsome voice can actually become this cute. The gap between his coolness and adorableness was just too much to handle.
Yuya looked at Kei, and asked "Want to eat? Say Aa~" Kei nodded and opened his mouth "Aa~" Yuya put his half eaten rice-ball into Kei's opened mouth.

"My mama made them, they are so delicious, right?"
"You are right!!" Kei laughed after hearing Yuya say 'Mama' it was really so cute.
"Told you!" And Yuya laughed somehow shyly.

After eating the rice-balls together. They returned being awkward.
That's right, they actually had undirected kiss some moment ago while eating, and the night before they kissed each other on the bed.

"Do you prefer a private jet?" Yuya is breaking the ice again with this question.
"Do you have a private jet?" Kei asked back and Yuya nodded.
"But I prefer seeing people so I choose to go by normal air-plane with you."

Okay, the last two words made Kei feel awkward again. But he felt thankful since he didn't have to be alone with Yuya in his private jet. "Not believing me?" Yuya asked.
Kei nodded, trying to make the awkward atmosphere he built to fade away.

"You said come with me, but I didn't expect to go to Hawaii and live there forever!" Inoo said.
"..." Yuya kept silent. "You even lied to my family and told them we are going to our honeymoon but the real thing is you are going to be busy with your company." Kei continued, he was only planning to joke around but it seems he is going to start a fight. He just said all what is in his heart at this moment.

"..." Yuya kept listening without saying anything.
"Not to mention, it seems like you don't have the key of that album. You just lied to let me go with you." Kei added while crossing his arms on his chest. Trying to act like a spoiled kid.

"I'm sorry..." Yuya finally said something and apologized, then he put his hand on Kei's shoulder.
"But don't forget... We don't want fights in our first day together as a married couple." Yuya smirked. Kei widen his eyes as Yuya's face got closer to him, and before he know it, Yuya left a kiss on his cheek.

"Also, I didn't lie about the album's key." Yuya ended their conversation like that.
Feeling nervous and unable to talk back with the older one, Kei takes out the headphones and start listening to the music while looking at the window.

He isn't used to these things but what Yuya said is true. They finished their marriage papers before riding the air-plane and are officially a married couple now.


They finally reached their home. Yuya put their bags in the master bedroom and looked at Kei who followed him. "Did you like it?" Yuya asked.
"Can we sleep in separated rooms?" Kei asked back.

Yuya folded his arm.
"So it's okay to sleep with a stranger but it's not okay to sleep with your husband?"
Kei's mouth hanged open, Yuya is showing too much personalities at one day.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I will sleep with you." Kei sighed, giving up to the older's statement.
Yuya laughed, and held Kei's hand.
"W-what?" Kei stuttered.
"I'm joking, you can sleep wherever you feel comfortable." Yuya said with a smile.

"Now, come, I will show you a nice scenery!" Yuya pulled the younger and they walked upstairs to the roof. It's the sunset time, and not far from their villa they can see the beach.
"Look, it seems like the sun is kissing the ocean." Yuya said, admiring the scene. Kei blushed because Yuya said something way too romantic and it makes him feel awkward again and again.

"Now, let's go to sleep~" Yuya let go of Kei's hand and stretched his arms in the air while giving his back to Kei and it made Kei feel lonely somehow. "Are you coming?" Yuya looked back at Kei who shook his head. "No, I will stay for a little longer here." Kei said. Yuya nodded and left the roof.

Kei looked back at the ocean, the decreasing number of people in the beach and the sun who starts to get swallowed by the sea. His mind recalled someone he used to love, maybe he is still in love with him. But for now, he'll give Yuya a chance. This chance could help him forget everything about Kota.


"Trying to love him, huh!" Kei made fun of nobody but himself. He actually slept the night with Yuya in the same room and in the same bed. But when the morning came, Yuya was nowhere to be found.
He wanted to call the older one, but he remembered they didn't even exchange their cellphone's numbers.
"What kind of married couple we are? We don't even know each other's numbers~" Kei started whining.

"I don't know anything here~ I don't know anyone here~" he whined again while sitting still on the bed.
His stomach started growling loudly, he held on his stomach with both hands in hope to let it shut up.
He jumped off the bed, not wanting to waste any more minutes without eating. He walked to the small kitchen and searched for something to eat.

"Impossible..." He whispered while looking at the completely empty fridge.
Having nothing better to do, he took out his cellphone and wallet then walked out of the villa.
The first thing caught his eyes was a coffee shop. "Better than nothing!" He smiled and walked in.
Kei looked at the menu after finding a good place to sit in, while feeling a little nervous of what he should say or do.

"Yes, sir?" A waiter came quickly to his table while holding a pen and a paper.
"This one please." Kei said while pointing at what he wants to eat. Kei was not good in the English language but was not even that bad, the waiter actually nodded while smiling in understanding manner.

"Your food will come shortly after 10 minutes."
Kei sighed in relief. Then started to enjoy his waiting time by looking at the coffee shop's decorations and the people sitting there.

"Excuse me, are you Inoo Kei?" Kei realized two persons sitting in the table beside his own table.
Kei looked at the two with confusion.
"Yes, but how did you know? And moreover you are Japanese?!" Kei smiled happily like he found his lost friends. But they are not really his friends, just a Japanese guys in Hawaii, just like him.

The two guys laughed at Kei.
"You seem happy to meet us, even though it's our first meeting!" The short guy of the two said.
Then they introduced themselves as Ryosuek Yamada and Keito Okamoto.
"Nice to meet you. I felt I was the only Japanese here."

"There are many Japanese guys in Hawaii. But there are not many like you who can survive by a little knowledge of English language." Keito said.
"Well, I guess I can make it work out!" Kei said with hope.
"It's impossible with me, that's why I brought Keito with me, since I work here but I'm not that good with English that much yet, he is my walking dictionary and my translator." Ryosuke said.

"And your lover." Keito added, it was in a joking manner but Kei noticed it's the truth because of the way Ryosuke patted Keito's hand after scolding him.
"So, Keito, how did you know my name?" Kei asked.
"Ummm... Aren't you the one who got married to Yuya Takaki? Everyone know about you." Keito answered.

"Oh, wow." Kei was left speechless.
They already finished their food and so they stood up to go out.
"Bye~" the two waved their hands to Kei and Kei smiled while watching the two holds hands before walking out of the coffee shop as well and returning to the villa.


In his way back to the villa, he saw a crowds of students in their way back home.
"Ryutaro! I told you to wait for me!!" A short guy with pretty face and a rabbit teeth said loudly, it stole Kei's attention because that short guy talked in Japanese.
"You are noisy like always~ Yuri~ where is Yuto?" The one called Ryutaro stopped walking, waiting until the shorter guy called Yuri reached him then they started walking together.

"Guys!!! I'm here!!" And a third Japanese guy made appearance.
It seems these three are friends in the same campus.
"Wow, just like what Keito said... there are really many Japanese people in Hawaii." Kei smiled happily, it will be a piece of cake to live here.

He kept looking at the hour, and thought about taking a small tour in this area before eating dinner and returning back home. It was okay since he knows that Yuya is very busy and won't come back home until midnight.


It was too late when he reached home, and it seems Yuya is still busy in his works. Well, it was expected since Yuya told him about the piling works and the increasing problems within the company.
Kei didn't think much afterwards, he landed his tired body on the bed vertically, he really walked around too much than he planned to.

The moment he closed his eyes, he felt someone presence beside him in the bed, it must be Yuya.
He can feel Yuya's body on the same mattress, Yuya put his body in the same vertical position as him then circled his arms around Kei's waist in a possessive way.

Kei opened his eyes, he felt his heart throbbing, and his breath become unstable. Yuya who was hugging him from behind didn't notice that Kei was still awake.
"Sorry for leaving you alone all day." Yuya whispered.
"Sweet dream, I love you." Yuya said and cuddled with Kei, Kei closed his eyes and pretended to not hear anything.


Sometimes Yuya would be the first one to wake up, and leave for work. Sometimes Kei would be the first to wake up, and they can eat the breakfast together when it happens. Today it was Kei who woke up earlier, Yuya was still sleeping peacefully. Even though they are living together now, Kei somehow still finds himself thinking about Kota. He knows really well that Kota loves someone else, and it broke his heart.

But now, he is thinking about why did he give up quickly. "This guy is too busy how can I fall in love with him now?" Kei looked as Yuya stirred in his sleep and woke up, making Kei surprised. Their eyes met as Yuya smiled sleepily.

"Morning." Yuya said as Kei shook his thoughts about Kota away and said "Good morning." Yuya stood up then went to the restroom. And then both of them had a silent breakfast time before Yuya go out to his work.

"I will be late." Yuya said while wearing his shoes without looking at Kei.
"I know." Kei said after Yuya went out.
He is free today like usual, Kei wonders what he should do to spend his time.
Then an idea popped up in his mind.


Kei was searching between Yuya's belongings. It's not like he is going to steal something. He just wants to find the Key to open his locked album.
Yuya said he'll give him the key if only he agreed to come with him to Hawaii. And it's been one whole month since they came here but Yuya didn't give him the wanted key.

Even though Yuya is too busy with works, he tries to eat breakfast together with Kei. That's alone mean so much to Kei but he still couldn't find the right time to talk about that locked album again.
That's why, he'll search for the key and open the locked album.
"Nothing..." Kei gave up. Now, he thinks he searched between Yuya's stuff just to kill time before going out to eat lunch with Keito and Ryosuke.

It became his daily routine. In the morning he will eat the breakfast alone or with Yuya, his late lunch time will be with Keito and Ryosuke while his dinner will be mostly skipped.
Asides of his eating-food-time, he do many things during the day.

He walks around in the area, he started walking around to know more about everything around the villa but lately it become like a daily walk to have fresh air.
He go to the beach too, trying to get tanned and failing miserably every single time. His skin's color is forever porcelain white. No, in reality it's hard because he is just too pale to get tanned.


Another morning came, Kei woke up to the usual handsome figure of Yuya getting ready to leave.
Kei thought for a moment, should he wake up as well and eat breakfast with Yuya? Or should he let Yuya go first then go and eat the breakfast alone?

Yuya already left him, definitely thinks that Kei is still sleeping. Kei decided to wake up and join Yuya in the breakfast, he even decided to ask him straightly about the Key.
When he reached the little dining room, he was shocked to see Ryosuke there. Moreover, he is kissing Yuya. "..." There was nothing said between Ryosuke and Yuya.

Kei hide as he saw Ryosuke running out of the dining room then out of the villa.
Kei slowly stepped inside the dining room where Yuya started to eat his breakfast.
"What is the meaning of what happened?" Kei couldn't help but ask, he can't be feeling sad, right? But while remembering that time he heard Yuya says "I love you" then seeing Yuya kiss someone else made him feels angry.

He was always left behind, but he never thought of kissing someone else. He wanted Yuya to help him forget about Kota but it never happened. Wait, why did he 'want' Yuya to help him?
Could it be he already love Yuya back?
"I'm sorry..." Yuya apologized, making Kei remember the E-mail he got from Kota which said the same words.

"What can 'sorry' do? I want an explanation!!" Kei rises his voice, it's the first time for them to talk face to face in the morning but it's already turning into a fight.
Yuya was shocked to see Kei like this. Kei couldn't blame him though, because he never showed anything to Yuya except carelessness.

"Let's have a talk after I come back from work..." Yuya said, trying to continue eating his breakfast.
"You are alway late anyway, how can we have a talk?" Kei said angrily.
Yuya stood up, leaving his unfinished breakfast and passed by Kei.
"Hey! WAIT!" Kei shouted but Yuya didn't say anything and just went out to work.

Kei felt really angry and sad, if only he can go away and leave this place.
He doesn't care about the stupid album or the damn key anymore. He just wants to return to Japan as soon as possible and not see Yuya again.


Kei was sitting in the dining room, it's the time when he meets up with Keito and Ryosuke at their usual place. But how can he go there and face Ryosuke after what he saw? What will Keito feel about what happened.

*doorbell's ringing*

His fight with Yuya was unusual thing. And this is another unusual sound to hear. Kei stood up to see who is there. He couldn't believe it when he opened the door, it was Kota!

"Kota? Wha-?"
"Pack your belongings and come back to Japan with me!" Kota said in demand. Kei bites his own lips before nodding as the word "Okay" escaped his from his mouth.


In the air-plane, Kota and Kei were sitting beside each other as Kei kept asking many questions to Kota. "It took me so much time to search and find you." Kota explained.

"Did you search all by your self?" Kei asked and Kota shook his head and smiled.
"Of course not, I got help from some of my friends. You met Keito, right?" Kota asked.

"Yeah..." Kei answered. Now when he remembered, Keito knew his name since the first meeting with Keito and Ryosuke. It could be because he is friends with Kota.


Yuya returned home quickly with gifts and flowers in his hands, in hope to tell Kei what exactly happened in the morning. Ryosuke was the one who kissed him out of nowhere, then ran away without even saying anything.

That's all, but why it was hard for him to explain? He was shocked to see Kei angry like that and thought it will be better to talk out with him when Kei is feelings a bit calm.
But now, he feels something is off when he entered the villa. Kei's shoes were not in their usual place. No, they were gone.

He might be just taking a walk. But when he entered their shared room, his worry grow larger as he only finds there his own belongings. Kei's clothes are nowhere, nor his laptop, nor his usual stuff like comp, perfume or even the shampoo that he always uses.

Kei must have left the house and the only thing he left behind was his album.
And it made something snap inside Yuya's mind. He was supposed to give Kei the album's key but kept on delaying on doing so.

"Damn it" Yuya cursed as he throw the gifts and flowers on the bed then took out his wallet from his pocket. He always kept the small key of the album inside the wallet.
Fighting the urge to break down, he sat on the edge of the bed then opened the locked album to see what was hidden there.


Yuya closes the album, wondering should he let go of Kei? Kei might be more happy away from this place.
Before he know it, Yuya started wiping away his tears.
"Yuya! Are you okay?" Ryosuke was the one who said as he walked fast to Yuya's side and hugged him.

"Wha- how did you..."
"Your door was not closed probably..." Keito answered like he knows what Yuya wanted to ask while coming closer with hands on his pockets. Ryosuke loosen the hug but still didn't let go of Yuya.

"What should I do now? I thought he'll have fun with you and wait for me after I make sure that everything doing well in my company... But..."
Ryosuke didn't say anything, as he tighten his grip on Yuya's shoulder, half hugging him.

The truth is, Yuya asked Ryosuke to be friends with Kei since he knew he won't be able to spend much time with Kei at the beginning. And now after all of his piled work got cleared, Kei left the place.

"Forget about him." Ryosuke said, Yuya flinched while Keito looked unbelievably at Ryosuke.
"Can I...?" Yuya asked, Ryosuke nodded. Keito grabbed Ryosuke's arm and forced him to stand up instead of sitting beside Yuya.

"Takaki-kun, Inoo-chan went back to Japan with Yabu-kun... You will find them easily in Yabu's apartment." Keito said, understanding by looking at Takaki's eyes how much he needed Kei by his side. Keito knows this feelings, to want someone by his side more than anyone else.

"He might not want to return to this place, but you can try." Keito added before pulling Ryosuke outside the villa. "Keito! Keito! Stop!" Ryosuke complained but Keito didn't answer.
When they were a little away from that villa, Keito let go of Ryosuke's arm then looked straightly into Ryosuke's eyes.

"What do you plan to do now after falling in love with Takaki-kun?" Keito asked straightly, making Ryosuke shocked. "Keito... I'm... Sorry..." Ryosuke apologized.
"It's alright if you want to break up..."
"NO!" Ryosuke exclaimed and hugged Keito while wrapping his arms around Keito.

"I don't want a break up! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I wanted Yuya to forget about Kei... I'm... Sorry... I have you yet..." Ryosuke apologized endlessly while hugging Keito tightly.
"I will never do stupid things again!" Ryosuke exclaimed. Keito was always with him, but he kept on loving Yuya and feeling happy when Yuya don't have a lover.

"Promise?" Keito asked.
"I promise!" Ryosuke said, smiling back as Keito hugged him too.
He was too stupid, there is nobody but Keito who will always be stay with him no matter what he did. That's why he won't let of Keito again.


Meanwhile in Japan, Kota and Kei were already with each other.
Kei understood that Kota broke up with the girl he was dating sometime ago because he couldn't forget about Kei after that accident.

"So, I love you too." Kota said while moving his face closer to Kei.
Kei was supposed to be happy, but he isn't feeling anything at all. Without thinking and by reflex Kei leaned backwards and avoided getting kissed by Kota.

Kota looked shocked then sighed. Thinking it might be too late to make Kei his lover.
"Don't tell me, you love him?" Kota asked. Kei shook his head "No, it's just..."
Before he can speak further, noisy and loud knocks where heard on Kota's apartment door.

Kota went to open the door and got surprised to see Yuya standing there.
"Takaki?" Kei said, not believing Yuya came back from Hawaii.
"Let's leave." Yuya said, walking forward to where Kei was standing and grabbing a tight hold onto Kei's hand before storming off the place.

"Hey! Wait..." Kota didn't stay silent, he put his hand on Yuya's shoulder to stop him but Yuya shook Kota's hand off him. And kept walking out the apartment while Kota didn't follow them. He knew that Kei wanted Yuya to come and find him.
"Stop it, I already had a talk with my parents and told them I will stay in Japan." Kei said but he didn't try to let go of Yuya's hand.

"That's bad, because I just called them and told them that you'll return to Hawaii with me right now." Yuya answered, they walked for some minutes before they reached a wide place with nobody there.
The only thing waited for them there is a private jet. "Wait! No! I will stay here!!!" Kei started to try to let go but it made Yuya impatient, he picked Kei up in a princess-style and walked to his private jet.

And when they were already inside, Yuya let go of Kei.
"Stop joking around! There's no-one to drive us back to Hawaii!" Kei exclaimed, trying to open the door of the jet but it was already locked.

Yuya didn't say anything back, he went to the pilot's place and started the engine. Kei got surprised so he went to where Yuya is sitting.
"You can sit here." Yuya motioned to Kei to sit in the seat beside him. And after awhile, they started flying away.

It was super ridiculous in Kei's view. Well, he knew that Yuya has his own private jet but to have a pilot's license?! "You have a license, right?" Kei asked slowly, just to make sure.
"Of course." Yuya answered.

"Won't you be tired? I mean... It'll take a long time until we reach Hawaii." Kei asked again.
Yuya snickered, making Kei realize his questions is indicating he is worried about Yuya.
"Wh-what?!" Kei exclaimed.
"Don't worry about me, there's a system that let the jet fly by it's own and I just need to make sure we are flying towards the right destination." Yuya said.

"Oh..." Kei nodded, somehow feeling like the stupidest person alive.
It is because of the way Yuya talked about the jet so simply.
"So, do you want me to teach you?" Yuya grinned suddenly at Kei making the younger's heart to jump up all of sudden. "..." Kei didn't say anything and decided to keep quiet and think how can he return back to Kota again.


Kei woke up to the same bedroom of the Hawaii's villa. It looks like he slept in the jet while thinking of a way to run away again.
He went to open the door's room but it was locked. "What? Am I his prisoner now?" He asked out loud then started to knock loudly on the door.

"OPEN THE DOOR!" Kei shouted.
It was less than a minute when the door got unlocked and Yuya's face came into Kei's sight.
"Why did you lock me in? Why did you bring me back here?! I told you I don't want!" Kei started throwing a storm.

Yuya kept silent and listened to whatever Kei wanted to say but it only made Kei angrier.
"You know what? I will tell the police that you kidnapped me!" Kei started to threaten.
Yuya tried to hold on his laugh, and ended up letting out a soft giggle.
"Don't make me laugh." Yuya stated.

"What?" Kei looked a bit confused.
"Telling the police that your husband kidnapped you, huh?" Yuya smirked.
Kei made a fist in his hand, then returned to sit on the bed inside the room.

Yuya entered the room and closed the door without locking it.
"I saw it." Yuya said. Kei looked at him.
"You avoided his kiss." Yuya added with a happy smile while patting Kei's head gently, making Kei feel his cheeks getting heated up of embarrassment and anger at the same time.

He felt that Yuya was making fun of him. "I promise you won't see me here tomorrow!" Kei said as he pushed Yuya's hand away and hid his self completely under the covers.
"What do you mean?" Yuya asked, not getting what Kei wanted to say.

"I mean I will run away!" Kei hissed and then pretended to sleep. Yuya who thought Kei is already sleeping tried to take the covers off Kei but Kei was holding tightly into the covers. Yuya gave up as he lay down next to Kei to sleep. And like usual Yuya had this something for Kei's waist. Kei can swears that Yuya can't sleep peacefully unless he is hugging his waist.


The morning came, and it was Yuya who woke up earlier. Kei bit his lips as he realized he is the one who can sleep peacefully beside the older's guy and not the other way around.
Kei shook his head again, he knew that Yuya's jet is still on the roof of the villa. For a moment he regret not learning the lessons of how to control the jet by Yuya. But there is no problem at all, there must be some manual stuff here or there and he is sure he will be smart enough to learn by himself and fly back to Japan.

Kei woke up from his laying position, just to catch a sight of his album which he left back then. And beside it, there was the lock.
"It's opened?!" Kei became interested to see what is hidden there so he grabbed it and started opening the first page while sitting on the bed.

It's a pictures from his childhood.
"What, I thought there was something interesting here~" Kei laughed, well it must be Yuya who opened this album so maybe he should thank the older for unlocking the album for him.
Kei shook his head, Yuya's opening the album for him doesn't mean he really should stay here. He flipped to the next page.

"Huh? This is..." Kei looked carefully at the picture of two little boys sleeping together. One of them is hugging the waist of the other.



Kei was still a little boy, he saw his parents talking with another couple in the door way and share a laugh together.
"Yuya, promise you'll be a good kid." Yuya's mother hugged her little son briefly before letting go.

"I promise!" Yuya grinned as his father ruffled his hair.
"Don't worry about him, I'm sure he'll enjoy his time with us!" Kei's father said. While Kei's mother held into the little hand of Yuya to bring him inside their home.

"Bye~ bye~" Yuya said as his parents waved their hands to him. They are going abroad and didn't have an extra ticket for Yuya. So, Yuya have to wait for some days until he have his own tickets to follow after them.

Yuya sat in the living room where Kei was sitting as well while Kei's mother went to prepare some snacks for the little boys.
It was really awkward. Kei didn't know what to say to melt this cold aura around them.

And the same goes with Yuya, he thought Kei looks cute and have this bit of smartness.
Kei's mother came in and laughed at them, holding a camera.
"You two looks so cute~ don't be shy and play with each other!" She said.

And with Kei's mother help, they started talking with each other.
She put the snacks she prepared in front of them and let them talk with each other more which turned soon to playing with each other and the living room became filled up with their laughing sounds.

"Okay boys, it's shower time." Kei's mother smiled.
"Let's shower together!!!" Kei exclaimed, rising both hands up.
"Yeah! Yeah!" Yuya who was watching Kei, did the same with his hands.

"Let's play in the water~" Kei and Yuya said together. And the mother didn't have the heart to refuse since they were so cute. They played together in the shower and splashed each other with the cold water. Then lastly, went to sleep while facing each other.
"Good night." The mother said while closing the door.

"Hey, hey, can I kiss you?" Yuya asked out of nowhere. Kei looked surprised.
"What?" Kei asked back.
"Open your mouth." Yuya demanded. Kei's face turned red as he shouted "NO!!!" And turned around to sleep. Kei felt Yuya's arms wrap around his waist. "I'm sorry, don't be mad." Yuya said and Kei didn't answer.

Yuya woke up early, he left the bed and went to the living room and found his family's assistant sitting there with Kei's father.
"Hello Takaki-kun, there is an available ticket for you and I will be taking you to you parents now." The assistant said.

"What...?" Kei asked, coming inside the living room while rubbing his sleepy eyes.
"Here is your bag." Kei's mother came while holding Yuya's little bag and gave it to him.
The assistant thanked Kei's parents and held Yuya's hand to go out. Kei, finally understand it's farewell time.

"Bye bye!!" Kei said in a sad voice while Yuya nodded.
Suddenly, Yuya exclaimed. "AHHH! I forget something!"
He ran over back to Kei and put both his hands on Kei's shoulder.
He pecked on Kei's lips. The assistant and Kei's father were shocked.

"Cute~" Kei's mother said, adoring the two little boys.
"I want to stay forever with you!" Yuya said after the peck while sniffing. It made Kei as well start sobbing. "Me too!" Kei stated. They hugged each other and cried before Yuya go back to his parents.

End of flash back.


Yuya returned to the room.
"The breakfast is ready... I know you are awake-" Yuya said but then stopped when he realized what Kei is holding. "Remembered something?" Yuya asked instead.

Kei nodded. "But how did you get the key of the album?"
"I asked your mother to give me the key." Yuya answered.
"Okay, now you'll stay forever with me, right?" Yuya added then grinned.

Kei nodded again, Yuya felt so hyper that he jumped and attacked Kei on the bed. Kei laughed, as he tried to struggle. But Yuya made him stop struggling by landing his lips perfectly on Kei's lips.
They parted away and shared a smile, before kissing each other again in a deeper and more passionate kiss. The album fall down into the floor, showing a page where a picture of the two sharing a childishly innocent kiss.


The End!

Omg! I thought I always made Yuya forget his love towards Kei so this time I made it the other way around! XD Stupid Kei! You have the album but can't remember what's there?! Or you can ask your ninja mother who took the pics lol XD

I made it too long? Too boring? Too typical? Ummm... >< Anyway somehow I enjoyed writing this because it's been a while!! Thanks for reading and sorry for the mistakes or if you ever felt uncomfortable while reading it! <3

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