Wo Ai Ni

Jan. 13th, 2016 08:11 pm
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Title: Wo Ai Ni
Pairing: TakaYama, TakaIno
Genre: failed crime, failed romance
Rating: PG-13 I think...
Summary: The real culprit is that guy! >D
Warning: Failed Crime fiction Orz. And character death!


Standing with unbelievable expression as the police man says his words. "He was the only one there when we found the corpse... We need to keep him here until more evidence come out."

Takaki clutches his hands and bit his lower lips. He can't believe Yamada will stay at this place... Everyone thinks Yamada is the one who killed that girl.

"It's not him! He can't even kill a fly!" What was the need of these repeated words? Yamada will really stay here until new evidences appear.

Everybody ignored him, Takaki followed after Yamada who was with the police man who guided him to his prison cell.

"Yamada!" Takaki said, Yamada looked at Takaki with scared eyes. "Yu--" Yamada whispered, the police man stopped walking and pushed Yamada slightly towards Takaki.

"You can talk with him." The police man said. Yamada nodded then walked closer to Takaki who took a hold of his hands.

"...Yamada... I..." Takaki lost his words and coughed a little. Yamada who saw Takaki like that decided to collect his power.

He always depended on Takaki on stupid matters but he can't do it forever... Specially now as they face a serious murder case.

"Don't worry about me... I will be fine." Yamada said, remembering Takaki is having a bad cough since two days. Takaki showed his confused face since it's rare for Yamada to act tough in front of him.

"Just take care of yourself... I'm sure the real murderer will appear soon." Yamada added, he wanted to sound calm but in reality his voice was shaking.

Takaki hugged him, making Yamada shocked. He isn't ready to receive a warm hug from Takaki under these circumstances because he will definitely burst out crying.

But then Takaki pulled apart just in time to see Yamada's eyes overflowed with tears. "Yamada... It's okay... You don't have to be afraid." Takaki said and wiped Yamada's tears.

Yamada smiled with his blushed cheeks and red eyes. Sure, he was really scared to go to the prison but now this feelings was washed away and got replaced by confidence that Takaki is going to help him.

"... Wo Ai Ni." Takaki said loud enough for Yamada to hear. He don't know why he confessed just now. His timing is way too wrong but it can't be helped, he just wanted to say it now.

"What?" Yamada looked confused. As the police man approached the two. "I will go now." Yamada said and walked with the police man without asking about what Takaki meant.


Takaki smiled while knowing that Yamada doesn't understand Chinese. Well, he is going to work hard right away and search for the real culprit in order to confess again with their own language.

Takaki went to visit all the people who were involved in the case and he kept running from one house to another but without any new evidence or information.

Feeling tired, he passed by a bar. He knows it is impossible to find new information in just one day. So he will rest for a while now and will drink a bit before planning his next step.

He tried to act normal, but actually he is really frustrated by the fact he couldn't do anything. He realized that after drinking three glasses of wine and he already asked for a forth one but then someone sat abruptly next him.

"What?" He asked with an angry tone and didn't even look at the guy next to him. "Takaki? Are you okay?" It was Inoo. "Oh... Sorry." Takaki said as he sat properly.

"What happened to you?" Inoo asked.
"It's about Yamada..." Takaki answered. Inoo looked surprised then Takaki explained what happened.

"Don't worry... I'm sure everything will be okay!" Inoo said, even though it was not a simple thing at all. Takaki who understand that nodded and smiled, feeling relieve of letting out his angry emotions.

Takaki stood up as he shoved his forth glass of wine towards Inoo who looked confused. "You can have mine. I need to go now." Takaki said then left the bar.

Suddenly, an idea came to Takaki's mind. He didn't go to the scene of the case. How can he miss something trivial like that? It is the only place that should be full with the information and evidence of the crime.

Luck was beside Takaki because he didn't find any guards in the place of the crime. Maybe changing their shifts right now or something else but anyway it's his golden chance to go in.

Takaki found a guy standing there, he was in panic when he felt Takaki entering the room but then he relaxed when he saw Takaki.

"Oh, it's Takaki."
"Inoo... What are you doing here?"

"As you see... Getting rid off the evidence..." Inoo said as he hide the small tool he used for the crime inside his pocket.

"How can you do that?" Takaki asked, feeling really shocked. Inoo smiled his usual smile then passed by Takaki.

"Sorry, Yamada will stay in jail." Inoo said then continued to walk away. Takaki smirked. "Is that what you think?" Takaki asked as he took out his phone from his pocket and played his last voice-recording.

He just recorded everything Inoo said word by word making Inoo shocked and unable to say anything. Suddenly Inoo ran towards Takaki and pushed him to the ground making Takaki under him. Takaki looked up at Inoo intensely.

"Why did you fall for him? Why?" Inoo asked as he gave punches to Takaki's face. "You love him, right..." Takaki whispered while closing his eyes and ready to get more punches.

Inoo stopped his punches then laughed. "Love him? The one I love is you!" Takaki opened his eyes in shock.

"I killed her because she always talked bad about you... I used Yamada because you fall for him and not me... I..." Inoo held on Takaki's shirt, making their faces close to each other. He was too angry but suddenly he stopped talking and leaned in to capture Takaki's lips.

Takaki's eyes were wide open as Inoo kissed him deeper and their tongues touched. They stayed that way until they heard the door getting opened. Inoo stood up in panic and stepped away as a police guard came in because he heard the noises and found the two.

Inoo looked around him and saw the window which was near him. He opened the closed window then jumped off. "Inoo!!!" Takaki shouted as he stood up as well and tried to stop Inoo but he was too late.


After finding the truth about Inoo being the culprit and the confirmation that Inoo is dead, Takaki couldn't help but to feel his heart aches deeply but his face was not showing it at all.

Yamada who was finally free, walked towards Takaki with a big smile. "I was waiting for you, thanks for helping me again." Yamada said then smiled as his eyes were looking straight into Takaki's ones.

"Now tell me, what does Wo Ai Ni means?" Yamada asked suddenly when he remembered their last conversation.

Takaki's eyes started to get red. He was too stupid and didn't see from the start. Inoo loved him, the first one who said for Takaki "Wo Ai Ni" was Inoo. That's right... The one who taught him this word was Inoo. The one who loved him more than anyone else was Inoo.

Takaki started to cough suddenly when his thoughts started running in his mind shouting that he is the reason for how Inoo ended up.

"Takaki? What's wrong?" Inoo asked with a gentle smile and a gentle pat on Takaki's back. Takaki looked shocked for a second but when he see the real person in front of him, his tears started to roll down his cheeks as his coughs get more serious.

"Are you alright?" It was Yamada who was comforting him. Takaki coughed more as Yamada patted his back gently.


The end! >D
Sorry I don't know why I did that.
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