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Jan. 1st, 2016 07:38 pm
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Title: Thank you
Pairing: TakaIno *^*
Rating: PG-13 ?
Genre: Romance, angst
Summary: After his father ran away and his mother's death, Inoo was not interested to live but Takaki was there and helped him.


Inoo and his mother were waiting for the elevator to arrive. Inoo's mother were only holding her little bag while Inoo's hands were busy carrying three different bags.

The first bag belongs to him while the other two bags belongs to his mother.

"Good job, my son~" his mother smiled gladly to have a son who is willing to carry her bags without complaining.

Inoo smiled back weakly at his mother. He can never say how his arms hurt him badly.

The elevator finally reached and opened it's door, the two entered and saw a brunette young guy already standing there. "Last floor, right?" Inoo asked his mother to confirm, shaking off the thoughts of how stunning and handsome the guy looked.

Inoo's mother nodded.

When they reached the last floor, they met with Inoo's father there. "Dad..." Inoo whispered, feeling his mother tense up beside him.

"Why didn't you answer my call?" The mother asked timidly.

"Ah, you are finally here? That is our new apartment. I'm going out now for some work." Inoo's father said while ignoring his wife, he hurriedly took the same elevator as the rest went out.

The handsome guy didn't say a single word as he went straight to the door that faced the door of Inoo's family apartment.

Inoo's mother decided to follow her husband as Inoo went ahead to the door of their apartment, giving his back the other guy.

Inoo didn't want to drop the bags and tried opening the door but it was clear he'll have trouble doing that.

"I will help you." The handsome guy said as he took the key from Inoo's hand and opened the door. Then he snatched one of the bags from Inoo.

"Thanks." Inoo said then went inside the apartment followed by the guy. Inoo put the bags down in the living room and the guy did the same.

"Thanks again." Inoo said. "Anytime!" The guy said as he went out. Inoo followed him and before he close the door, he realized something.

"I'm Inoo Kei." Inoo introduced himself suddenly. The handsome guy looked back at him with a confused face then smiled "I'm Takaki Yuya, nice to meet you." Takaki said before twisting the doorknob.

"Umm... Our meeting is a bit awkward. But I hope we can be close friends from now." Inoo said to have Takaki's attention, and he earned his reward as Takaki smiled gently.

"Me too. See you later!" As Takaki said that, he closed the door. Inoo waited for few seconds, thinking Takaki might open the door again to say something but nothing happened.

Inoo pouted as he closed the door of the apartment.


Takaki's mother entered the apartment and took her heels off. "Ah, Yuya! You wouldn't believe what I saw!" She said when she noticed her son sitting in the living room.

"What?" Takaki asked, not feeling interested at all but he can't say so to his mother. "I saw a couple fighting each other! The man just went off with his mistress and his supposed wife looked devastated! Then she..." His mother added more and more as Takaki looked shocked, there is a big possibility that his mother is talking about Inoo's parents.

"Stop! Stop! I don't want to hear more." He cut his mother's conversation and went ahead to rest in his room and hoping everything will be okay for Inoo's family.

His mother looked confused, she decided to leave because her son was not in a good mood.


The next morning, Takaki went out and saw many police officers standing in the way while the door of Inoo's apartment was wide open. Inoo went out from the apartment surrounded by the police. Their eyes met each other in a few seconds, it made Takaki feels something strange because Inoo seemed lifeless.

He stopped them "Wait, what happened? Where are you taking him?" Takaki asked the police.

"We don't have time. Please don't interrupt us." One of the police officers said then they walked ahead, giving their back to Takaki.

Forgetting what was he supposed to do, Takaki decided to go after them.
In the police station, Takaki was able to get the whole picture and it shocked him very much.

Inoo's mother suicide, the police thought someone killed her but she is the one who killed herself while Inoo's father is nowhere to be found.

Takaki made a fist, Inoo doesn't know anything about his father's affairs. And now his mother died and left him.

But what could be done now? Everything is so late. Inoo's expression after getting asked by the police was different from yesterday.

Yesterday's expression was so cute and sweet but today is so gloomy and sorrowful.

Takaki saw Inoo coming towards him after he finished getting asked by the police. Takaki opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Actually, he doesn't know what should he say to ease Inoo's pain.

He opened his eyes in shock as Inoo passed by him without a single glance.

"..." Takaki let out a deep sigh. He can't blame Inoo at all. The police officer looked at Takaki and told him to go home and rest.

"Ah, it is already night." Takaki realized he stayed all the day in the police station and thought his presence was not really needed. He didn't do anything nor said anything.

"Is he your friend?" The police officer asked him kindly. "Maybe." Takaki answered. Well, He met Inoo just yesterday so he is not sure.

The police officer looked confused but started talking again "He needs some time to be alone."

Takaki didn't like the idea of leaving Inoo alone but nodded his head anyway. He walked outside and straight went back home.

Takaki reached home and looked at Inoo's apartment. He wondered if Inoo is already sleeping and wondered if Inoo had his dinner.

He opened his apartment door and stepped inside. "I better check on him." He let his door opening still, and went ahead to knock on Inoo's apartment.

He knocked many times but there was no answer. He stopped knocking the door and looked down. He looked up once again as he heard the sound of the door getting unlocked.

Their was nothing but silence as the two looked at each other. Takaki was fidgeting a bit while Inoo didn't move at all. "Ah... Did you eat your dinner?" Takaki asked suddenly.

"Not yet." Inoo answered then made a way for Takaki to come in. "I will make you dinner!" Takaki said with a small smile.

They walked towards the kitchen with Inoo's leading hit way then Takaki started cooking straight away.

The dinner was simple curry rice. They eat together in silence. And Takaki didn't find a single word to say for Inoo for the second time.

But while looking at Inoo eating normally, Takaki thought Inoo will be fine even though it might take long time to heal the pain of losing his mother this way.


Some weeks passed by, Takaki was trying all his best to be around Inoo but Inoo was not interested at all to see Takaki. He was too quiet and didn't talk no matter what Takaki said to him.

Takaki didn't gave up and continued to check on Inoo every now and then.

He realized Inoo didn't have anyone by his side and he was alway by himself. Takaki wished to do something to make Inoo smile cheerfully again.


one day, Takaki came to check on Inoo like alway using the food as an excuse. It was lunch time, he knocked on the door but Inoo didn't answer him.

"Maybe he went out." Takaki thought while using the extra key he got from the landlord.

He went inside and found Inoo's shoes there. "He is here?" Takaki wondered while walking to the kitchen but he didn't find Inoo there.

"Maybe he is sleeping?" Takaki said while opening the door of Inoo's room slowly.

Peeking inside, he didn't find Inoo there either. But he heard the water running in the bathroom.

Feeling really anxious and worried, he opened the bathroom's door just to find Inoo holding a knife there, Inoo was inches away to stab his throat.

"What are you doing?!" Takaki asked furiously and ran to Inoo's side. He hold Inoo's arm firmly and took the knife out from Inoo's grip before throwing it away to the floor.

Inoo looked shocked, it was the first time he showed a proper expression after his mother's death. He always used to be expressionless before.

"If your life doesn't matter to you, it does matter to me! Don't die!" Takaki exclaimed then wrapped his arms around Inoo's neck and hugged him tightly.

Because of this incident, Inoo understood the meaning of life. He hugged Takaki back and said "I'm sorry. I just... I was so scared."

"I'm here with you, there is no reason to be afraid" Takaki said and caressed Inoo's hair as Inoo hide his face in Takaki's neck.

"But why...? Why are you stopping me?" Inoo asked, pulling away and looking at Takaki with his innocent eyes.

Takaki blushed, Inoo looked really cute with his wet hair and his cute hesitating expression.

"Because I'm your close friend?" Takaki asked back while remembering how they met each other.

"Thanks." Inoo said with a soft voice, realizing how Takaki was always kind to him, Takaki never gave up on him no matter how many times he pushed Takaki away.

"No need to thank me." Takaki said, feeling a bit shy. "Thank you." Inoo said once again and wrapped his arms around Takaki to hug him.

Takaki felt a bit shock but didn't mind. He wanted to hug Inoo back as well but Inoo loosen his hug a bit and tried to pull away.

"I'm sorry... I made your shirt wet..." Inoo said and looked down.

"I don't mind." Takaki said then hugged Inoo back tightly. Inoo felt safe within Takaki's warm embrace and closed his eyes as a smile found a way to his lips.


After few months~

Inoo and Takaki are already living together under one roof. Inoo felt he don't need to find his father as long as Takaki is by his side.

Right now they were having dinner while chatting about a new series that stole their attention lately.

"Okay, I will go to work now!" Takaki said as he stand up with his loose tie and waiting for Inoo to knot his tie like usual.

Inoo smiled cutely as he did what Takaki wants, making their faces really close to each other.

Takaki leaned in and plant a kiss on Inoo's lips while wrapping his arms around Inoo's waist.

Inoo replied Takaki's kiss then they pulled away.

"I love you." Takaki said, making Inoo blush hard. Seeing Inoo like that, Takaki couldn't help but to kiss Inoo again.


The end!

Happy new year~ :D

Date: 2016-01-02 01:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] erisu eru (from

Otsukaresama Lumi chan \(^o^)/

So sweet takaino... (*^ω^*)(≧▽≦)
Eru love Yuya didn't give up to be side on Inoo and cheer him up. Poor Inoo lost his mother and his father leave him (┯_┯)
Btw, Eru love & enjoy read it! Arigato for make it Lumi chan m(_ _)m(*^▽^*)

Happy New Year Lumi chan~ (o^∀^o)❤❤

Date: 2016-01-02 11:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Arigatouuuuu Eru-chan <3 ^^

right~? I mean he have a choice to leave Inoo because they just met but he didn't and stayed by Inoo's side ;_; <333

Waaaaah~ I'm really glad to know that ^_^ no~ no~ thank YOU for reading and enjoying it XD <333

Happy new year Eru-chan ^^ <333

Date: 2016-01-02 06:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Huhu... I almost cried reading what happened to Kei...

But I'm so happy for them. Glad Yuya saved him before its too late and the ending is so fluffy!

Date: 2016-01-02 11:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
after going through bad things Inoo deserve his happy ending with Takaki <3 *^* I'm sure Takaki will make Inoo forget all the sad things~

Thank you Keiyuki-chan <333 ^^

Date: 2016-01-17 10:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

i cant... yuya who tried hard on kei i just cant...

Date: 2016-01-18 07:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

lol sorry... Got hyper suddenly at the mention of TakaIno's planet XD


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